Til Death Do Us Part? Todd Bell Officiates a Wedding in Maine that Leads to the COVID-19 Deaths of at Least Eight

Todd Bell is an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor in Maine who led a wedding in the Millinocket area. Whereas Maine was doing well with COVID-19 this wedding triggered a massive outbreak that affected people as far as 200 miles away. So far at least eight people are dead as this situation drags on. This blog is hoping that Maine will prosecute this “pastor” for neglect in contributing to the deaths of people who did not have to die.

“Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.


“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. 36 For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.

Hebrews 10:35-36 ESV


This blog usually does not write about the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist. That is not the usual focus of The Wondering Eagle. However, the other day I heard of a wedding that led to a large outbreak of COVID-19 in Maine. When I looked closer I was stunned by the damage and hubris that came about from Todd Bell. There are many people who have died who could still be alive. So I decided to research and write a post about this issue. Brace yourself for a dark and disturbing story and let’s start by looking at Todd Bell. 

An Overview of Todd Bell of Calvary Baptist

The pastor of Calvary Baptist, which appears to be Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) is Todd Bell. Todd comes from Lakeland, Florida. He earned an Associates Degree from Haywood Community College in Clyde, North Carolina. In May of 1989 he earned a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Trinity Baptist Bible in Ashville, North Carolina. Then he was given an honorary doctorate from Crown College in Powell, Tennessee in May of 2015. In 1989 Todd Bell left North Carolina and moved to Maine to plant Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Churches. He was responsible for helping to start Tri Town Baptist in East Millinocket, Church Hill Baptist Church in Augusta, Maine. In 1998 he started Wings with the Word, an aviation missionary that allowed him to fly all over Maine and parts of New England. He has had over 2,500 hours of flying time. In August of 2003 Todd’s family moved to Sanford, Maine where they started Calvary Baptist Church. Calvary Baptist helped start IFB churches in Islesboro, Jackman, Fort Kent, New Vineyard, and Whiting, Maine. In 2010 he started the Sanford Christian Academy. 

Millinocket area Wedding Officiated By Todd Bell  Leads to an Explosion of COVID-19 in Maine

In the early summer time of 2020 the COVID-19 situation in Maine seemed to be fairly good. There were no outbreaks of the coronavirus traced to large events or social gathering. The Maine Center and Disease Control and Prevention were closely following the COVID-19 situation in the state. In the first week of Maine a couple got married and the reception was held in Big Moose Inn on Millinocket Lake. About 65 people showed up, and though their temperatures were checked only two people wore masks in the reception. There was no social distancing and the reception room was crowded. While employees at Big Moose wore masks they did not enforce the rules. What happened is that someone showed up carrying the COVID-19 virus in a-symptomatic manner.  Initially half of those who showed up fell ill from the coronavirus. An additional 35 fell ill after coming into contact with those people. It led to the biggest outbreak of COVID-19 in the state of Maine and has changed the state’s status.  To date over 140 people were infected and outbreaks were happening as far as 200 miles away. Here are some of the effects of this wedding outbreak of the coronavirus.

  1. Delayed opening for schools in the Millinocket area.
  2. Secondary outbreaks at a rehabilitation center in Madison that eventually led to the death of seven people. 
  3. York County Jail in Alfred had an outbreak of over 50 people and one has died. This jail is over 200 miles away. 

And despite this outbreak of COVID-19 taking place in Maine Calvary Baptist Church met in person. There was no social distancing and masks were not worn. And a number of people from Calvary Baptist fell ill from the COVID-19 virus. This is how Todd Bell descriebd those from his church that fell ill from COVID-19. “Many in our ministry have been sick, but to God be the glory, they’re all getting better, and we’re encouraged by that. Many of those that have experienced this COVID-19 have been released from their quarantines,and they’re doing better. It is our right before almighty God to meet, to hear preaching, to pray together, to worship the King together. It’s our God-given right to do that, That’s the truth I’m not going to sit around and be coward around and fall prey.” According to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention people who attended Calvary Baptist form August 8, until the 23 were exposed to the COPVID-19 virus. He vowed to wage the culture war and refused to wear masks and told others not to do so; and had a chorus sing in defiance. They are re-opening the school affiliated with the church and are not following health guidelines it appears. 

Within Maine outrage has grown out Todd Bell and Calvary Baptist over their irresponsible behavior. Some organizations dropped work with his church in response to what Todd Bell has done. Todd Bell  and his family are allegedly receiving some death threats. And he is claiming that he is being persecuted for his faith and has hired a religious freedom organization saying that he is committed to practicing religious freedom which he claims is under assault in the United States. David Gibbs of the National Center for Life and Liberty is handling the “assault on the religious freedom of Todd Bells’ church.” 

If you would like to read more about this you can do so in the following articles.

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How Todd Bell is Like a Virus and Why “Pastors” Like Him Should be Prosecuted for Murder

This blog which frequently writes about the dark side of religion keeps having these kinds of stories come across my path. This blog has no sympathy for Todd Bell and finds him reckless. It begs the question…who is the real virus? Is it COVID-19 or is it fundamentalists like Todd Bell? While the COVID-19 virus is a problem it would not have been a problem if “pastors” like Todd Bell did not exist. He alone is responsible for playing a major role that led to the outbreak of the largest COVID-19 in the state of Maine. That is tragic and disturbing. His commitment to the culture wars really shows how lost he is personally. He couldn’t recognize Jesus if he came and put his foot five feet up his ass. And all along he would be screaming that he is being persecuted if Jesus could do such a thing. What a wasted life. North Carolina’s gain is really Maine’s loss. But this blog really regards Todd Bell to be no different than a drunk driver. You can drink alcohol and get intoxicated if you want, but you have no business getting behind a wheel and driving. Todd Bell’s actions have led to disease and death. In the view of this blog he is responsible for leading a super spreader event that resulted in the death of eight people. Take a good long look at the picture of Theresa Detentremont who was a victim of Todd Bell. Actually let me rephrase that look at the picture above of Theresa who was murdered by Todd Bell’s stupid actions. This blog is hoping that Bell is prosecuted for placing many in the community in danger. There are many churches who are meeting virtually and this blog understands and appreciates that action. Calvary Baptist in Maine is similar to a puss filled boil that is erupting. Nothing good is coming out of it. Remember Paul says the marks of a Christian are patience, love, gentleness, self control among other things.  The marks of Todd Bell are pain, trauma, ignorance, pestilence, and conflict. This blog hopes that people can walk away form the IFB cult in Maine. 

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  1. ” While the COVID-19 virus is a problem it would not have been a problem if “pastors” like Todd Bell did not exist.”

    I would politely disagree.

    The virus will continue to affect the population including those who mask and socially distance.
    David, I have seriously wished I had the Covid Flu, it would free me up and recent CDC stats say that as a 70 year old with reasonable health, my chances of surviving are 99.4 percent.


  2. “That’s the truth I’m not going to sit around and be coward around and fall prey.”

    I smell a dick-swinging contest. If not a Litmus Test of Salvation.
    (I wonder if PASTOR Todd’s manhood is also so BIG and Manly his wife can’t handle it?)


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