David Platt Publishes a New Book About Christians and Voting Which is Pushed by The Gospel Coalition

David Platt published a new book about voting just in time for next month’s election. Its a brief paperback that is featured and promoted by the The Gospel Coalition. In the book Platt addresses the modern issue of politics and the church in a polarized age and offers some thoughts.

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.


Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.

Isiah 26:4 NIV

Recently at The Gospel Coalition a new book, actually a brief paperback is being pushed. Written by David Platt’s “Plea Before You Vote” addresses the issue of politics and voting and attempts to answer some questions

David Platt and Colin Hanson Discuss Politics at The Gospel Coalition

The book starts off with President Trump’s visit to McLean Bible in Virginia. And the book ends with the topic. Platt in the interview you can listen up above said that politics is becoming more polarized and that it is affecting the evangelical church. Platt states clearly that both sides are doing it and throwing around terms such as, “If you’re a Christian you can’t vote for ______.” David says in the interview that Christians are being discipled by hyper-partisan source and not by the church. And this book is an attempt to step into the void and remind people what The Gospel and faith is all about. Likewise he also talks about how organizations or churches are taking hits because of how they are being perceived in cities and the areas they reside.  This short book is off his Radical website and is only 112 pages if I am reading this correct. In addition to the audio above you can read the article at The Gospel Coalition called, “David Platt’s Plea Before You Vote.” 


Analysis and Closing Thoughts

We’re in an interesting time in history. Because of the pandemic a lot of services and events are limited. In normal times I would swing by places to study and listen to what is being said. One of the thing I am noticing about the Neo-Calvinists is a movement to try and reclaim the faith from the political or Christian nationalist side of evangelicalism. I am not going to write about it but I noticed that 9 Marks is publishing a number of book and articles about dealing with the topic of politics and how to shepherd people in unstable times. One aspect to consider about the Neo-Calvinists is that they are a-political. If they didn’t have other issues of authoritarianism, abusive church discipline and more it could be a place for people to call home.  This book is another attempt to push discipleship at McLean Bible which I notice in materials and publications to be emphasized. It will be interesting to see how this develops. 

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