A Message From my Former Elder at Wooded Hills Church Reveals Why its a Toxic Cult

Recently I got a message from a former elder at Wooded Hills Bible Church in the Milwaukee area. Wooded Hills is a cult outside Milwaukee that is a hodgepodge of hyper charismatic theology, hostility to science, with some anti -vaccination individuals mixed together.  My former elder accused me of supporting a baby killer. This is a gloves off post in response to this cult.

“A lot of times in television, you don’t get the opportunity to show real life because we’re brainwashed to believe the propaganda that these things aren’t marketable, that these things don’t sell.”

Roy Choi

“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

Luke 6:27 ESV

A church that loves its community. Enough to reject science and face masks and fuel the COVID-19 pandemic in Wisconsin by meeting inside. Just as Romans 13 commands…. 

Its been fifteen years since I processed out of my cult in Wisconsin. The cult’s name – Wooded Hills Bible Church at the time.  In the last few years they changed their name to Wooded Hills Church. As time has passed I am still stunned about how crazy the place was. Recently I got a message from one of the former elders at Wooded Hills Bible Church. His name is Brian Habeth and when I became a member at Wooded Hills back in the 2003 time frame it was Brian who interviewed and sponsored me. Its nice to get feedback to this blog. However, I also find notes from insiders interesting because it shows the problems of a place as well as the mindset. Let me post what Brian Habeth sent me and then I plan to respond.

On Supporting a Baby Killer…a Message That was Received

First this note came through on the morning of November 25, 2020. I’ll let you read this note as well. 

Dave, you think your wise but the bible calls you a fool. You don’t listen to any sound reason. You’ve been longing for a socialist country….get ready Dave, you have no idea what you voted for. Why would anyone vote for a baby killer, an economy killer, family killer (lets move away from marriage and family the way God defined…one man and one woman….and one who wants to defunds our security; police, military and wall building. Let’s vote for someone who wants to sell the country to China….really Dave? Oh how about we tear down millions of buildings only to rebuild them again a more expensive way. Who’s the smart one?

Brian Habeth’s family values at Wooded Hills include supporting someone who has sex with porn stars and bribes them into silence. Just as God intended. Its in the Sermon of the Mount…somewhere

Evangelical Christianity is Not a Faith System. Its a Political Party

That note from Brian Habeth at Wooded Hills shows the culture of my old church well. It was a place that mixed faith and politics. A church that was hyper charismatic while supporting the Iraq invasion in 2003 not for national security principles – but instead a desire to usher in the end times and bring about the rapture. A place where you lived in a bubble and had fear of the outside world. A place that lived in emotional sensationalism that had the us vs. them mindset. A place that had a lot in common with movements like the Kansas City International House or Prayer and also Bethel.  Its a church that is considered a cult by many other churches in the area. And as I have written about at this blog, its a church that tried to raise someone from the dead. Yes you read that right. 

Brian’s message showed me why I have long put evangelicalism in the rear view mirror and gone ahead without it. When you read Brian’s message its a mix of different issues and Habeth can’t even divorce faith from politics. Many of those issues such as the economy, abortion, etc… where in the New Testament did Jesus talk about it? Does Jesus talk about managing a 21st century economy? Hint he doesn’t as its not even in the Bible. Inside evangelicalism people are taught what to think and not how to think. If you were to take Brian Habeth into a Wisconsin winter and ask him to find snow on the ground, he couldn’t do it. Why? He’s been taught what to think and not how to think. In churches like this people are incapable of independent thought.  Brian is about living in fear and trying to induce others by fear. Its the oldest trick inside evangelicalism. To try and intimidate, and force people into a way of thinking. But I could bet you my 401K that Brian would be one of the first people to reject and crucify Jesus as a Pharisee. But faith for people like Brian is really about politics. They have created a quasi political party, that has so married the two that they can not be separated. Brian needs to come clean and admit that faith is a means to obtain power. Jesus gets kicked in the ass and thrown to the side of the street so that evangelicals can focus on their true Biblical mission: control of government and winning elections. Every day for the last few years Brian has been having his John the Baptist moment for when he sees Trump he falls to his knees and proclaims, “Behold the Lamb of God whose come to take away the sins of the world!” After all Jesus did not die for the redemption of the world from sin, he died for a Supreme Court seat in Washington, D.C. That’s why he suffered at Calvary. He suffered not to save people from hell, he wanted to save the Supreme Court from liberals. 

Evangelicals are Not Pro-Life. The COVID-19 Pandemic Illustrates that Fact

Now lets go to the pro-life issue. Brian adds the words killer to almost everything. I find it most amusing to be called a supporter of a baby killer. Wisconsin is in the middle of a full fledged pandemic. Look at the picture up top which is a screenshot of a worship service at Wooded Hills. Really no face masking at all. Who is the actual killer? The guy who is tired of the constant culture war? Or the person who rejects science and exposes people to disease and death? That is pro-life?!? I’m sure a funeral home in nearby Menomonee Falls can have a pandemic special on caskets. A two for one deal. One for Brian and one for his wife Laura. And I’m sure others at Wooded Hills would jump into a better deal. Or is the reason to reject face masks because you think God will protect you and if someone from Wooded Hills dies while on a respirator in the nearby hospital you can try to raise them from the dead. If so ask Joe Jenkins about that as he’s the resident expert in trying to raise people from the dead in hospitals. You can read about Wooded Hills trying to raise someone from the dead in, “Charismatic Evangelicalism and Trying to Raise People From the Dead. From Olive Heiligenthal of Bethel in California to Wooded Hills in Wisconsin.”  Wooded Hills behavior in this pandemic especially in one of the most hardest hit states with COVID-19 shows that they are not pro-life. Anti-abortion is not the same thing as being pro life. And I would even argue that if one is going to be Biblical they shouldn’t be so hung up on that abortion issue as in the days when the Bible was written they rescued newborns from the side of the road and did it without trying to influence Roman government policy. Wooded Hills is also a church filled with conspiracy theorists and some anti-vaxxers. This blog wrote about Nicole Heck sharing those conspiracy theories in, “Wooded Hills Church in the Milwaukee Area, Junk Science and the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Now if people at Wooded Hills reject a vaccine because of some bat-shit crazy conspiracy theory is it possible they can prolong the pandemic in Wisconsin? And lead to even more death because they prevent a herd immunity from taking place? This blog fears that happening.  So imagine that happening….thousands of additional deaths in Wisconsin while people like Brian and others at Wooded Hills are jumping up and down in a worship service to the latest from Hillsong or Bethel music. And by the way Brian getting off to those worship songs is no different than masturbation. When you scream your lungs out your basically watching porn as you are releasing chemicals in the brain that do the same thing. But getting back to my original claim evangelicals are not pro-life. That is a misnomer. 

The Shallow and Weak Faith of Brian Habeth

Here is what I also learned about Brian Habeth when I read that message. Brian has a very limited and shallow faith. Its a faith that is skin deep and can’t endure much of a challenge. His faith is contingent upon who wins an election. Its so fragile that he’s scared of two atheist gays in Chicago getting married. Why? That should have no effect on Brian’s or any other evangelical Christians’ faith. This is why people like Brian Habeth attend churches like Wooded Hills. They can immerse themselves inside a bubble. They can live in an echo chamber of disinformation and false facts. They choose to disengage from the world. Whereas Jesus says to love thy neighbor, some evangelicals like Brian say, fuck off neighbor. But here is the most damning aspect to this kind of faith. People like Brian Habeth’s faith could not endure if there was a someone like an Emperor Nero in charge. Whereas Christians in Rome showed love and kindness to those who persecuted them. Brian could not endure persecution from a state like Rome. His faith would fold faster than a New York minute. And this is why Brian Habeth has shallow faith. When the only way your faith can survive is by an echo chamber, that is not saying very much. 

No I Don’t Think of Myself as Being Above Others

Brian Habeth you are wrong to state that I have an inflated view of myself above others. I hang out with and talk to a lot of people of all walks of life. But let me ask you this who is the fool in the end? Is the fool someone like me who has admitted mistakes and listens to others? Or is the fool someone who lives in an echo chamber who can’t face facts and then when challenged doubles down. And triples down? Who is the fool in the end? Remember its the evangelical who is known for their arrogance. 

Brief Rebuttal to Brian Habeth on Other Issues

Let me divert from the theme of this blog for a second. My last and final evangelical church had some issues with Trumpism and Christian nationalism. Its why I pushed back. And I have also seen the effects of Christian nationalism in other contexts as well. But a lot of my opposition to Trump came from being a classical Republican who today associates with The Lincoln Project.

  1. Socialism Brian? You have no idea as to what you are talking about. Is Germany a socialist country because of the health care and national pension plans? Much of that has been supported by the Christian Democrats and leaders like Helmut Kohl and Angela Merkel. And since when did Janet Yellan of the Federal Reserve become a socialist? She’s the nominee for the Department of the Treasury. Yellan is well known for policies in the Federal Reserve. 
  2. Tell me when did isolationism as a foreign policy ever work? Isolationism as a foreign policy is dangerous as it leads to a greater loss of life. Embracing isolationism means that the 1,177 who died on the Arizona at Pearl Harbor did so in vain. Its a disrespect to those who stormed the beaches at Normandy, or who fought in Iwo Jima or Guadalcanal to want to go back to a policy where we withdraw from the the world to the point we become vulnerable. And also its something that Russia has long wanted us to become disengaged so Putin and Russia can step into the void and grow another empire. NATO has been one of the best alliances and defense organizations the United States created. How dare that be threatened! Do you know the history of war and conflict in Europe alone? 
  3. In regards to China, how is that trade war working for Wisconsin farmers? Why did several Wisconsin farming groups encourage the end of the trade war?  And how many farmers in Wisconsin committed suicide because the trade war cost them their farms? Care to elaborate Brian? And how about leaving Hong Kong high and dry, that’s successful foreign policy right there. 
  4. Family killer eh? This is form the same guy supports someone who fucks porn stars and cheats on his wife in the process. And then non disclosure agreements are expected to be signed by porn stars. And in all this I must ask, does family values includes having a porn star who describes what Trumps’ penis looks like? Is that family values Brian? If it is you can tell Bob Hennis that he can stop going to the men’s group for his “lust issues.”
  5. And Trump is strengthens the military? That’s why he attacks LTC Vindman he served honorably and did his due diligence during impeachment. And what about UCMJ interference? Overturning war crimes…have you even stopped to think of the implications of that on foreign policy in places like Japan which have had a few military crimes over the years. And remember Brian Habeth, Trump has always been and will forever be a draft dodger. People like you need to go back to Bill Clinton and ask for forgiveness for attacking him for being a draft dodger. And speaking of the military, do you have any idea of the anger inside the military for Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds in Syria? But why is anyone surprised that he betrayed the Kurds. Heck he betrayed Melania when he fucked a porn star. And is all of this why Trump’s poll numbers in the Military Times poll fell to a new low?  And you still think he was good for the military? What’s the weather like on your planet Brian? 

I have said about as much about politics that I want to. That is not what this blog is about. But I just wanted to write a response to that message I received. Brian Habeth is in a cult. The longer and more time I have between myself and Wooded Hills the more I realize how much a cult it was in the end. Brian’s note again reveals the mindset or Wooded Hills and how toxic it is as a “church.” But I am out of the crazy and I am indeed done with it. 

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