Is This The Liberty Way? How a Pool Boy Had a Sexual Relationship With Becki Falwell While Jerry Falwell Jr Watched

This is the story of Giancarlo Granda and Jerry and Becki Falwell. Jerry allegedly liked to watch Becki Falwell have sex with a Hispanic male. On the eve of Reuters breaking this story Jerry Falwell Jr threw his wife under the bus in a statement to the Washington Examiner. This blog post asks the question how many lives were destroyed at Liberty University while Jerry Falwell Jr sat in the corner of the room watching his wife suck another man’s penis and perform sexually?

“Sincerity is the prime requisite in every approach to the God who . . . hates all hypocrisy, falsehood, and deceit.”

Jeffrey B Wilson

“I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being really good all the time. That would be hypocrisy.

Oscar Wilde

It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; 4 that each of you should learn to control your own body[a] in a way that is holy and honorable, 5 not in passionate lust like the pagans, who do not know God;

1 Thessalonian 4:3-5 NIV

Jerry Falwell Jr.

This afternoon my jaw dropped when I saw that Jerry Falwell Jr was trending at the top on Twitter. That is stunning when you think that the Republican National Convention is also starting as well. What had happened is that the affair that the Falwells had with a pool boy, Giancarlo Granda burst into the open. There is a lot of ground to cover in this post let’s start by looking at the sexual relationship between the Falwell’s and Giancarlo Granda. 


The Fontainbleau in Goldfinger in 1964.

The Falwell’s Sexual Relationship With Giancarlo Granda

The Fountainblue is a well known and famous hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. In the early 2000’s they underwent a billion dollar renovation. In this remodeled hotel there are 1,500 rooms, 11 restaurants and lounges, and a series of pools. One such pool is an adults-only, European-style, where females can sun-bath topless. The Fountainblue is where Elvis, John F Kennedy and  Frank Sinatra stayed when they visited Miami. Today its where you can see Lady Gaga or the Kardashians. The Fountainblue has also been the backdrop for Hollywood movies including the famous opening to Goldfinger when Sean Connery played James Bond. 

Giancarlo Granda  worked as a pool attendant at the Fontainebleau and that is where his paths crossed with the Falwells. According to the New York Times the Falwell’s were attracted to Granda. Giancarlo was working on a degree in finance from Florida International University. Soon he was hanging out with the Falwell’s in Virginia, New York and elsewhere. Jerry Falwell Jr assisted Granda in getting involved in Miami South Beach real estate with the acquiring of a hostel that was $34 million dollars in bankruptcy. The deal was finished in 2013 and financed by the Falwells. But the deal is much more than real estate. This afternoon Reuters broke the rest of the story. 

On the eve of the Reuters story Jerry Falwell Jr told his side to the Washington Examiner which I will get into below. The Falwells and Granada eventually had a falling out. According to Giancarlo Granda who told his story to Aram Raston of Reuters he had a sexual relationship with the Falwells for seven years from March of 2012 until well into 2018. it appears as if Jerry Falwell Jr was into watching his wife have sex with a Hispanic male. What Jerry Falwell Jr liked to do is sit in the corner and be fascinated with his wife performing sexually on Giancarlo Granda. There are questions that should be asked as to whether or not Jerry Falwell Jr liked to drink alcohol or if Jerry even masturbated to watching his wife have sex.  This blog doesn’t want any more details. To Reuters Giancarlo Granda showed emails, texts, and videos of the long relationship and sexual requests by the Falwells. The sexual experiences which happened multiple times a year occurred in Miami, New York and in the Jerry Falwell Jr home in Virginia. You can listen to one of those calls that Reuters released below. 


Becki Falwell speaking on family values with Lara Trump in 2019.

Jerry Falwell Jr Throws His Wife Under the Bus With the Washington Examiner 

On the eve of the Reuters story Jerry Falwell Jr tried to control the damage by releasing a statement to the Washington Examiner. In his statement Jerry Falwell Jr said that he was depressed and lost 80 lbs because his wife had an affair with a friend. In the process he threw his wife under the bus in an effort to try and save himself. Jerry Falwell Jr claimed to the Washington Examiner that his wife’s former lover threatened them and tried to extort them. The statement by Jerry Falwell Jr is below. 

My family has been blessed with the opportunity to serve Christ and our community over the past 50 years — from when my father founded Liberty in the early 1970’s through today. When my father suddenly passed away in 2007, I quickly and unexpectedly went from being the lawyer working in the background on the business aspects of the school to becoming a very public person, having to overcome my fears of speaking in front of audiences of tens of thousands, with many more responsibilities to the Liberty community and to my own family.

My priority was to build on my father’s vision and to work hard. Thanks to the help of the Board and the extraordinary Liberty faculty, executives, staff and community, we have ensured the University’s sustained growth and financial health while providing the best and most modern on-campus and online educational and spiritual resources to a wider range of students both in person and through digital platforms.

My commitment to Liberty became and has remained my primary focus — and while I am so grateful and thankful for our collective successes, I also realize in hindsight that there was a toll that this took on me, which extended to my family too. During this time of reflection for us and this especially challenging year, and even more so following the events of the past few weeks, my wife Becki and I agreed that this was the right time for me to share more of our story, because the Liberty community deserves to hear it directly from me and from us.

During a vacation over eight years ago, Becki and I met an ambitious young man who was working at our hotel and was saving up his money to go to school. We encouraged him to pursue an education and a career and we were impressed by his initiative in suggesting a local real estate opportunity. My family members eventually made an investment in a local property, included him in the deal because he could play an active role in managing it, and became close with him and his family.

Shortly thereafter, Becki had an inappropriate personal relationship with this person, something in which I was not involved — it was nonetheless very upsetting to learn about. After I learned this, I lost 80 pounds and people who saw me regularly thought that I was physically unwell, when in reality I was just balancing how to be most supportive of Becki, who I love, while also reflecting and praying about whether there were ways I could have been more supportive of her and given her proper attention. I came to realize that while it may be easy to judge others on their behavior, the King James Bible reminds us — “Thou shalt not commit adultery, but I sayeth unto you, that whoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her in his heart.” In fact, there are ways we may all be sinning, but the Lord believes in this self-reflection.

I was and have always remained fully devoted to Becki and we have shared many private conversations to better understand and support each other and to strengthen our marriage. Thankfully, our love has never been stronger. Becki and I forgave each other, because while her indiscretion may have been more obvious and apparent, I realized that there were important smaller things I needed to do better too.

In Ephesians 4:32 we learn — “Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving as God in Christ forgave you.”

We extended the spirit of forgiveness to this man with respect and kindness, both for spiritual and religious reasons, and in the hope that we could help him find his way and allow us to put this behind us, without any harm or embarrassment to our family or to the LU community to which we have dedicated our lives.

During the years that followed, we got to know his family and other loved ones, good people who also really care about him. They shared and confirmed to us that he has periodically demonstrated emotionally unstable behaviors with some destructive tendencies, seemingly in response to his inability to achieve his professional goals. Based on information from other sources, we believe that he may have targeted other successful women in similar ways.

While we tried to distance ourselves from him over time, he unfortunately became increasingly angry and aggressive. Eventually, he began threatening to publicly reveal this secret relationship with Becki and to deliberately embarrass my wife, family, and Liberty University unless we agreed to pay him substantial monies. While this was very upsetting, we had been advised by trusted legal counsel that it was best to maintain contact with this person, as we tried to manage his increasingly erratic behavior and unreasonable demands while extricating ourselves from him both on a personal level and from that real estate transaction.

It was like living on a roller coaster.

While completely dedicating ourselves to Liberty, we were also suffering in silence during our personal time together, while simultaneously trying to manage and deal with this increasingly threatening behavior, which only worsened over time. We were doing our best to respectfully unravel this ‘fatal attraction’ type situation to protect our family and the University.

Even years after the improper relationship had ended, this person continued to be aggressive with Becki and me in a variety of ways. We finally decided that we had to further withdraw completely from him, which resulted in him stepping up his threats to share more outrageous and fabricate claims about us (under the guise of that business entity). He clearly moved forward with this plan through a specific member of the media who has continued to badger us, as well as other members of the media, regarding the false claims about the nature of the relationship based on the individual’s misrepresentations. Over the course of the last few months this person’s behavior has reached a level that we have decided the only way to stop this predatory behavior is to go public.

We have categorically rejected this person’s demands while dealing with him and this particular member of the media who seemed just as obsessed with the prurient, untrue aspects of this story, however fantastic.

Even though I continued successfully working with our entire Liberty team to achieve so many of our goals, I am now dealing with things in a way that I should have done before — including seeking to address the emotional toll this has taken. I shouldn’t have been afraid to admit my vulnerabilities and to reach out for assistance from the mental health professionals who could have alleviated this pain and stress. I am committed to speaking out and sharing with others at Liberty the importance of seeking counseling instead of thinking you need to be tough and try to bear these burdens on your own. I am in the early stages of addressing these issues.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on thine own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will guide straight thy path.”

The trauma of this experience has brought us to a very challenging point in our lives, but we are strong, our faith in Christ is greater than ever, and with His help and with those in the community who we love and who appreciate the impact of forgiveness, we will get through this. We ask for your prayers and support.

According to Reuters they contacted Jerry Falwell Jr for comment before running their story and Falwell did not respond to the situation. 


Is Michael Cohen’s Upcoming Book What Forced This Affair Into the Open? 

This blog would like to ask another question. Is what is forcing this entire sordid affair to the surface something far deeper? Is it possible that Michael Cohen’s book is bringing this about? According to the New York Times it appears there were compromising photos of the Falwells that were taken that were leaked. Michael Cohen who was President Trump’s fixer and who handled damage control got involved. Tom Arnold shared this information with the Times you can read this for yourself below.  

“There’s a bunch of photographs, personal photographs, that somehow the guy ended up getting — whether it was off of Jerry’s phone or somehow maybe it got AirDropped or whatever the hell the whole thing was,” Mr. Cohen told Mr. Arnold in the recording, which Mr. Arnold shared with The Times. Mr. Cohen never identified “the guy.”

“These are photos between husband and wife,” Mr. Cohen added, joking that “the evangelicals are kinkier than Tom Arnold.” He explained, “I was going to pay him, and I was going to get the negatives and do an agreement where they turn over all the technology that has the photographs or anything like that, any copies.”

But the payoff “never happened,” he said, “and the guy just either deleted them on his own or what have you.”

The person close to the Falwells said that Mr. Cohen was neither their lawyer nor their fixer, and that they had not been aware of “his alleged actions regarding photographs” until parts of the recording were released.

On September 8, 2020 Michael Cohen is releasing his tell all book called, “Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.” This is a book where Michael Cohen reveals his role in covering up criminal or embarrassing situations for President Trump and other individuals. Michael Cohen himself says that he knows where the bodies are buried.  For example in his forward that was released recently he wrote about how he arranged all deals including the golden showers,  or the prostitutes who urinated before President Trump in Las Vegas inside a deviant sex club. 

The question to be asked, is does Jerry Falwell Jr know this book is coming on September 8, 2020? Does he know that his sexual lifestyle and other indiscretions are coming forward? Is this an attempt or an effort to try and do damage control to cast himself in a different light? Does Falwell know that his days are numbered and is this book going to play a role into when people learn how Michael Cohen tried to fix or intimidate people he and Becki Falwell had sexual affairs with? This blog and others will find out shortly. September 8, 2020 is not far away.  


Analysis and Concluding Thoughts 

This blog started to write about Liberty  and Jerry Falwell Jr when it was asked to look into the troubled evangelical university. To this day one of this blog’s sources suddenly went silent and I often wonder what happened? Was this person threatened or face the prospect of losing student aid because of comments made on social media? This blog has a lot of respect for this person and wishes them the best. But as the damage from Jerry Falwell Jr goes viral there is much more damage that will come in the days, weeks and years to come. 

How many students at Liberty were expelled or forced out because they had a normal and healthy sexual encounter with a boyfriend or girlfriend in a nearby hotel or motel? How many people snitched on people and they lost everything and walked away with nothing but student loan debt? How many people got into trouble for looking at regular adult pornography? Granted a degree from Liberty is worthless in the view of this blog. The most you can do with it is wipe your ass at the end of the day. But how many people who had normal and healthy sexual encounters face discipline or punishment? And beyond that how many faced punishment for alcohol alone? How many countless lives were destroyed at Liberty and by Liberty under the leadership of Jerry Falwell Jr while he sat in a corner and watched his wife Becki give a blow job and perform sexually on a another male? Now this blog doesn’t care who fucks who. What is sad is the strict rules that Liberty enforced that Jerry Falwell Jr didn’t believe in and ignored. If this was a secular university an affair or sexual encounter would not matter as much. But this is a place that tightly controlled the behavior of others. 

The other point this blog would like to raise is how Jerry Falwell Jr and Becki Falwell are predators. Consider they sought out a sexual relationship with someone thirty years younger than themselves. That is not an indiscretion, that is an act of preying on someone for other purposes. The Falwells used Giancarlo Granda and they manipulated him. At the tender age of 20 they used him. How sick and twisted is that? 

The writer of this blog is done with evangelicalism and crap like this is part of the reason why. The hypocrisy in this situation is so searing and troubling it begs the question, do evangelicals have a conscious or a soul? Do they care about their faith they claim to peddle? This blog was born out of an incident from spiritual abuse from a former Sovereign Grace Church here in the Washington, D.C. area. I saw the BS with Redeemer Arlington and C.J. Mahaney. I saw the BS with Mark Driscoll. And I saw the BS with Liberty University as well. This blog wrote about Liberty when other watch blogs would not claiming they did not want to get into politics. Christian nationalism sadly is an issue today though I wish it were not. This blog wrote 40 articles often when some of the other blogs would avoid issues with Liberty University. Its not fun and there are many other things in life that I would prefer to do. But the fact is that this blog hung with it and in the end was validated by writing about my concerns. Yes it may have alienated a few people and upset others. But the fact remains that one has to be consistent. Other blogs were not and are written more out of narcissism and building a following and getting ratings. That is not how this blog operates. This blog writes and performs analysis and follows the facts where ever they may lead.  So its sad to be right and it brings me no happiness in the end. Situations like this are troubling and depressing. But I take comfort in knowing that I am out of the evangelical circus and avoid people who still think Liberty is a place of honor and respect. Liberty University deserves no respect in the end. My next post about Liberty is going to look at the issue did Jerry Falwell Jr resign? There is too much conflicting information in the media to include and write about this topic in today’s blog post.  

12 thoughts on “Is This The Liberty Way? How a Pool Boy Had a Sexual Relationship With Becki Falwell While Jerry Falwell Jr Watched

  1. The writer of this blog is done with evangelicalism and crap like this is part of the reason why.

    Good news: evangelicalism also rejects crap like this.

    You can take the blogger out of evangelicalism, but you can’t take the evangelicalism out of the blogger. 🙂

    It is sad to learn that yet another person has succumbed to sexual sin. This is why we need to not elevate individuals to a high pedestal, but keep our focus on Christ.


      • Keep on mind… jesus didn’t come but for sinners.

        Glad to know that jesus didn’t come for you, cuz you are sinless.

        According to Roman’s 5:20, the law was given SO THAT sin would INCREASE… not decrease. Why? So that grace would actually mean something significant.

        Those who have MANY sins, will love jesus more than those with few sins.

        Jesus said that.

        You can’t love jesus at all, cuz you are self righteous. You have no sin. Both you and jesus are sinless.

        Who will you die for?

        Ed Chapman


  2. Dude, please! I’m a veteran of the US Navy. The actions of Jerry and his wife is nothing compared to what sailors, both Male and female, as well as wives of deployed sailors have done.

    Didn’t jesus hang out with a prostitute?

    You act like you are so self righteous, it makes me want to puke. Your self righteousness is worse than the worst sin that the Falwells could ever dream of.

    Do you know the verse that jesus talks about regarding that if you’ve ever looked at a woman in lust that you are guilty of adultery?

    Do you even know as to why jesus would say such a thing?

    The reason: No one is innocent of adultery. That’s why.

    Just in: Wife Becki has denied Jerry’s involvement. That was on the news a moment ago.

    Bottom line… you are jusy as guilty of what is alleged against the Falwell’s, but you are just too ignorant to realize it.

    I loathe self righteous people such as you!

    Ed Chapman


  3. it appears as if Jerry Falwell Jr was into watching his wife have sex with a Hispanic male. What Jerry Falwell Jr liked to do is sit in the corner and be fascinated with his wife performing sexually on Giancarlo Granda.

    The actual meaning of the word “cuck”.
    Originating in Pornography (naturally) with a side of racism, a “cuck” originally meant a White man who gets off on watching his White wife screw non-White men. And since “pool boy” is Hispanic (i.e. non-White)…

    And I’ve been hearing snarky speculation about whether Junior did more than watch. Like take a few turns on Pool Boy himself. (After all, Junior has bragged that his dick is so big his wife can’t handle it.)

    The other point this blog would like to raise is how Jerry Falwell Jr and Becki Falwell are predators. Consider they sought out a sexual relationship with someone thirty years younger than themselves.

    AKA the Cuck and the Cougar.

    “Visibly younger than MEEEE” is a common target profile for aging predators both straight and gay. (Which is why Epstein’s Island did a bang-up business.) This way they can convince themselves “I’M YOUNG! I’M YOUNG! I’M YOUNG! REALLY! I AM!”

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. I’m not sure why there is the fierce debate over judgement when Jerry Jr ruined many, many lives with his draconian rules. Can we talk about how tuition from Liberty was used to create his real estate empire? Anyway, I’m only writing because I don’t think we should be calling twenty year olds who have sex with older people for money “prey,” Granda knew exactly what he was doing, got a multimillion dollar investment out of it and things only soured when the money dried up. They are all messy.


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