Are Atheists Ordained by God to be the Critics of Evangelical Christianity?

Over the past few months this blog has been watching Steve Baughman pursue the Ravi Zacharias situation and offer criticism. He is not alone as other atheists have also been fierce critics who raise questions and point out the problems that exist inside evangelicalism. This post wants to raise the question are atheists essential to point out the flaws, corruption and abuse within Evangelical Christianity?

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“Never neglect details. When everyone’s mind is dulled or distracted the leader must be doubly vigilant.

Colin Powell 

Over the past few months this blog has watched and observed atheist Steve Baughman from the San Francisco Bay Area write about and pursue the issues with Ravi Zacharias. Baughman has been following up on the issues for a long time. He investigated the academic issues, sexual issues, Zacharias inflated ego and his outright dishonesty in how he marketed himself. In the process Steve Baughman also discussed the issues of the evangelical industrial complex and how they ignored or continued to prop up Ravi Zacharias even when the ethical problems came to light. This blog holds Steve in high regard and wants to point out that none of this with Ravi Zacharias would have come forward and it not been for his efforts and his determination to see the truth come to the light of day. 


Atheists Are Essential and Needed Critics to Evangelicalism 

Its not just atheists like Steve Baughman its also individuals like Hemant Mehta who writes The Friendly Atheist. Each and every day The Friendly Atheist writes about sex abuse, financial fraud, abusive churches and pastors, and much more. Atheist blogs like The Friendly Atheist are a part of my daily reading material as I seek to see what is happening inside evangelicalism before sitting down to write post about evangelicalism and more. As I see the work of people like Steve Baughman and Hemant Mehta I have come to see how essential and necessary they are to religion. 

I mean consider the following. At the national EFCA blog you will not see posts about sex abuse, financial fraud or the limitations of congregational church government. All you will see is many posts extolling the EFCA and outreach efforts or response to other situations. And yes I give them credit for talking about racial issues like the George Floyd situation. But there are many other situations that are not spoken of and that is to the determined of the EFCA. Many denominations and evangelical ministries are like that in that they just want to speak of the positive and ignore the negative. Unless is involves a person being gay or something along those lines many ministries and denominations ignore these problems. Its the Hemant Mehtas and Steve Baughman’s who raise the issues that evangelicals will stay silent about. Their diligence, hard work, and commitment to honesty and truth has helped keep people safe and protect people. Especially when the evangelical culture and church has so clearly failed. 

At the risk of this sounding Calvinistic it leads me to to this question. Is their atheism or lack of faith or even my dying faith a part of an effort by God to ordain critics who will hold evangelicalism accountable. Is this especially true when evangelicals will not hold their own pastors, ministries, churches or denominations accountable? Many parts of evangelicalism are slowly getting better in some ways because of the work of atheists like Baughman and Mehta and other like minded individuals. Its this blog’s hope that more like minded individuals will step up to the plate and address these issues in evangelicalism and give the church needed and important criticism. 


The Evangelical Church Needs to Listen to What Atheists Have to Say About Evangelicalism and Scandal 

The sad thing is that many evangelicals dismiss the work of Steve Baughman and people like Hemant Mehta. They view them as being divisive and as people who just attack and criticize. That they have an axe to grind. That is sad because the reality is that they should be embraced. People should be grateful that waste, fraud and abuse is being identified and pointed out, That is the how they should be regarded. If your faith is so sensitive that you can not handle criticism that problem does not lie with the atheist; but with the evangelical. Its time for some people to wake up and to listen with a fresh ear as to what is being said about evangelicalism. Those outside the culture and bubble can offer a perspective that is much needed. Let’s respect and honor them and listen with humility as to what they need to say.

9 thoughts on “Are Atheists Ordained by God to be the Critics of Evangelical Christianity?

  1. Are Atheists Ordained by God to be the Critics of Evangelical Christianity?

    Well, they definitely have an Outsider’s point of view, and the definition of “blind spots” are things that are only visible from the Outside, never from the Inside. So they should be ideally situated to shine a spotlight on Christians’ blind spots.


    • HUG, agreed on the blind spots observation. I will also note that people within a group are often particularly blind to hypocrisy, and it is the outsiders who tend to recognize that most quickly and call it out. It is always wise to consider the criticism being leveled against you with some degree of humility and self-reflection, and sorting out where those criticisms may be legitimate. But in today’s “Us totally right, You totally wrong” tribalism, there seems to be precious little room for humility and self-reflection.

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  2. If God’s people will not listen to Scripture, God will raise up other voices to make His point clear. He’s done it before, many times.


    • I remember the fear manipulation version of that during the Late Cold War, invoking Babylon’s destruction of Israel as a type example. “GOD’s JUDGMENT FOR AMERICA’S SINS SITS READY AND WAITING IN THE NUCLEAR MISSILE SILOS OF THE SOVIET UNION!”

      And on a more positive note, an alleged Private Revelation some years ago in the IMonk comments that Christian art/fiction/movies/TV had screwed the pooch so bad that God had withdrawn His mantle from them and placed it on secular media; henceforth secular art/fiction/movies/TV would start saying the things God wanted said. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparshim.


  3. Are Atheists Ordained by God to be the Critics of Evangelical Christianity?

    If the neo-calvinists are right, then atheists are certainly ordained by God to be the critics of whatever they criticize (atheists criticize other groups as well). If not, then what exactly do you mean by “ordained by God”? Atheists are not exactly part of the apostolic succession.


    • If “ordained by God” puts you off, how about “tells the truth(s) about the Church that the Church refuses to acknowledge”?


      • Some of the things that atheists say about the church are undoubtedly true. The most important things atheists say about the church, of course, are not.

        Every organization can benefit from an outside perspective from time to time.


      • Define “most important”. And fair warning, IMHO the existence of God is not the most important thing at the moment…


  4. Several years ago, I was in a public forum with atheist James Morrow. I said at that time, “If you will excuse me for misquoting Voltaire, if atheists did not exist, the Church would have to invent them. We need our critics.”

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