Franklin Graham Tweets on Repentance and Reveals What a Hypocritical Fool He is

On November 21, Franklin Graham tweeted about how the nation needs to repent. It was a sickening display of hypocrisy for a man who said that it was no one’s business if Trump had an affair with a porn star. The selective approach to repentance shows how controlling and fraudulent people like Franklin Graham are.

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.

Frederick William Robertson 

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15 NIV



Franklin Graham is communicating… cue the circus music! 

Earlier today I was on Twitter just reading my threads and I saw something that made my jaw drop. It was unbelievable. And it was maddening. The tweets I saw revealed once again why Franklin Graham is a fraud and the level of BS that comes from him. Lets look at the tweets and then let’s discuss the problems with Franklin Graham’s tweets. 


Franklin Graham is Calling on People to Repent

Earlier today Franklin Graham called on people to repent. He talked about the serious problem of sin and how immoral the United States is as a nation. He called on everyone to pray for the nation as well as President Trump and Joe Biden. Read the tweets below. 

Repentance? The Hypocrisy is Ugly

I almost vomited in my mouth when I read Franklin’s calls to repent. I thought of all the things he said over the last four years. Let’s re-visit them and re-consider what he said. 

  1. There was Franklin Graham who praised Donald Trump using violence to put down peaceful protestors. Violence that you would see in a third world country as being promoted here. Who would support such violence? Actually any violence…You can read more in, “Considering Christian Nationalism. How Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress Are Nothing But Fluffers.” 
  2. Then there was the time that Franklin Graham claimed that Donald Trump is a strong defender of the Christian faith. Yes the same Donald Trump who boasted of grabbing pussy. The same Donald Trump who had an affair with Stormy Daniels a porn star. If you recall Stormy Daniels even described what Donald Trump’s penis looked like. You can read more in, “Franklin Graham Says Donald Trump is a “Defender of the Christian Faith.” Plus Newsweek on Young Evangelicals Abandoning Faith Because of Politics.” 
  3. But it gets better with Stormy Daniels. There was the time that Franklin Graham said that people had no right to know about an affair between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. It is no one’s business as to who Trump has an affair with. You can read more in, “Franklin Graham is Upset that Walmart Sold “Impeach 45” T-Shirts. Plus Graham Believes that Trump’s Affairs with Porn Stars is Nobody’s Business.” 

Over the last four years what ever came out about Donald Trump and infidelity or affairs, Franklin Graham explained away. Whatever Trump said that was anti-Semitic or questionable, Franklin Graham was silent. Now Franklin Graham wants you and the country to repent but he’s still staying silent on Donald Trump. You, me, your neighbor and everyone else is to repent, but not Donald Trump. Graham is using repentance in a manipulative way. I tell you when I saw these tweets earlier I vomited in my mouth as I felt sick. The hypocrisy from Franklin Graham is just out of this world. Its time for people to dismiss and ignore what Franklin Graham says. Franklin is not someone who should be taken seriously. The stench of BS out of North Carolina where Franklin is at can be smelled up here in Virginia. 

One thought on “Franklin Graham Tweets on Repentance and Reveals What a Hypocritical Fool He is

  1. True Repentance(TM) defined as Bend the Knee and Kiss the Ring of Franklin Graham, one of the False Prophets of the Trump Beast.

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