In Having Jason Dees on the Church Planting Podcast New City Network’s Clint Clifton Validates Mark Noll’s Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

Clint Clifton from the New City Network had Jason Dees from Christ Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia on the Church Planting Podcast recently. In having on Dees its clear that Clifton cares nothing about abuse. But when you look at other people that Clint Clifton has given airtime to, its clear that his lack of critical thinking skills proves that Mark Noll is correct about the scandal of the evangelical mind. Also is Clint Clifton ever going to acknowledge the Scott Woods situation from McLean Bible in the New City Network? Woods allegedly groomed teenager buys for planned sexual abuse.

“Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way.”


My child,[a] listen when your father corrects you.
Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.
9 What you learn from them will crown you with grace
and be a chain of honor around your neck.

Proverbs 1:8-9 NLT

Clint Clifton

Clint Clifton from McLean Bible’s New City Network co-hosts a podcast called Church Planting Podcast with Josh Turansky. Josh has a background with Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California. He then planted Haven City Church in Fells Point which is a part of Baltimore, Maryland in 2016. This blog has already written about Clint Clifton before. You can read about him and the New City Network in, “Who is Clint Clifton of the New City Network? Is the New City Network Prepared for the Issue of Sexual Abuse?

Jason Dees

Jason Dees From Christ Covenant Church on the Podcast

On August 20, 2020 the Church Planting Podcast featured Jason Dees from Christ Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Jason Dees spoke about church planting in Atlanta, Georgia. In the podcast he discussed planting in influential urban areas. Also to remember is that many churches are dying due to theological liberalism or just through natural church deaths. At one point Jason considered planting a church here in the Washington, D.C. area in 2012. One of the problems according to Jason Dees is that church has become more secularized and more focused on self help issues. The Gospel is about a bloody and redemptive Jesus which many churches are not preaching, Also in the discussion was the benefits of planting at age 34 and how he was more mature in the position. Church planting after all is kind of like moving into a neighborhood. Then toward the end Dees spoke about how COVID-19 impacted Christ Covenant Church. But what this blog finds troubling is that Jason Dees was not open about his own COVID-19 infection. This blog wrote about his COVID-19 infection in, “Jason Dees of Christ Covenant Church Has Tested Positive for COVID-19. Would a Coronavirus Outbreak in a 9 Marks Neo-Calvinist Church Show God’s Sovereignty at Work?

How Clint Clifton Validates Mark Noll’s Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

Its probably one of the most influential books that describes the problem of evangelicalism. Penned by Mark Noll its called “The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.” The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is no evangelical mind. Evangelicalism lacks intellectualism, depth, and substance. Evangelicalism can be like that sugar high, yes you get that brief fix but afterwards you are hurting after crashing and wanting more and in a more desperate state. Evangelicalism is morally and ethically bankrupt and this blog would contend that the scandal of the evangelical mind limits options or growth for evangelicals. What you see is what you get and don’t expect anything beyond that at all.

Clint Clifton through his podcast has validated that Mark Noll’s theory is correct. In addition to having questionable characters like Jason Dees who hired the pastor who mishandled my abuse situation from Redeemer Arlington in D.C. But take a look at the other people on the podcast. Dave Harvey of Sovereign Grace Ministries and the man known for covering up child sex abuse inside SGM when he led Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills Pennsylvania. Others include Mark Dever who allowed C.J. Mahaney to flee Covenant Life Church and hide behind his ass. So much for 9 Marks claim of church discipline. Also featured is Daniel Montgomery who once led the key church in the Sojourn Network out of Louisville. This blog leaked documents and wrote about how and why Daniel Montgomery left Sojourn. You can read more in, “Why Daniel Montgomery Left the Sojourn Network in Louisville, Kentucky and How the Shadow of Mark Driscoll Hangs Over Neo-Calvinism.” Also included is Jen Wilkin from The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas who once claimed that she was capable of the same sin of the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooter Adam Lanza. This blog believes that if Jen Wilkin is capable of a mass shooting like that she should turn herself into police and submit to a psychological evaluation. You can read more in, “Jen Wilkin Who is Affiliated with The Village Church and Who Once Claimed that She Has Hurt People Just as the Sandy Hook Shooter is Scheduled to Speak at McLean Bible.” Another gem is the Acts 29 leader in Richmond, Virginia Bryan Laughlin who this blog has written about. You can read about the cult like behavior and issues with Remnant in, “The Disturbing and Cult-Like Behavior of Acts 29 Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia is Adversely Affecting Lives.

So does Clint Clifton exhibit discernment and critical thinking skills? This blog would argue no not after some of the people he hosts on his podcast. Not only that but does this explain why the Southern Baptist Convention is spiritually broken and a place that attracts abusers? The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is no evangelical mind.

Remembering How Jason Dees Defended Eric Metaxas’s Physical Assault in Washington, D.C.

The podcast with Jason Dees took place on August 20, 2020. After that podcast on another podcast several weeks later Jason Dees then defended Eric Metaxas alleged physical assaulting of a protestor in Washington, D.C. When I was in evangelicalism the saying that I often heard is “What Would Jesus Do?” Today in light of what Jason Dees stated, the question should be, “Who Would Jesus Beat the Shit Out of?” Lovely gospel what makes it all the more tragic is hearing in the podcast all that Jason Dees said as to the problems of evangelicalism. And then after his comments defending Eric Metaxas it reveals how Jason doesn’t understand the basics of Christianity. You know things like owning sin, repenting of mistakes, etc…  This blog would like to ask Clint Clifton, does Clint believe its the Gospel to physically assault another person? You can read more in, “Jason Dees of Christ Covenant Defends Eric Metaxas Assaulting a Protester in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile When it Comes to Biblical Manhood Paige Raynor Dees Has More Balls Then Her Husband.” 

Is New City Network Going to Acknowledge the Scott Woods Predatory Situation at McLean Bible?

And this brings us to the last point that this blog would like to ask Clint Clifton. Why hasn’t the New City Network talked about the issue of sexual predator and learned from the Scott Woods situation? Scott Woods groomed several male teenagers in The Rock Ministries for planned sexual abuse. Then McLean Bible worked to cover it up and in the process confirm why sexual abuse is a major issue inside the Southern Baptists. You can read more in, “How David Platt Never Learned From the Mark Aderholt Situation. The Disturbing Story of how McLean Bible Mishandled Scott Woods, an Alleged Predator in The Rock Ministries” , “As #CaringWell Ends The Wondering Eagle is Calling for an Independent Investigation into McLean Bible. Regarding Scott Woods, Why Did David Platt’s Church Cover-up an Alleged Predator Who Groomed Teenagers for Planned Sexual Abuse?” , “David Platt Apologizes for McLean Bible’s Mishandling of a Sexual Predator. While its a Step in the Right Direction the Celebrity Pastor Still Will not Name Scott Woods as the Alleged Predator” , “McLean Bible Changes it Policies After the Scott Woods Grooming Situation and Caleb Moore Allegedly Violates Those Policies. Nate Reed Communicates Coming Website Changes and Social Media Policy. And 16 Years of Sermons by Lon Solomon are Purged From the Website” and “McLean Bible Lands on Baptist Accountability for Allegedly Mishandling the Scott Woods Predatory Situation. Plus This Blog Wants to Read and Publish the Investigation David Platt Has Been Promising.” 

That last post dealt with a sermon David Platt gave on November 24, 2019 in which Platt said that an investigation would be done and a report about Scott Woods would be released. We are coming up on a year in November and this blog would like to ask what is that status of the report? According to information this blog obtained McLean Bible hired Gammon and Grange in McLean, Virginia to handle the sex abuse claims of grooming. The person who has allegedly interviewed the families is Scott Ward. This is asking all these questions because will the lessons of sexual abuse be applied by Clint Clifton in the New City Network? This blog is pessimistic and doubtful but we will see what happens.

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  1. Evangelicalism lacks intellectualism, depth, and substance. Evangelicalism can be like that sugar high, yes you get that brief fix but afterwards you are hurting after crashing and wanting more and in a more desperate state.

    Until they’re dancing around slashing themselves with knives like the priests of Baal before Elijah.
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