Did Some Liberty University Staff Trade Sex for Immigration Documents and Work Visas for International Students? A Blog Comment Leads to this Question

This afternoon a comment was left at this blog that concerned allegations of fraud and abuse at Liberty University. It dealt with international students trading sex for immigration documents and other paperwork. This blog is interested in telling this story if any individuals from Liberty want to step forward and tell this story this blog is committed to getting it out.

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So much for law and order. Earlier today this blog received a comment that raised some serious questions about Liberty University, abuse of power and corruption. Blogs, like The Wondering Eagle are basically religious intelligence. It works at flushing out stories and bringing them to light. Two years back a blog comment resulted in this blog flushing out a story from David Platt’s McLean Bible. What had happened is that a predator who was sexually attracted to teenagers groomed them for planned abuse in the high school ministry, and McLean Bible covered it up. This blog dragged the truth out and wrote about the issue. For more information you can read, “Did McLean Bible Cover Up a Child Sexual Predatory Situation? A Comment on The Wondering Eagle Raises that Question” and “How David Platt Never Learned From the Mark Aderholt Situation. The Disturbing Story of how McLean Bible Mishandled Scott Woods, an Alleged Predator in The Rock Ministries.” 

This afternoon a comment on The Wondering Eagle raised some troubling questions that this blog would like to explore and drag out. The comment came on my overview of the Save 71 group which is trying to bring about reform at Liberty University. You can see the comment in the original form in, “A Closer Look at Save 71. The Challenges Liberty Faces and the Questions Save 71 Must Ask.” According to the comment some of he international students at Liberty allegedly traded sexual favors to get immigration documents and other documentation they needed to be in the United States. When some of this information started to come forward people were allegedly threatened. This blog is willing to tell a couple of these stories. These cannot be ignored and if true are also fraud and criminal allegations. If you were someone who was subjected to this and if you want to tell your story you are free to write it up and publish it here. This blog is about truth and getting to the bottom of scandals and other problems. If you want to contact me my email address is wonderingeagle261@gmail.com. Also remember that Liberty said they are going to perform an investigation. One way to hold Jerry Prevo to account is to bring stories forward. If Liberty conducts an investigation and Jerry Prevo is content to move forward, yet blogs like mine or others are publishing stories of abuse that will tell you that Liberty is not committed to reform, honesty, repentance and integrity. If you want to tell your story this blog will give you the platform. 


I really don’t want to place anyone in an uncomfortable position; however, I hung out with other international students at Liberty who were not afraid to be open about the biases and favors which was done for them with documentations in exchange for sex and foreign artifacts, such as :

Documents which allowed them to work at places like CENTRA, Mc Donalds etc. while we were told you cannot work outside of the school or you will be arrested! Reinstatement of many I-20

Like I said, these gals and girls (mainly girls) were open about these favors (one in particular who I peer counseled said, when I asked, girl how did you get that paper?! She replied, “I go to their home, they have prayer meeting, Girl sex nice, you don’t know what you missing. You must come to their house too.”

I am not revealing this because I did not get something but it is just that seeing that there appears to be “a transition” I think that the time is right to thoroughly investigate this matter, although they have removed the males from the specific international offices when information began to leak! They are now trying to cover their tracks. Also they have received tips that persons were threatening to go public since before the Falwell exposure. Many of them who are throwing stones at the FAlwells they just as guilty with sexual immorality, revenge and spitefulness. I was a GSA I know the politics and I know much of the inside corruption they are still trying to cover up! As they use the FAlwells as their “clack sheet”. Another event is while I was a GSA, one housekeeper came crying to me, (I cannot forget her she had a big birth mark on her arm and we were laughing about it). According to her, she was suddenly transferred because she tried to stop the students from having sex on the dorm. Because of the prominence of the students parents (their parents were well known) and she reported the reoccurring sexual acts LU threatened her and transferred her to the small school on Old Thomas Road before it was sold suddenly! According to some cleaners, they were forced to clean offices where persons affected with COVID=-19 worked. From the biases with the immigration system at Liberty to the injustice they school needs a total U turn to JESUS! This school needs to repent! And for the nonsense and injustice that continues I think they need sanctified truly born again just leader who has true heart with genuine actions of love to ALL PEOPLE RACE AND TONGUES! The phallus )(giant penis ) should not be erected in a “Christian” school in the first place! God will continue to judge this school! He has just started! He needs true repentance! They also need to restore all that was taken from people! My mother died in 2016 (while I was a GSA) 2015 summer I was a perfect 4.0! I went home to bury my mother. By the time I returned ALL MY AS ON MY PAGE WAS GONE!!! Lu made me walk for almost 2 months from office to office to office. I had not gotten back my grades. I wrote letters upon letter upon letters! Then they said, “There is a law “Liberty WAy!” If your grade is “lost” the highest grade you can regain is A- (90) even though I had 98, 96 & 100. Someone called me in the office and ask me, ,”Why am I so fascinated about getting As?” I stood there and starred at him, praying against that bias (in my mind) then he siad, “Well, you’re right, that’s why you are GSA anyway, but we cannot give back your As, I’m sorry. ON more than one occasions I paid my fees and they relentless send emails from the international office claiming that I did not pay even recently, after graduating they still tried to tell me that I owed Liberty. For example, March 13, 2020, I paid my balance, at the international office they told me repeatedly that I am owing Liberty. Each time they said they increased the amount. I left the office, I went on my online Wells Fargo account, I did a screen shot of proof of the payment and emailed it to them, This is the only way they stopped. I tried calling the male account worker who was transferred from the international office and he ignored me 100% of the time (like LU usually do whenever there is an elephant in the room! God will continue to judge the wicked acts in this school because it brings reproach to Christ name! I fasted for 10 days (10 days of awe) and I verbally released forgiveness to most of those who made my life a living nigh mare at Liberty University. The male accounts clerk from the Int’l office is still trying to avoid me!


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  1. It would not surprise me.
    You really expect anything else from the Righteous and Godly(TM)?
    Especially in Liberty U, land of the Cuck & Cougar Show?


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