North Coast Church Ignores Abuse Account in Instagram and Advises Others to Not Engage

Allegedly at North Coast Church which is led by Larry Osborne they have decided to ignore the Instagram account detailing spiritual claims including some reports of sexual abuse. This is a mistake by North Coast Church as problems like this do not go away on their own. As a reminder if people have stories to tell this blog can tell them. 

“The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker.

Richard Nixon

Teach me to do your will,  for you are my God;
may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

Psalm 143:10 NIV

Worship at North Coast Church.

The Instagram account documenting abuse and problems in the culture at Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church is now almost two months old. In response the EFCA mega church has a policy allegedly in how they are going to respond. 


An Alleged Directive From Larry Osborne

According to information that this blog has obtained Larry Osborne has allegedly instructed staff and pastors of North Coast Church to ignore the the Instagram account. When people in small groups or church ministries ask questions about the abuse account on Instagram they are allegedly told to not engage and to ignore them. Comments about this are slowly being posted at the Instagram account called @northcoastchurchabuse

it makes me so upset that North Coast isn’t paying attention to this account and is just telling everyone to pretend that it doesn’t exist instead of trying to be a better community. when this account first started it was sent to our small group group chat and one of the girls asked how she should handle the situation. our leaders then told all of us to leave the “problem” being the account. to the leaders and not worry about how’s it’s being handled. when they should just acknowledge that they’re the problem not whoever’s running this account


Ignoring North Coast Church Abuse is a Mistake of the Church

The response by Larry Osborne is pretty telling. It also shows the problem with North Coast Church in how they function. This is a place that doesn’t even know the basics of the Bible. (BTW…when I was in an EFCA church they used the acronym “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”) Many evangelical ministries operate in a similar manner. They will not deal with anonymous blogs or webpages. This is a mistake many often make. It reveals as to how many are about the consolidation of power and the preservation of power. These blogs and wepbages are viewed as a threat. Whereas Jesus once said in the Sermon of the Mount blessed are the peacemakers. At places like North Coast Church the peacemakers be damned. Its foolish for North Coast Church to ignore the Instagram account. These problems form my experience do not go away, instead they just grow. Simple and sincere diplomacy could go a long ways, however that will not happen in many of these kind of situations. One comment that I noticed on the Instagram page I will leave people to ponder. It gets people to ask questions and and raise awareness. 

Hey I know this isn’t a confession but I just wanted to say that I have been attending north coast for a while and yes there are positives about the church but especially recently the negatives have outweighed the good. I don’t believe this account is bashing the church I believe it is raising awareness to a problem that has been ignored for way to long. And for the leaders to tell us to ignore this account and to block it are doing the same thing. Change needs to happen!

If someone from North Coast can send me the email about the Instagram account that in on the church email system this blog would appreciate that information. My email address is