Bethel’s Sean Feucht Will Contribute to the Death of the Homeless Through Neglect. All While Los Angeles Becomes the Epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Sean Feucht is holding events over two days in Los Angeles. Against the wishes of homeless advocates, churches, and city authorities the Bethel worship leader plans to hold COVID-19 superspreader events. This post is about these events especially as Los Angeles has become ground zero for the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Its the belief of this blog that Feucht has some mental health issues or a personality disorder. 

“The only changes a narcissist makes are masks and victims.”


Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters,

Isiah 43:16 ESV

Sean Feucht 

California has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic with over 2 million infections. And within California and the United States, Los Angeles is leading the way. The city is in the midst of a medical crisis. Even while Southern California roles out the COVID-19 vaccine the problem is going to get worse before it improves. This afternoon the death toll in Los Angeles county surpassed 10,000 deaths. California extended restrictions as hospitals teeter on the brink of the crisis, especially as the more contagious variant of COVID spreads in Los Angeles. . The ICU capacity across Southern California is full. The situation is so direr that a coffin manufacturing company in East Los Angeles has reported that they are running out of wood for coffins and having logistical challenges getting more wood so quickly.  It is in this context that Sean Feucht comes to Los Angeles ready for his praise and worship events while scoffing authority and being a pandemic denier who challenges the use of masks. He does all this while rejecting science and the pleas of other people as well. 


Sean Feucht is Doing His Superspreader Worship Event on Los Angeles Regardless

Previously this blog wrote about Sean Feucht coming to skid row for his worship event. You can read that post in, “Does Bethel’s Sean Feucht Have a Death Wish for the Homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles?” Sean Feucht is holding several events in Los Angles. One this evening on skid row. Then on December 31, 2020 he’s holding several events from Amy McPherson’s former house, to Azusa St, and then to Valencia. Each and every one of these events is going against Los Angeles County Health orders as Feucht challenges and discourages people from wearing masks. 

The reactions by many in L.A. county have been fierce. A car barricade has been organized to keep out Feucht. by some Christian pastors including Church Without Walls pastor Stephen “Cue” Jn-Marie. He teamed up with Pete White, executive director of the L.A. Community Action Network to create a Facebook group called, “Resistance Blockade Against Biological Warfare!This blockade is aimed to prevent Feucht form getting his vetches through or being able to set up. Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis has asked the County Health Department to become involved and also the city attorney. Here is what he told CBS Los Angeles, “I am aware and highly concerned of the planned events and have asked our Department of Public Health to look into this matter. Since this is in the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles, I’ve also referred the matter to the City Attorney’s office.” The response by many in the homeless community, city government and a number of churches are clear. They don’t want Sean Feucht to come/ 

Meanwhile Feucht took to Twitter and suggested he was being persecuted and the media was going after him. This is what he said. 

His tweet generated some legitimate responses.

If you would like to read more about this you can do so in the following articles.


This Blog Believes Sean Feucht has Mental Illness or a Personality Disorder and Some Thoughts

One of the reasons why this blog is concerned about charismatic Christianity is that it attracts people who have mental health issues or dealing with personality disorders. And this is my personal observation after spending a few years in a charismatic church in Wisconsin. When everything is viewed as spiritual warfare there is no way to effectively deal with anything. Then you add the hostility to psychology and psychiatry and its a recipe for disaster.  It is the belief of this blog that Sean Feucht has mental health issues or a possible narcissistic personality disorder. Why do I say that? He thrives off conflict and seems to relish in intentionally stirring up controversy. He uses people and in the end it always comes back to Sean Feucht. Sean cares about Sean and nobody else. Please note these views come from someone who is not trained in psychology or psychiatry. But from my perspective the indicators are all there. 

When I was growing up I saw people who cheated, practiced grift or cut corners. I saw bullies who picked on people and enjoyed being cruel. And then I saw a couple of cases in my life growing up where a person said, “enough” and punched the bully, shocked him and the issues stopped. I say this for the following reason. I think Sean Feucht could have contributed more to society if he were one of those bullies or kids who were taken behind the bleachers and had some sense knocked into him. Every so often you see a person where they should have had the shit pounded out of them. I don’t say this often. But Sean Feucht is one such individual. 


Is All This Superspreading of COVID by Feucht so That Beni Johnson Can Do “Grave Soaking?” 

The Gospel Coalition did an article about Bethel and they claimed that Beni Johnson is a fan of “grave soaking.” She apparently likes to go lie on graves in cemeteries and inhale their deceased spirit. Her alleged behavior brings about this question as well. Is Sean Feucht doing all this so that Beni Johnson can go wild in grave soaking in Southern California? If so then this blog would suggest that Beni Johnson could cut to the chase and just hang around a hospital ICU. When a person dies of COVID-19 she can lie on the body and deeply inhale their anointing. The experience will be fresher for her. Again…just a thought. 


6 thoughts on “Bethel’s Sean Feucht Will Contribute to the Death of the Homeless Through Neglect. All While Los Angeles Becomes the Epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

    • Yesterday, news was that someone organized a “car caravan” to block him from coming. Called “Resistance Blockade Against Biological Warfare”. (i.e. “PERSECUTION!!!!!!”)

      This morning, news was it did not stop him. With the arrogance of God’s Speshul Pet, he has announced even MORE super-spread events throughout SoCal.

      Also in the news this morning was Kirk Cameron, Greatest CHRISTIAN Actor of All Time (GCAAT). He’s doing his own super-spread events — Christmas Caroling in defiance of the Secular Humanist gathering ban. One went down last night. WHO DO YOU SERVE — GAWD OR SATAN?

      Oh, and SoCal’s COVID New Cases and COVID Death counts set a new record, breaking yesterday’s record. Which broke the record of the day before. Which broke the record of the day before. Which broke the record of the day before…

      Las Vegas was also packed for New Years. Authorities are expecting a New Years Surge combined with the Christmas Surge.


  1. Beni Johnson is a fan of “grave soaking.” She apparently likes to go lie on graves in cemeteries and inhale their deceased spirit.

    Isn’t that called NECROMANCY?
    More like Necromancy Lite; no magick circles, no special equipment, no summoning and binding spells to call up the spirit and command it to give you its powers.

    In the words of the prophet John Michael Osborne:
    “Mister Crowley…
    What went on in your head?
    Mister Crowley…
    Did you talk with the dead?”


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  3. Full Triage coming into effect:
    Los Angeles EMTs (paramedics & ambulances) are being told to NOT transport patients “with low chance of survival”. If a critical heart attack or accident victim cannot be resuscitated “at the scene”, pronounce dead and do not transport. Ambulance waits to get into an ER are taking up to eight hours.
    (Of course, this is “All Fake News!!! Librul Media Lies!!! All So They Can Take Away Our Guns!!!”)

    Today’s hospitalization and death rates have broken yesterday’s record. Which broke the record set the day before. Which broke the record set the day before. Which broke the record set the day before…
    (Again, “All Fake News!!! Librul Media Lies!!! So They Can Take Away Our Guns!!!”)


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