How Brent Detwiler Never Learned From the Sovereign Grace Ministry Scandal

The other day I saw how another individual who claimed to be against evangelical abuse support Donald Trump. Brent Detwiler thinking shows why evangelicalism is flawed, broken and can not be redeemed. Its part of a pattern of evangelical scandals that continues to happen. This blog would like to pose a question. If C.J. Mahaney could nominate a Supreme Court justice how would Brent Detwiler react? 

“When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.” 

Maya Angelou

Brent Detwiler

Brent Detwiler is known as being the whistle blower inside Sovereign Grace Ministers. He was the individual who tried to confront C.J. Mahaney over his hypocrisy and the problems inside Sovereign Grace. In the end he played a role in revealing the abuse, authoritarianism, and more. Later on he spoke about the sex abuse issue though that mostly came from the blog SGM Survivors. But he became vocal about abuse and Mahaney’s authoritarianism even after the scandal erupted publicly in 2011. But when it came to abuse from Sovereign Grace. I thought Brent Detwiler took abuse seriously. This blog learned otherwise yesterday.

Brent Detwiler Is Okay With Abuse From Donald Trump

On social media Brent Detwiler was explaining why he is supporting Donald Trump and pushing his dystopian speech. I have part of the discussion posted above which you can read. I was taken back. What about all the claims of abuse in Sovereign Grace over the years? I thought Brent Detwiler was opposed to abuse? Apparently all that matters is the issue of abortion. All the other abuse by Trump is acceptable and embraced. I posted a comment and it was deleted by Detwiler. But the lesson in all this is that from the entire Sovereign Grace Ministry scandal is that Brent Detwiler learned nothing. As I continue my journey away from faith Brent Detwiler is another reminder of how people of “faith” are ultimately frauds. 

Why Many Evangelicals Remain Lost and How Brent Detwiler and Like-minded Individuals Validate Atheism

I explained in another post why I have decided to reject evangelicalism. You can read that in, “Reflecting on My Decision to Reject Evangelical Christianity. Its Too Corrupt, Political and Intellectually Shallow.”  I first started to see this issue with former people I once knew from Sovereign Grace and it led me to push back from them. The sex abuse and other abuse issues inside Covenant Life Church or Sovereign Grace Fairfax were evil. Abuse is wrong and justice is important. Then in an about face when it came to Donald Trump the abuse didn’t matter. I was left scratching my head. If it was a teenager in a Sovereign Grace church it was wrong but when Trump abuses people it is fine. The hypocrisy was sickening. Then among some people I once knew from Mars Hill Seattle I noticed something similar. Mark Driscoll had anger problems and that was horrific. His temper was awful. But when it came to Donald Trump’s anger and abuse of people they were fine with it. Again I felt sick and severed some relationships. Then with Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago I heard about how crude James MacDonald was as a person.  I heard about his anger and more. However, after the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal I saw something that was greatly disturbing. I saw some of the people who spoke about MacDonald’s abuse equalize or minimize abuse by Donald Trump. When James MacDonald ridiculed and belittled a person in Rolling Meadows it was awful and wrong. When Donald Trump belittled or bullied someone it was fine. I found myself pulling back from a number of people from Harvest Bible Chapel and I felt sick. Last night Brent Detwiler is just the latest example and confirms the problems in this area. 

After experiencing this issue time and again from 2016 onward there are times I have wondered if it is worthwhile to write about these issues. And if instead I am just spinning my wheels and wasting time, when I can be doing other things. From many of the people up above I used to think highly of them and yet I have lost a lot of respect. Much of that has been lost and I no look at them as bitter people who were not against abuse after all. I mean if you were going to be against abuse it would be consistent would it not? In all situations? If Brent Detwiler really was against abuse he would be consistent would he not?

This writer who pushed back and rejected evangelicalism is largely on the long term path to becoming an atheist. As time passes I see nothing to cling to and instead see religion and faith as being absolutely ugly. For people like Brent Detwiler I think its fair to state that they are indeed lost. You see, here is the Gospel in a nutshell. Jesus suffered and died for a Supreme Court seat in Washington, D.C. And if I asked the people who posted some of the comments up above – the Nancy Voights, Lee Jones, and Nick Noppingers that is what they hands down would believe – though they will not admit it. As I am in the process of rejecting faith entirely I will say that as a younger person its the above behavior that is leading to the implosion of evangelicalism. And it couldn’t come sooner in my view. Faith is not beautiful – instead its ugly. If Dietrich Bonhoeffer could analyze or look at the beliefs of Brent Detwiler he would be mortified.  

What If C.J. Mahaney Could Nominate a Supreme Court Justice?

Is Brent Detwiler an opportunist? Is he someone that is bitter because he was forced out at Sovereign Grace? Here is another way to look at it. If abortion is the key issue here as it is often with other evangelicals I would like to ask this question. What if C.J. Mahaney could nominate someone to the United States Supreme Court? What would happen? Well, what would take place is that people like Brent Detwiler and others would be on their knees kissing Mahaney’s ass and singing his praise. That is all I need to know. Meanwhile while I continue my journey to be nothing spiritually people like Brent Detwiler and other like minded individuals don’t have the right or the means to preach to me. They don’t have the authority. And they have lost their platform. In the end people like Brent Detwiler is another reminder as to how toxic and backwards evangelicalism is. 

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  1. I would agree about your assessment of evangelicals and Donald Trump. However I think Christians should not vote at all. I wrote a post why I will not vote in December of 2019


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  3. It just goes to show God said this is my beloved son listen to him. We cant put christian leaders or politians above Jesus who died and rose from the dead for our sins.


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