Massive COVID-19 Outbreak at All United House of Prayer in Charlotte, North Carolina Leaves at Least 100 Infected and Three Dead

In Mecklenburg, North Carolina an evangelical church becomes a super spreader for COVID-19. The county then issues an abatement order against the church when the church plans a revival as the coronavirus infections spread and deaths mount. This blog is hoping that people will take legal action against this church for its reckless behavior. 

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2 Timothy 3:16-17 NIV

A massive outbreak of COVID-19 hit an evangelical congregation in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and the church is refusing to shut down and illnesses climb and secondary infections leave several dead. This church is part of the Apostolic movement and founded over a century ago. Its known for its shout outs for Jesus and baptism ceremonies. According to some quick research over 1,000 people a week are reached and up to 2,500 people can sit in the church. Plus its dining area can accommodate over 300 people and there is room for an extra 100.

Roots of the Current Outbreak of COVID-19 and a Church That Refuses to Cooperate 

Between October 4 and 11, 2020 All United House of Prayer held a convocation. It attracted people from around the United States. At the time Mecklenburg County had stabilized its COVID-19 situation. It was a delicate  and the county health department was working to keep the coronavirus from becoming a massive spread. Some people who knew about the convocation asked the church to cancel the event saying that it was not wise to hold a large event with so many people during a pandemic. 

The outbreak began after the convocation with the family of Catherine Williams being hit by the COVID virus. The outbreak spread into a nearby nursing home that infected several and left three dead. The Mecklenburg County had contacted the church and wanted to do COVID-19 testing to measure and work to control the spread. All United House of Prayer refused to cooperate with the county and do testing. Efforts by the county to resolve the situation were ignored as it was realized the convocation became a super spreader which then threatened Mecklenburg County itself. Mecklenburg County Health Department took out an abatement order when All United House of Prayer decided to hold a revival as the COVID-19 infections shot up to 121. This church was ordered not to hold any in person services until November 6, 2020. If they refuse to follow the Mecklenburg County Health Department they will go and obtain a restraining order against the church. The abatement order is rare and only the third time the director of the county health department obtained one in her career. There is a lot of press on this situation but if you want to read more you can do so in the following articles.

  1. Newsweek, “COVID Outbreak At North Carolina Church Kills 3, Infects Nearly 100 People.” 
  2. Charlotte News & Observer, “All United House of Prayer buildings ordered closed over ‘grave’ COVID-19 concerns.” 
  3. ABC News Charlotte, “Charlotte church ordered to cease gatherings following large COVID-19 outbreak.” 
  4. The Daily Beast, “Cases Skyrocket As Superspreader Church Refuses to Host COVID Testing.” 
  5. WBTV News, “Mecklenburg officials bar church from holding gatherings after 120+ test positive for COVID-19 at previous event.” 

Why Churches and Pastors Should be Prosecuted When Warranted

I don’t take what I am about to say lightly. But when I read about all this my frustration for the All United House of Prayer reached new highs. Why would a church move ahead and hold events and leave the community sick? Why would they refuse to cooperate with the county health department? Why when people are dying would you work to hold a revival and bring more harm to your community? Didn’t Jesus say to love you neighbor as yourself? I don’t get this at all. There are many times that this blog believes that legal action should be brought against shady and questionable organizations. And in this case this blog hopes that some of the people who were affected by this the neglect by All United House of Prayer will bring forward a lawsuit against the organization. If you are not going to follow the rules and have respect for your community you claim to serve, then you should pay a price for the harm you bring about. If there are updates to this story I will add them to this post. 

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  1. Still not as big a superspreader as Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Redding, CA. (Known to the people of Redding as “That CULT”.) They had 123 known cases traced back to them as of three weeks ago, and the numbers could only have gone higher.


      • Bethel is a cartoon of itself.
        When you do, see if you can scare up the photo of their “Dead Raising Team” showing off their pecs and abs in bodybuilder poses. And hard info about their rumored buying up as much real estate & businesses in town as they can.


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