In a Lawsuit Jerry Falwell Jr Singles Out The Lincoln Project. The PAC Responds

Jerry Falwell Jr singled out The Lincoln Project in a lawsuit and claimed that he was defamed. In response both Giancarlo Granda and The Lincoln Project issue a response to Jerry Falwell Jr. This post is a continuation of what I wrote yesterday about Jerry Falwell Jr suing Liberty University. 

“I work in politics and media, two industries that have been particularly affected by the issue of misconduct. We have seen famous and powerful men finally pay a price for behavior they got away with for decades. Many have lost their positions and status – rightly so.”

Ana Navarro

You say, “Food for the stomach and the stomach for food, and God will destroy them both.” The body, however, is not meant for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.

1 Corinthians 6:13 NIV

My trusty Lincoln Project mug which gets a lot of use. 

The other day I heard about Jerry Falwell Jr bringing a lawsuit against Liberty University. This was written about last night in, “Jerry Falwell Jr Sues Liberty University For Defamation.”  In those same news stories it is reported that Falwell is singling out the Lincoln Project as playing a role in his ouster from Liberty as well. When I read that I was in so much pain because of how hard I was laughing. In writing about this development I wanted to make this a separate post. 


Lincoln Project Supporter From the Beginning 

This blog has written about The Lincoln Project targeting evangelical support of Donald Trump. You can read two posts in, “The Lincoln Project Targets Evangelical Christians Who Are President Trump Supporters” and “The Jerry Falwell Jr Pool Boy Story on The New Abnormal Podcast With Thoughts by Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson and Molly Jong Fast of The Daily Beast.” I was excited when The Lincoln Project stood up in December of 2019. I was homeless as a former Reagan/Bush type of guy and deeply agreed with what The Lincoln Project has communicated. When Rick Wilson did his second book tour and came to Politics and Prose in Washington, D.C. in January of 2020 I attended. At the event I met Rick Wilson and spoke with him and received an autographed book. I thanked Rick Wilson and encouraged The Lincoln Project to be the voice for homeless conservatives like myself. And with that I have watched The Lincoln Project move forward and be combative and feisty. I listen to their podcasts, watch their television shows on YouTube and monitor the work that they are doing. I have even supported them financially in buying merchandise such as the coffee mug you see above. 


Jerry Falwell Jr’s Claims Against The Lincoln Project Targeted Him and Giancarlo Granda’s Response 

In the lawsuit Jerry Falwell Jr claims that Kurt Bardella, a senior advisor to The Lincoln Project was representing Giancarlo Granda pro-bono. Falwell claimed that the Lincoln Project is a Democratic organization that targeted him and that Granda was an operative of the organization. Granda gave a statement to CNN disputing the claims of Jerry Falwell Jr. “There is no connection to the Lincoln Project.” Granda continued “I have received no financial compensation — none — for coming forward and telling the truth about the long-term affair with (Falwell’s wife), Jerry’s knowledge and participation in the affair; Jerry’s hypocrisy; and the Falwells’ abuse of power,”


The Lincoln Project Responds and Releases a Statement Plus Other Responses on Twitter 

After being named The Lincoln Project issued a statement pushing back against Jerry Falwell Jr and claiming that the American people finally saw the character of Jerry Falwell Jr. And yes it was sleazy. 

On Twitter meanwhile many people had fun with Jerry Falwell Jr’s claims. Here are some examples of what people Tweeted. 


Analysis and Closing Thoughts

This blog is proud of The Lincoln Project for getting a response out of Jerry. Its about time he was trolled and this blog is grateful for it. When I think of the money and support I gave The Lincoln Project I was pleasantly surprised to see how it would get a response out of Falwell. And for that I am tickled pink. But a couple of things I want to say. First Jerry Falwell Jr claims that The Lincoln Project is a Democratic PAC. That is not true. Its founders and operatives are Republicans who worked in the GOP for decades. Steve Schmidt worked for George W Bush and ran John McCain’s White House bid in 2008. Mike Madrid worked for the California Republican party and Reed Galen worked in both presidential campaigns of George W Bush. Jerry Falwell Jr can’t even get his facts straight. This blog believes that Jerry Falwell Jr has psychological issues and needs mental health care. He lives in a warped reality and feels entitled continuously. So much for repenting for adultery! Thy rod and staff of a pool boy brought him great comfort. Its time for Jerry Falwell Jr to crawl back into the corner where he belongs. He can just watch and record. In closing I am going to use the song The Lincoln Project used recently.  

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