A COVID-19 Death of a Close Family Friend For Six Decades

Yesterday evening I learned of the death of a six decade family friend. He was my Dad’s closest friend from high school who remained close over the years. A few hours after leaving a message for him I learned he died in Montana. And I also learned that the COVID-19 pandemic also appears to be involved. 

“If tears could build a stairway,and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.”


Last night I got a phone call. It came out of the blue and was shocking. It comes after  having a friend whose Mom was in the hospital for over two weeks in the Chicago area dealing with COVID-19. She ignored the warnings about COVID because Fox told her it was a hoax. As a result she almost lost her life. Over the past couple of weeks I heard through both a few phones calls and texts my friend’s anguish in the middle of a medical crisis. A COVID-19 crisis that could have been prevented if she didn’t follow Fox and accept their conspiracy theories. 

For the sake of this post I am going to respect his privacy. But last night I learned of another possible death to COVID-19. What I saw shocked me. He was a close family friend for six decades. He was my Dad’s closest friend and their relationship went back to high school in the 1950’s. Whenever my family went to Montana Dad always saw him and took him out to lunch. He was an academic scholar and in the Pacific Northwest known for teaching Western Civilization at the collegiate level. In this situation I am grateful that my Dad is deceased because I don’t know how he would have processed such a death. My fear is that it would have broken him knowing how close Dad was to this individual. His death from COVID-19 didn’t have to happen as he was still active in many ways and had the sharpest mind of anyone I knew. No signs of Alzheimer or dementia. When Dad died in November of 2018 this individual wanted to stay in touch with me and my family. And we understood why. I called this individual every so often to check in on him and see how he was doing. The last time I spoke with him was maybe four months or so ago. Yesterday afternoon realizing I needed to check in I called him again. I left a voicemail asking him to call me back. After making such a phone call about five hours later I learned that he had passed away. And as I was grieving in my kitchen I learned in addition the COVID-19 situation which also came up through some research. 

This is the fifth death of COVID-19 and the closest I have known. Its also the the eleventh or twelfth COVID-19 infection that has touched my life. Right now its almost as if I am seeing a new COVID case every couple of weeks that is touching my life. 

Last night in my kitchen as I cried I had some images popping up in my mind.  It was of how some evangelicals were downplaying the COVID-19 crisis or saying that the only thing that mattered was the Supreme Court. I thought of what Brent Detwiler from Sovereign Grace wrote on Facebook, and  I thought of what Manny Bucur from Harvest Bible Chapel once tweeted about a case of Corona Beer as a joke. As I thought of those individuals and what they said, this blog would like to state the following  to them. Fuck you. Fuck you. You think you are Christians you are not. You are a joke. And your cruelty surpasses what C.J. Mahaney or James MacDonald can do. This didn’t have to happen. A simple national plan or response to a pandemic could have saved a lot of lives including a lifelong family friend. But for those who would state, “But Kavanaugh” I want to tell you to fuck yourself. 


5 thoughts on “A COVID-19 Death of a Close Family Friend For Six Decades

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost a friend.

    The closest loss to me so far is the pastor of the church I grew up in. Although I’m not religious any more, I still thought of him with affection. He was a deeply decent human being, who became a vocal gun-control advocate in his later life. I read one of his books not long ago, and was deeply saddened when I heard that he had died of COVID.

    This didn’t have to happen. Other countries, with functioning adults for leaders, have managed their responses far better than we did, and it shows.

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  2. My condolences! An online friend of mine of about 8 or 10 years died of it several months ago. And my mom and brother had it, so we had to cancel a long-planned trip. They survived, but this is hitting everybody in some way now. I wonder if the “hoax” narrative is going to fall apart soon as more and more people see it’s for real.


  3. Condolences on your loss.

    I’ve had three extended family members get COVID-19. One old, one middle aged, one young. All recovered without special treatment as far as I know (no prescriptions etc.) I consider myself lucky; back in March I expected multiple family funerals in 2020.

    Cases like this emphasize how important it is to make policy decisions based on data, not emotion.


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