Franklin Graham Raises the Issue of the 2020 Election Being Stolen

Franklin Graham tweeted on November 4, 2020 that there were attempts to steal the election. Its was disturbing and troubling to see that communicated. Not only is it a danger to our democracy, but what role is Franklin Graham playing these days? As Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project says, #FuckYouKeepCounting. This blog hopes Franklin Graham takes that message to heart, as all the ballets are counted and the chips fall where they may.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Helen Keller

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.

Colossians 1:15 NIV

Early this morning I saw a tweet on Twitter that was disturbing. I decided to snatch it and use it to raise an issue. Yes this blog post is about Franklin Graham. Previously I thought the biggest huckster in evangelicalism is Robert Jeffress from First Baptist Dallas. However, it seems as if Franklin Graham is a strong contender for that coveted title as well. Let’s look at a tweet he sent this morning. 

Franklin Graham Raises the Issue of the Election Being Stolen

Last night Donald Trump sent a tweet claiming that the 2020 election was being stolen. I was watching the results live as they returned. My news sources were Associated Press, Washington Post and following certain individuals on Twitter. When Trump launched his tweet I saw it live. Then I saw Twitter take it down and flag it for misinformation. The narrative that Trump is trying to establish is that the election is fraudulent which is dangerous for our democracy. Well who would support that narrative? None other than Franklin Graham. Look at what Graham sent out Wednesday morning. 

Graham’s behavior played into the false narrative of the election being stolen. It was a severe crossing of the line which I will get into below.

Franklin Graham’s Behavior is Dangerous and How He Has Not Learned From Christians in Nazi, Germany

Privately I wondered as to how Franklin Graham’s would react. Now we know and what we know is not good. Don’t give Graham the benefit of the doubt…he doesn’t deserve it. Graham’s behavior is deeply disturbing and this blog wants to ask the question what is Franklin? A minister or a politician? Or is he just a grifter that shows how nepotism is extremely toxic in evangelicalism. For a minister Franklin engaged in slander with that tweet. He lied. He can’t be trusted to handle the truth during the most sensitive and vital moments, such as an election. In the middle of an election he chooses to play this card and plant doubt that the American democratic process is not trustworthy.  

Franklin is all about power. Its that simple. He cares about nothing else than power. And if you are wooed by Franklin Graham’s message at Samaritan’s Purse don’t fall for it. Please read the following post that explains more, “Franklin Graham’s Salary, the IRS Change to Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Should Churches be Supporting “Operation Christmas Child?” But even now with all this uncertainty Franklin Graham is doing what he can to hold on to power. Even if it means undermining the core principle of American democracy. That is what Franklin is willing to do, trade democracy for power and convince people that their democratic institutions can’t be trusted.

Franklin Graham reminds me of the Christians in Nazi, Germany. Here’s how…the Nazis appealed to family preservation and the honor of Germany. Many Christians were appalled by risqué shows, pornography, and homosexuality. They fell for and supported the Nazis. In return the Nazis did what Christians wanted. They shut down nightclubs, censored questionable material and in time put gays in concentration camps. What was the trade off for Christians? 6 million Jews dead in Europe and then a higher total of 11 million over all. Many Christians made a Faustian Bargain with the Nazis and they were consumed by it. 

Franklin Graham and others like him are doing the same thing. Franklin is so willing to hold on to power, because he that’s drunk on power. As a result he is willing to threaten the concept of American democracy itself. That is frightening and its why Franklin Graham needs to be called out. Franklin is all about Franklin and this tweet continues to show this kind of behavior. Franklin Graham has never learned from the Christians of Nazi, Germany. Maybe he can start by reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer. 

As Rick Wilson Says at The Lincoln Project #FuckYouKeepCounting

Franklin Graham is working to undermine democracy by sowing doubt and making sure all the ballets are not counted. This blog would like to remind Franklin Graham of the following saying which has been popular on Twitter. #FuckYouKeepCounting. Coined by Rick Wilson over at The Lincoln Project its a message that Franklin Graham needs to heed as well. Every ballet is going to be counted. Every Vote for Trump, or Biden or third party will be processed and then you let the chips fall where they may. If that is a problem for you that’s your issue. But as Rick Wilson says #FuckYouKeepCounting, and yes Franklin that applies to you as well.

Brief Commentary on Christians and Language That Need to be Addressed

This blog knows that some people are going to be upset by some of the language in the post. As I age my thoughts on profanity is changing. And its doing so for a number of reasons. There are two reasons why. The first is that evangelicals have defended Donald Trump through his swearing, profanity laced tweets and more. Trump has used words like fuck, goddamn, pussy, shithole and more and many evangelicals stood by and supported him. Evangelicals were okay with the profanity. Second is that in my time in evangelicalism I saw some disturbing stuff. One of which regards language.  I have seen ministry leaders get tied into knots over profanity but then a child will be raped or abused and they won’t blink an eye. In many evangelical churches the saying fuck or goddamn is actually worse than a child being abused. So this blog will sometimes use such language when appropriate. 

13 thoughts on “Franklin Graham Raises the Issue of the 2020 Election Being Stolen

    • Franklin Graham is a Good Little Party Member.
      doubleplusgoodthink TRUMP,
      doubleplusbellyfeel TRUMP,
      doubleplusduckspeak TRUMP.


    • How is counting all the votes “Stealing the Election”?

      Counting votes without allowing election observers to observe the counting, as required by law, makes reasonable people think that you are trying to “steal the election”. What possible reason could they have for breaking the law in this way?


  1. It is clear at this point that no matter which candidate wins, the other side will think the election was stolen (I have already heard accusations of this from both sides). Franklin Graham’s statement was quite mild, as far as election-stealing-related-statements go. Who doesn’t want God’s will to be done? Not his target audience.

    We should absolutely not count the ballots that violate election law in one way or another. Since it has been alleged that some of the ballots being counted do violate election law (for example, by having not been cast by voters), the right thing to do is to let the court system discover the truth of the matter. And then, when the courts rule, the local law enforcement should enforce the ruling (for example, by allowing election observers from both sides observe the counting, as the law says they must.)


  2. Franklin Graham is a part of the dog whistle : subtly suggest that all those that disagree are evil – don’t live God , hate America , etc – while ignoring the hateful rhetoric, views , and actions of his Leader of Choice -Trump . Grab em by the pussy – never ask for Gods forgiveness , cheat in your marriage , evade taxes , ,, oh this list is too long to go on but the point here is How sad that Billy Graham’s son has misused his privileged platform and led so many well intended believers astray . WWJD ? Not this !!!


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