An Open Letter to Micah Conrad (On Spreading Disinformation About Vaccines and Commentary on Your Evangelical Faith)

This is an open letter to Micah Conrad in Los Angeles, California. This an open letter to an evangelical involved in spreading disinformation about vaccines and conspiracy theories which was written about in the Washington Post a while back. This is the second part of a post I did on this topic. 

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

Albert Einstein

Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.

Proverbs 26:11 ESV


This is an open letter I meant to pen to you a couple of weeks back. This blog wrote about you after reading about you in the Washington Post. I wrote about you in another article called, “Anti-Vaxxers and the New Apostolic Reformation’s Radiance International in Los Angeles and Micah Conrad’s Story in the Washington Post.” In the Post as well as social media I learned about your faith. Your ties to a New Apostolic Reformation church, evangelical background and your job of spreading conspiracy theories for the anti-vaxxer community. This blog is a hard one to write because I pull the string a little and what I find when I go deeper is distressing and upsetting. It also reminds me as to why I am done with evangelicalism and indeed moving away from faith completely. 

Micah you remind me of people from my old third wave charismatic church in Wisconsin. The conspiracy theories, the guns, the home schooling, belief in junk science and more. I knew many people like yourself and all the information I read just was a reminder of all that I left when I rejected that kind of faith. So let me spend some time discussing your life and let me explain why I think you are doing a great job in creating atheists and why I think people like yourself are why evangelicalism is toxic and beyond saving.

I find it profoundly sad that you state you are against vaccination and then claim to be into healthy living and pure eating. Honestly do you think a virus is going to care or pay respect to you because of your “healthy and clean eating?” No one is immune in a pandemic. How many young and vibrant soldiers well were killed by a virus in the Spanish flu in 1918? How many people who have been in good shape are stricken by virus and disease? Did you know that there are members of the military who deploy into different parts of the world who contract viruses and diseases which affects many of them. Junk science in the end is just that…its junk science. It gives people bad information.

You also revealed another reason why evangelicalism is toxic. No character or integrity. You don’t stand for anything and is as strong as a blade of grass that shifts and bends to the wind current. You have no principles. Many evangelicals don’t Micah. That is what is laughable about the manhood push and being all about being a man. In the end its a shit show. And its all for nothing. If you had principles you would have walked away from that disinformation gig. I would have started my questioning in the medical community and sought out answers there first. The experts who have gone to medical school and trained in this area are the ones to be approached.

Your spread of disinformation is horrific. Science has spoken and medicine has verified and proven that vaccines work and are solid. Micah you are no different than a drunk driver. Its one thing to hurt yourself. Its another thing to hurt others. People like yourself should be prosecuted for spreading disinformation about vaccines. Its no different than standing in the middle of a dark and crowded movie theater and screaming fire.

For the references of faith that you had let me say this. People like yourself are why I rejected evangelicalism. Its why I am well on my way to being nothing and even atheist. The rejection of science and intellectualism shows that those with reason have no business being around faith or even believing in God. You lead a sad little life in what you perpetrate. But people like you have no right to preach to me or try and save me theologically. You have no credibility and are to be regarded as a joke. 

So with that I have said what I needed to say. 

Very Respectfully, 

David Bonner 

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