The End is in Sight for Chaplain Mike and A Note to the Internet Monk Community

Yesterday at The Internet Monk Chaplain Mike notified the community that the end of the blog is in sight. I read that with a heavy heart as I love The Internet Monk. I will always appreciate The Internet Monk as my life has a history with that blog. Its with that in mind that this blog wants The Internet Monk community to know that they can publish and carry on discussions here on The Wondering Eagle. No pressure in such an invitation but the door will always remain open. 

“Good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.

Linda Lambert

The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.

1 Corinthians 2:14 ESV

After my baptism at Fresno Evangelical Free in California in April of 2000.

It is with a heavy heart that this blog learned that Chaplain Mike is planning on ending his run on January 1, 2021 over at The Internet Monk. The Internet Monk is a giant in the blogging community and has contributed so much to the internet. Its blogs like The Internet Monk that have brought so much forward and shared quite a bit about the post evangelical wilderness. Myself, Eagle as I have been known, which is actually David Bonner has appreciated The Internet Monk. My involvement in The Internet Monk over the years has led to a number of posts. You can read some of them here, here, here, and here.   

Mike Spencer is someone who is irreplaceable. He has done a lot of thought about evangelicals and life. In the process he took on a number of issues. His death was a tragedy and hard to comprehend. Chaplain Mike had some large shoes to fill but what I appreciated about Chaplain Mike is that he made the blog unique. He didn’t try to be Michael Spencer instead he brought along his history and guided the discussion and gave his own imprint. Whereas years ago one could ask where would Internet Monk be without Michael Spencer, today one could also ask where would Internet Monk be without Chaplain Mike. So when I read “The End Is in Sight” my heart was broken. And at the same time it is grateful. Its grateful for the love, kindness and refuge that Chaplain Mike created at Internet Monk. This blog holds Chaplain Mike in high regard and will always have a deep and special place in my heart for him. He tolerated my outbursts, language at times and showed compassion at every turn. While all things come to an end this blog hopes that Chaplain Mike has a well deserved rest. I am excited to know that Internet Monk will be preserved. But it saddens me that it will not carry forward. 


An Offer to The Internet Monk Community

It with that in mind that this blog wants to let people at The Internet Monk community know that some of these conversations can continue. This blog likes to write about the Evangelical Free Church of America, and has also written about atheism, modern evangelicalism, Neo-Calvinist theology, Christian nationalism and different church stories. If people want to, or feel led to they are free to publish or share their thoughts here. This blog is open to receiving some help but above all I also realize how important it is to have a community where one can discuss different issues. This blog does not have the volume at Internet Monk and for that I am grateful. If it became exceedingly busy with the life I have that would be a challenge for me. But this post is just to let the people of The Internet Monk community know that after January 1, 2021 you are free to continue your conversations here. And again there is no pressure as the door is always open. It will remain open long term and its my goal to have a large number of people of all faiths and indeed no faith be able to speak their mind. This blog loves you guys at Internet Monk and always will do so. 

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    • This blog needs more traffic. Not counting the trolls, we seem to have only half a dozen regulars; nothing like the crowd over at IMonk.


  1. Eagle, thank you for your kind words and your participation at Internet Monk over the years. I’m glad you found help and encouragement there, and believe me, you made a great contribution in helping us learn how to converse with patience, civility, and understanding. Thanks also for your invitation to the iMonkers, and I hope many will join you here as we all continue the journey.

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    • Chaplain Mike it was sad to see the news. I love and respect Internet Monk. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the year and that you have a good retirement. Deeply appreciate all that you have done.


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