Jordan Kauflin Speaks of Worship While Ignoring the Issue of Spiritual Abuse

Recently at Christ Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia Jordan Kauflin discussed the issue of modern trends of worship and the issues with them. In the video Jordan Kauflin not talk about worship in the context of spiritual abuse. Its why this video is problematic and flawed and not to be taken seriously. A person who enabled spiritual abuse contributes to the problem when they fail to acknowledge their shortcomings. When they fail to rectify it it contributes to abuse. Its why videos like this are flawed.

“Worship is the highest elevation of the spirit, and yet the lowliest prostration of the soul.” 

Charles Spurgeon

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
bring an offering and come before him.
Worship the Lord in the splendor of his[a] holiness.

1 Chronicles 16:29 NIV

Jordan Kauflin leading worship 

There is something that I see frequently when writing about difficult situations that simply amazes me. And this is being raised from someone who once was an evangelical. Its the talk of worship while ignoring the effects or the ways that people play in spiritual abuse. Let me use a recent video from Christ Covenant Church, a 9 Marks church in Atlanta, Georgia to make my point. 


Jordan Kauflin’s Cognitive Dissonance on Worship

Recently Jordan Kauflin did a video with Jason Dees and Matt Papa of Christ Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia. They discussed worship and the differences in worship. This blog would encourage you to watch the video up above. What I can’t comprehend in such a video is the serious talk of worship and ignoring the pain and damage left in their wake when it comes to spiritual abuse. How can someone lead worship with out acknowledging their role in abuse? Who is being fooled?  Jordan Kauflin’s father was an enabler of C.J. Mahaney when it came to Sovereign Grace Ministries. He supported an abusive organization and allowed it to function. Now his son Jordan is doing the same thing. Whether it be my abuse mess from Redeemer Arlington which came from a leader there, to continuing to run. How can anyone give a serious talk about worship when they enabled or engaged in abuse. Here is another way to look at it. Can you imagine someone who raped someone then turning around and doing a video about how one should date?  Can you imagine Ted Bundy after all his rapes doing a video offering pointers on dating and relationships? It would be sick and problematic. And hat is what I see in these kinds of situations. As such one cannot take seriously the above video as it exists. 

Now if Jordan Kauflin acknowledged how he made the mess worse or had an understanding in what he contributed to and showed some remorse THEN I could see a video like the one above being made. What he should also do at various times is address the topic of worship after the issue of spiritual abuse. In situations like that it would be far healthier. But what one sees above is quite toxic and in the end no one is being fooled. What comes across instead is that worship is a business with money to be made. In the end all that matters is that money to be made. The lost opportunities to bring peace and closure are disturbing and just don’t make sense for a person who understands theology and the Bible. Even after washing out one can still have a knowledge of what they read or once believed and behavior like you see in above videos can only contribute to the pain. And that is why Jordan Kauflin should not be taken seriously as a worship leader or pastor. I don’t care how talented he is. I don’t care that he played a role in writing some of the most remembered songs from Sovereign Grace Ministries with his father Bob Kauflin. Actions speak louder than words in the end and his lack of actions must be remembered. If those considering Jordan Kauflin for any speaking or ministry experiences want to speak with this blog author I am willing to do so. All you have to do is email me. 

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