Stand Up Republic Launches Christians Against Trumpism and Political Extremism

Evan McMullin’s Stand Up Republic worked to launch Christians Against Trumpism and Political Extremism this past week. A number of well known evangelicals, progressives and some attached to the Neo-Calvinist movement are pushing back against Christian nationalism.

“I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led.”

Thomas Jefferson

“Be glad, O children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God,
for he has given the early rain for your vindication; he has poured down for you abundant rain, the early and the latter rain, as before.

Joel 2:23 ESV

Evan McMullin and Mandy Finn started an initiative that took off last week. McMullin was a third party candidate in 2016 and helps lead Stand Up Republic. Christians Against Trump is designed to push back against Christian nationalism and be an organization for evangelicals and others who do not support Trump and have had problems with Christian nationalism.


Overview of Christians Against Trump

The organization is led by John Kingston and Joel Searby. John Kingston is a lawyer who published “American Awakening: Eight Principles to Restore the Soul of America” through Zondervan. Joel Searby comes from Normal, Illinois and has a history of working in missionary work down in Chile. He came back to the United States and worked in politics and government. Seeing the void that exists with Christians not pushing back against Trump, out of faith he felt that this is a part of faith for him. For Joel he firmly believes that evangelicals should place their faith in God and not in controlling the Supreme Court, or politics. 

Christians Against Trumpism is designed to be a website that offers resources against Christian nationalism and is attracting a number of people to support this movement and on the leadership committee including the following below. If you watched the evangelical scene a number of those names will be familiar. 

• Author and professor Miroslav Volf
• Missions researcher and professor Lauren Pinkston
• Author and professor Michael Austin
• Author Nancy French
• Speaker, writer and activist Lisa Sharon Harper
• Hotelier and artist Jeremy Cowart
• Composer, author and Jars of Clay member Dan Haseltine
• Author, speaker and minister Skye Jethani
• Professor and public theologian Vincent Bacote
• Author and producer Jeff Bethke
• Author and professor Randall Balmer
• Public theologian and leader Fred Smith
• Former Congressman and leader Bob Inglis
• Freelance writer (formerly with Christian Post) Napp Nazworth
• Public theologian Steven Garber
• Writer and former editor of Christianity Today Mark Galli
• Author and professor Curtis Chang
• Minister and activist Rob Schenck
• Speaker and leadership coach Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
• Author and professor Ron Sider
• Investor and entrepreneur Dan Cooper
• Entertainment executive Andy Peterson
• Pastor and public theologian Josh Olds
• Professor and former CIA deputy chief Steven Meyer
• Attorney and author Jeff Feldhahn
• Social entrepreneur Kris Carter
• International leader and former acting director of PEPFAR Tom Walsh
• Writer and Publisher David Morris
• Leader and public theologian Kathy Tuan-MacLean
• Author and professor Stephen Haynes
• Author and Publisher Bob Fryling

When asked this is how Joel Searby described Christians Against Trumpism.  “Too many Christian leaders have kept their heads down and remained in their bunkers hoping this spiritual darkness will pass,” Searby said. “But we now have leaders joining us daily saying ‘enough,’ believing that we have to fight for the soul of our faith, and we welcome all who stand for the light of our fa ith and against this darkness.

In addition to our public leadership committee, we have also gathered many who don’t believe they can make their positions public; they ask us to provide voice to their concerns, and for resources to equip them and Christians everywhere to continue in this battle,” Searby added.


Some Tweets by Christians Against Trumpism

It defiantly will be interesting to see how this develops in light of the ongoing issues of Christian nationalism. Those who support this appear to be a broad group of some progressives, mainstream, some of the Never Trump evangelicals and some of the Neo-Calvinists. This blog hopes they succeed and wishes them well. 


8 thoughts on “Stand Up Republic Launches Christians Against Trumpism and Political Extremism

  1. In reading this post, I wondered what the response would have been if, in 2012, a group of Christian “leaders” had created an organization to oppose “Obamaism and Political Extremism.” Would any of these folks involved with this current effort to stigmatize Pres. Trump have signed on to a similar effort to rally Christians in opposition to Pres. Obama? I doubt it. Which says all you need to know about this self-selected group of Christian “leaders.”


      • I think you miss my point. My question was whether any of these particular evangelical Christian leaders would have signed on to a similar project to oppose Obama? I think not, which just shows that their agenda is a political agenda masquerading under the guise of evangelicalism. If I’m mistaken as to their basic political and or partisan commitments, I’m happy to be instructed.


      • Well, clearly if these “evangelical leaders” are authentic and guided more by their theology than their politics, then “evangelicalism” isn’t a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Trump family.


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