Robert Jeffress’ Comments on Catholicism Being a Cult and its Pagan Roots From Babylon. A Look at the Bigotry of the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas

Robert Jeffress is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas. He is known inside the Southern Baptist Convention for his Christian nationalism. He is is also known for his outrageous statements about Catholicism and calling it a pagan cult from Babylon. This post is a look at he bigotry of the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas. 

“When dealing with dishonest people, it’s always wise to remember that they are dishonest.


The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.

1 Corinthians 2:14 ESV

Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress is the senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas who also contributes heavily to Fox News. This blog has written about him before as he is a firm Christian nationalist and staunchest defenders of Donald Trump. To read other articles this blog has written about Robert Jeffress. You can read, “Robert Jeffress Believes that God has Given Donald Trump Authority to Wage War on the Korean Peninsula” and “Considering Christian Nationalism. How Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress Are Nothing But Fluffers.” Over the years Robert Jeffress has said a number of things about Roman Catholics.


Don’t believe me listen to Jeffress himself?

Jeffress States how Catholicism is a Babylonian Pagan Cult Founded by Satan

In 2010 Robert Jeffress gave a sermon in which he spoke about the Roman Catholic church. In 2010 he spoke about how Satan was behind the founding and the operations of the Roman Catholic church. He called it a “cult-like pagan religion” and said that the genius of te Catholic churches success is due to “the genius of Satan.” The above video was uploaded to YouTube by Religious Right Watch. In that same sermon he said the following about Catholics. “Today the Roman Catholic Church is the result of that corruption. Much of what you see in the Catholic Church today doesn’t come from God’s word. It comes from this cultlike pagan religion. You say, ‘Well, now, Pastor, how can you say such a thing? That is such an indictment of the Catholic Church.’ After all, the Catholic Church talks about God and the Bible and Jesus and the blood of Christ and salvation. Isn’t that the genius of Satan?

When that came forward in 2017 Robert Jeffress backtracked and blamed the liberal media and said it was fake news. He even went on Fox News and had Sean Hannity who is Catholic defend him against claims of Catholic bigotry. The Friendly Atheist describes the situation well. 

“I am delighted though, to reiterate what I’ve said many times when people ask me if Catholics are going to be in Heaven or are Baptists going to be in Heaven: nobody goes to heaven in a group — it’s one by one, based on our relationship with Christ,” Jeffress clarified. “And I can tell you this: there will be millions of Catholics in heaven who have trusted in Christ for their salvation.”…

Jeffress stated that he loves his brothers and sisters in Christ who are Catholic.

“I work with them often on issues of religious liberty and the pro-life movement. I walk alongside Catholic priests in pro-life demonstrations,” he added……

In his statement Tuesday night, Jeffress admitted that he believes there are “theological aberrations in the Catholic church that needed to be corrected.”

“But they have aberrations in the Baptist church that need to be corrected as well,” Jeffress stressed.

[Sean] Hannity also issued a statement assuring that Jeffress is not “anti-Catholic.”

“I was raised a Catholic, I was even an altar boy, and attended seminary, and I can tell you that Dr. Jeffress has expressed to me both privately, and publicly, that he agrees Catholics are Christians,” Hannity said.

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What Irish Catholics Have Said About Robert Jeffress

One of the largest Catholic publications in the United States is called Irish Central which is based out of New York City. In April of 2020 they did an article discussing the outright bigotry of Robert Jeffress in, “President Trump embraces vicious anti-Catholic pastor on Easter Sunday.” The article looked at what Robert Jeffress had said about the Catholic church and tying its creation to Satan and the Babylonian paganism. The Irish Central made it clear that Robert Jeffress is nothing but a bigot especially when it comes to what he says about Catholics. Go to the article linked earlier in this section and read more about Jeffress thoughts. 


Closing Thoughts

Robert Jeffress has long been known for his bigotry. He will forever be known for his bigotry. What he has said about Catholicism is both horrifying and sick. Who is indeed the individual who is lost? This blog would say its Robert Jeffress. But you know the other aspect is that Jeffress has been in the news recently. With Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on the Supreme Court it is Jefress who is all anxious and giddy about getting a Supreme Court justice named. And now that the choice is a Catholic who do you think will be her biggest supporter. Yup, you guessed right in Robert Jeffress. He has about as much integrity as a piece of dandruff on your shoulder. This blog has no respect for Jeffress and view him as a snowflake. 

2 thoughts on “Robert Jeffress’ Comments on Catholicism Being a Cult and its Pagan Roots From Babylon. A Look at the Bigotry of the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas

  1. Jeffress States how Catholicism is a Babylonian Pagan Cult Founded by Satan

    Does Jeffress the Flatterer at any time mention the code words “Mystery Babylon” and/or the triad “Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz”? These are code words originated by a guy named Hislop back in 1853 in a classic booklet titled “The Two Babylons: Romanism and its Origins”.

    The thesis is Romish Popery is a Satanic Counterfeit “religion” (not Relationship) originating in ancient Babylon with a Father/Mother/Son False Trinity of “Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz”. With a barrage of Bible-Verse PROOFs quoted most steps of the way:
    * The Father/Mother/Son triad of gods arrangement is EGYPTIAN, NOT MESOPOTAMIAN. Mesopotamian gods almost always came as married couples.
    * Nimrod was not a god, but the character in Genesis. (Proto-Jewish tradition, NOT Babylonian/Mesopotamian.)
    * Semiramis was not a goddess, but a legendary queen “back in the dim times”.
    * Tammuz (“Faithful Son”) was the only real god of the three, but where’s his wife Innana/Ishtar? In Babylon, gods were usually married couples.
    * The Father/Mother/Son triad is immediately identified as the Romish Papist custom of “The Holy Family” — Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. And all three — whose REAL names are Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz — are some sort of avatars of Satan.
    * And this Satanic Counterfeit has been Persecuting REAL Christianity (usually the writer’s own church, including A.W.Pink’s One True Church of One) in a Secret History similar to the “Narrow, Pure Stream” of the Landmark Baptists:

    And Hislop’s TRVTH has been cribbed to the point of plagiarism ever since.

    This also was adopted in some form by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who follow a somewhat-widespread “church history”: The One True Church founded by Christ in 33 AD was Just Like Us, but was immediately Corrupted by SATAN and All Was Satanic Counterfeit until Our Founder Was Tapped by God to Re-found The One True Church – US. (This view of church history is not limited to the Mormons, JWs, and Branch Davidians; I encountered it everywhere in “splinter church Fellowships” in the homseland of Calvary Chapel.)

    I first encountered the whole Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz Trip in a book titled “Babylon Mystery Religion” by a Ralph Woodrow that got foisted on me many years ago as TRVTH!!!!!
    I might still have my copy lying around somewhere in the clutter, but it somehow got annotated by this guy who’s a legend in local fandom (and not in a good way).


    • Addendum:

      I also heard the entire Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz trip in the Eighties from a radio interview of “Pastor Raul Rees Calvary Chapel West Covina” (as if all one word) on Rich Buhler’s “Talk From the Heart”. At the time, Calvary Chapel dominated Christianese AM radio in the area, and subsequent listening to CalvaryChapelWestCovina’s radio program confirmed that Raul Rees’s anti-Catholicism was literally impossible to exaggerate. Like Pastor Chuck Smith Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa denouncing Star Wars as Occult, “Couldn’t change his mind and wouldn’t change the subject”.


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