How Robert Henderson of Radiant Church in Waco, Texas Prayed for the Death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Robert Henderson of Radiant Church in Waco, Texas took credit for bringing about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. This post is about a culture warrior in the New Apostolic Reformation that prayed for Ginsburg’s demise. Afterward Henderson claimed that he was misunderstood and that he didn’t call for a death and that it was a spiritual belief taken out of context.

“Insolence is not logic; epithets are the arguments of malice.”

Robert Ingersoll 

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8 NIV 


Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life 

This is post is probably one of the darkest posts I have written at this blog. And I hope its the only time I write about this subject. But when I am done with this post I wonder if Robert Henderson is going to get down on his knees and pray that I get in a car accident or have a stroke. This is one of the sickest posts I have had to pen. But before this post moves forward let’s look at some basic information about Robert Henderson.

Who is Robert Henderson? 

Robert Henderson today leads Radiant Church in Waco, Texas. Before writing this post I worked at trying to do some research and information on him is sparse. I couldn’t find any information on if he attended seminary and if so , where? Robert says that he was called into “ministry” when he was a child. He passionately preached his first sermon at 13. He received some training and took a pastoral position on an established church. Given his connections to Texas, this blog is going to wager that it is in the Lone Star State. 

This blog found some biographical information from a blog apparently based out of Colorado Springs. In 1991 he planted Waco Christian Fellowship in Woodbury, Texas. He is a part of the New Apostolic Reformation movement in the United States and is closely connected to Peter Wagner. Henderson believes that he is an apostle and claims that there was a season of healing ministry at his church in which people were healed from maladies and illness. People from around Texas flocked to his church and he focused on doing healing ministry internationally. He has traveled to South Africa, England, Germany, Canada and elsewhere. According to my research he is close to Benny Hinn and has appeared on stage with him. Henderson has personally known Hinn since 1990. He wants to move the church from a pastoral model to an apostolic model. Despite his church being in Texas he lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When the Waldo Canyon Fires swept the mountains of Colorado Springs in 2012  he personally wondered if there was a spiritual force driving the fire. Henderson later claimed that demons were behind the Waldo Canyon Fire. “We began to declare that the weather patterns would come into order so that the fire could be put out,” he said. He believed that the weather actually cooperated. “We dealt with what was driving it, and then were able to put in place something that helped the fire-fighters and everybody put it out.” Strategic spiritual warfare, Henderson calls it, is a strategy of battling demons through ritual and prayer. He is known for a series of book about the courts of heaven. You can see one in, “Operating In The Courts Of Heaven: Granting God the Legal Right to Fulfill His Passion and Answer Our Prayers.” Henderson is also a guest on Jim Bakker’s television show. 

Robert Henderson also has popped up in the news for his support of Donald Trump. He defended Donald Trump during his impeachment and claimed Trump was placed in power by God. You can read his thoughts at The Elijah List here. Early in 2020 he said that Donald Trump is God’s candidate and that in a dream Trump asked him to be his vice-presidential running mate. He claims he had a dream about Donald Trump and when the COVID-19 pandemic was starting he called for people to pray to protect Donald Trump in his management of the pandemic. You can read about this in Charisma News


Praying for Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Death

Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on September 18, 2020 of pancreatic cancer. At Radiant Church in Waco Robert Henderson recalled what he said to evangelicals in Washington, D.C. You can actually watch the clip above. He cited 1 Peter 5:8 and stated the following. 

“We were in the meeting on Monday night in D.C., and I told them, I said, ‘Look, we need to go into the courts of Heaven right now while we’re on-site in D.C., and we need to shut the mouth of the lion, judicially,’” Henderson said. “‘We need to ask for a judgment against the lion that has actually been devouring and intends to devour from the Supreme Court. We need to get a judgment against this lion that Paul said God shut the mouth of.’ So, I led us into that place. Well, guess what? Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. President Trump will establish a new Supreme Court justice. That’s no accident.”

“You need to understand that if we don’t shut down this abortion issue, that blood altar will invite demonic powers into this nation,” Henderson screamed later in his sermon. “It’s not just about the babies, it’s about a blood altar that is inviting demonic powers. We have to shut it down, and we need a judgment, a judgment, a judgment against the mouth of the lion.”

In that he claimed responsibility for Ginsburg death. If you would like to read more about this you can do so in the following sources.

  1. Newsweek’s, “‘No Accident’: Conservative Pastor Says His Prayer Responsible for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death.
  2. Right Wing Watch, “‘That’s No Accident’: Robert Henderson Credits His Prayer for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death
  3. Pink News, “Right-wing pastor and professional weirdo Robert Henderson brags he ‘prayed for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death’
  4. Meaww, “Trump-loving pastor declares his prayers sent Ruth Bader Ginsburg to her death: ‘Abortion invites demon powers’”

Outrage at Robert Henderson and Backtracking 

News about what Robert Henderson said took off and created controversy. Robert Henderson then backtracked and said that he did not pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. In a poorly done retraction he claimed that his words were taken out of context and that they were spiritual. “I was asking for a judgment against the lion in the spirit world,” he said. “… And what happened a few days later, two or three days, was that [she] passed away. That settles it right? And with that Henderson denied and gaslighted people who objected. If there are further developments then this blog will pay attention. The original comments received more coverage in secondary sources. However the reaction received more coverage from regular press. If you would like to read additional coverage of this I would encoruage you to read the following news sources. 

  1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “Waco minister credited his prayer with killing Justice Ginsburg. Now, he retracted it.” 
  2. Waco Tribune-Herald, “Bill Whitaker: Volatile mix of politics, religion increasingly toxic for both.” 

Analysis and Closing Thoughts 

Hands down I think this blog post is the darkest one I have written at The Wondering Eagle. Who looks forward to the death of someone? Who prays for it? Now to be fair what I wrote above applies to a fringe of Christian nationalism. Your average evangelical would be horrified that someone would encourage and hope for the death of someone. So this blog wants to be clear that the proper responsibility is attached.  While I criticize evangelicalism frequently let’s hold the right bastard to account. This is just sick. And the gaslighting only makes it worse in this blog’s opinion. Many parts of charismatic theology are toxic. My third wave church outside Milwaukee was influenced by the Elijah List and charismatic theology. Reading that Elijah List post was difficult and turned my stomach. But getting back to what Henderson took credit for I want to ask this question. Would Robert Henderson been the type of individual in Nazi, Germany that would have accepted the death of six million Jews if he knew that abortion was made illegal? That is the ultimate Faustian Bargain that this blog believes that Robert Henderson would enter into. For the record when I read about stories like this I can not comprehend why people would attend Radiant Church in Waco. That just sickens me. This blog hopes that they walk away from this cult. Robert Henderson should not make another dime off people. Not one cent should be given to this bastard. Its that simple. 

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  1. How Robert Henderson of Radiant Church in Waco, Texas Prayed for the Death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

    — some Fifties Bible Epic


  2. Sadly, whoever you are it is patently clear that you have not one whit of understanding regarding GOD’S abhorrence of spilling INNOCENT blood to appease demonic/satanic spirits. OVER 60 MILLION Human Babies have been SLAUGHTERED in our country alone! Not to mention that their various body parts, and body fluids are SOLD by the murderers at PP!

    I’m not a close follower of Robert Henderson, but am an unapologetic born again believer in JESUS and I DO Understand that GOD ALMIGHTY, the Father of my Savior, JESUS/YESHUA, Never condones the barbaric actions of Any people! Ruth Bader Ginsberg might have been a practitioner of her Jewish heritage and religious beliefs. BUT she DID NOT Obey GOD when HE Said – DO NOT MURDER – to the descendants of Abraham as they were leaving satanically controlled Egypt! And, I am pretty sure GOD has Not rescinded any of HIS Laws ! ! !
    You take pity on the Wrong side!


  3. How can anyone with any intelligence whatsoever could listen to what was said and say Robert Henderson took credit and prayed for Ruth’s death. I too looked into this and how can anyone believe anything that this person wrote…
    It states through research that Robert Henderson runs the church in Waco from Colorado. WRONG…
    The man returned to Texas several years and moved back to Waco over a year ago.
    As for our God, who is he to put limits on the almighty.. miracles happen everyday.. If people pray and ask God to show up and believe things happen. Where two or more are gathered in My name I will be there. That’s God’s promise, just because this person doesn’t believe doesn’t mean He is not real.
    Listen there are people out there right now that don’t know wether there is a heaven or hell, but you may want to make sure that if there is a Heaven you go. Its easy. There was a man, a son, Jesus who died for you. All anyone ever needs to do is to ask for forgiveness and except the Lord as your savior. “For God so loved thw world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him should not parish but have everlasting life” John 3:16
    Don’t let another day go by without knowing your God.


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