Constantly Wrong: The Case Against Conspiracy Theories

This is a quick post that tackles the issue of conspiracy theories and the problems with them. Earlier I saw a good video that explained the problems with conspiracy theories and the differences between them an conspiracy which this blog writes about. 

“Incompetence is a better explanation than conspiracy in most human activity.

Peter Bergan 

Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is a fool.

Proverbs 10:18 NIV 


I am in the middle of working on a post about Liberty University’s Board of Trustees and its taking a lot longer to work on than I planned. There are a couple of other posts I am working to get up in the meantime while I chip away at the issue with Liberty. 

Earlier I watched a video that looked and at explained the problem with conspiracy theories. It explains well the differences between conspiracy and conspiracy theories. This blog has dealt with conspiracy as that is criminal activity by a group of people. This video explains the problem with conspiracy theories and why people buy into them, why they can’t let them go and how they never seem to have an end. In my view conspiracy theories have gotten much worse and that fact that evangelicals consume them is not a surprise for me given the scandal of the evangelical mind. This is a good video to watch and I hope that people who believe or are inclined to look at conspiracy theories will watch this video. Its about 45 minutes long but it compares and contrasts. In writing about evangelicalism this blog also plans to push back hard against conspiracy theories as they are poison on the internet. 

One thought on “Constantly Wrong: The Case Against Conspiracy Theories

  1. Unfortunately, you’re talking about TRUE BELIEVERS.

    There is literally NO way to discredit a Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. (Or should that be “Conspiracy FANTASY”?)
    1) Any evidence against The Vast Conspiracy IS Disinformation from The Conspiracy.
    2) Lack of evidence for The Vast Conspiracy IS PROOF The Conspiracy can silence anyone and anything.
    3) ANYONE who doubts The Vast Conspiracy has PROVEN themselves to be part of The Conspiracy.
    4) The smug Gnosticism of The Inner Ring, of “KNOWING what’s REALLY Going On”.
    Mix together, let ferment, and THE DWARFS ARE FOR THE DWARFS, AND WON’T BE TAKEN IN!

    Yet how do you reconcile (2) (“The Conspiracy is so Vast and Powerful THEY can silence anyone and anything”) with the fact that the Conspiracy True Believer is operating openly and spreading The Word? Simple if you add Christianese to the mix – They’re Protected by The Holy Spirit! Further PROOF of their TRVTH! Their Righteousness and Correctness!

    And the supercharger of The Vast Conspiracy being Utterly EVIL. (“WWG1WGA!!!”) Which justifies Any Means Necessary to Utterly Destroy It and All Those In It. Remember the two bloodiest political pseudo-religions of the last century, Naziism and Communism? BOTH were based around Conspiracy Theories of an Utterly EVIL Conspiracy (The Joos , The Capitalists, or both) that had to be overthrown/destroyed. “WE ARE THE STORM!! BOOGALOO!!!”

    “Country in depression
    Nation in despair
    One man seeking reasons everywhere
    Growing hate and anger
    The Führer’s orders were precise
    Who was to be blamed and pay the price?”
    — Sabaton, “Final Solution”

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