The EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas Area Announce Financial Gifts to Other Ministries During the COVID-19 Pandemic. This Blog Would Like to Ask, What About Those Outside the Evangelical Church Walls?

Recently during the COVID-19 pandemic the EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas area announced financial gifts that were being given to a number of ministries. While the giving is encouraging this blog would like to raise the question…what about to those suffering outside of evangelicalism? Is it possible for Christ Community Church to reach beyond the church walls?

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank

All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.

Proverbs 21:26 NIV

Indicators of a pandemic 

Tom Nelson and Nathan Miller of Christ Community Church speaking about church life during COVID-19

The other day Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas area announced some of the financial gifts they are giving during the COVID-19 pandemic. These gifts came as the result of additional giving and on top of planned generosity. This blog which has found itself writing about COVID-19 and evangelicalism has also written a few articles about how the EFCA has responded to COVID-19. You can read those in, “What EFCA West and the North Central District are Recommending When it Comes to Re-opening Churches During the COVID-19 Pandemic” and “What Tim Jacobs is Advising EFCA West Churches in Preparing for Financial Challenges From the COVID-19 Recession.” In addition this blog did a post about how Reach Global worked to prepare EFCA churches for the COVID-19 pandemic in, “A Look at the EFCA’s ReachGlobal Crisis Response and and How the EFCA is Engaging in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preparing Churches.”

So as Christ Community Church announced these financial gifts this blog wanted to capture and document it. There is one question I would like to propose to Christ Community Church. While I think its noble to give financial gifts inside evangelicalism what about to those outside of evangelicalism? This blog wonders how a church can be expected to reach the world if it mostly preaches to the choir and doesn’t go beyond that? This is one of the issues that I see with evangelicalism is that it is too insular. While praising God are they also ignoring the suffering of those on the outside of the walls? This is an honest question that this blog would like to ask. And in no way does that intend to diminish or downplay financial gits to others in need inside evangelicalism. Because that is impressive. 

Dear Christ Community,

We are so grateful for you and your partnership in the gospel! It’s been easy these past few months to feel discouraged. It’s hard being apart, and if you’re anything like us, we wonder sometimes if God is still at work. Is the mission of the church continuing to move forward?

At Christ Community we sometimes summarize our mission with “three multiplyings:” multiplying churches, multiplying disciples, and multiplying leaders. Although that work looks a bit different right now, we want to celebrate with you how God is indeed at work.

You are such a generous congregation. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, political unrest, and economic uncertainty, God continues to use you in accomplishing His mission. As a result of your generosity, not only have we been able to meet the needs of our church, we’ve been able to give over and above to our outreach partners and other outreach organizations during this time of need.

These partner gifts are over and above our annual budgeted amounts.

  • $50,000: additional outreach partner gifts. So far, distribution has been as follows:
    • $5,000: Shyira Diocese Rwanda for food insecurity
    • $4,000: Christian Fellowship Baptist Church for online service equipment and hand sanitizing stations
    • $2,000: Fellowship of Christian Athletes – City Center
    • $2,500 to purchase computers for a local ministry serving recently released prisoners as they seek to get back on their feet.
    • Distribution of remaining funds will be determined by our teams
  • $10,000: Reach Global to assist struggling churches within our denomination
  • $10,000: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to continue training up church leaders
  • $10,000: City Church (led by Pastor Tyler Chernesky, former resident and pastor at our Downtown Campus) for church planting in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • $10,000: King’s Cross (led by Pastor Paul Brandes, former resident and pastor at our Brookside Campus) for church planting in Sterling, Kansas.
  • CarePortal donations since April 2020: Money and goods given directly to/for individuals through the CarePortal system
    • 29 requests met
    • 71 children served
    • $21,017 economic impact
  • $23,000: benevolence needs within our own church family
  • We’re also exploring opportunities with Westside Housing in and around downtown to support affordable, safe, and sustainable housing for the economically vulnerable in our city.

What a joy it is to be able to celebrate these things with you and to see God at work together through His church. Thank you for your generosity.


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