The Alleged Story of Jacob Cutler and Statutory Rape and Other Criminal Allegations Inside the Eleven Twelve Ministry at North Coast Church

This is a disturbing story that comes out of the Eleven Twelve Ministry of North Coast Church in Vista, California. This is the story of “Jenna.” Its the story of an alleged statutory rape and corruption of a minor by a student leader who acted inappropriately with a minor as defined by California law. This is the sad story of Jacob Cutler and the alleged crimes that took place and his plea to “Jenna” to stay silent on what occurred.  This is a hard story to tell but this blog believes “Jenna” after speaking and listening to her and what allegedly happened. 

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”    

Norman Schwarzkppf

 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21 NIV

Jacob Cutler

In the winter of 2011 the magazine of the EFCA called EFCA Today did a story about the top risks which can exist for a church. The most serious risk deals with sexual predators and volunteers who are not screened properly. You can read that article in, “Top 10 Risks.”  This current post about the Eleven Twelve Ministry at North Coast Church and an alleged statutory rape and the corruption of  a minor is hard to write. Posts such as this one which deal with sexual abuse or similar issues in varying degrees are hard to stomach. In writing this post this blog had a long conversation with a person who reached out and detailed to me what had allegedly happened to her. Sexual abuse and misconduct is a major issues inside evangelicalism and sadly when stories like this come forward this blog believes them. Jacob Cutler has been discussed on the Instagram account called @northcoastchurchabuse. 

North Coast Church‘s Eleven Twelve Ministry is successful by all outside appearances at this well known EFCA church in the San Diego area. But how an alleged sex crime was handled showed the struggle of abuse inside both modern evangelicalism and an EFCA church. What North Coast did was to encourage people to become leaders in the ministry. They attended the North Coast School of Ministry in preparation for ministry at North Coast Church. There were some individuals who never should have become leaders, or when red flags raised, North Coast allegedly ignored them. This post is going to look at one such individual who keeps popping up on the Instagram page. Jacob Cutler grew up inside North Coast Church. With some he was seen as outgoing and popular. Others have said that he had a reputation for being sleazy and flirty. On the Instagram page there is a story about Jacob allegedly engaging in workplace sexual harassment at a Southern California In-N-Out Burger. In addition he also worked at The Wave which is a water park in the San Diego area. At North Coast Church Jacob eventually became a student leader inside the Eleven Twelve Ministry.

As I stated in the intro to this post, this blog spoke with someone who shared their story of an alleged statutory rape and being coerced into a sexual act by Jacob Cutler inside the Eleven Twelve Ministry. Here is what happened. “Jenna” was a young adult inside Eleven Twelve at the age of 15 or 16 in 2015/2016. Jacob Cutler would allegedly hit up younger girls inside the ministry and had a reputation for being outgoing. As a student leader inside North Coast Church he spoke about his commitment to sexual purity and was shown to be a model. He allegedly boasted of not being sexually active with his girlfriend and had signed a dating contract at North Coast Church to be pure.  However, the truth is much more troubling. Inside evangelicalism people have the ability to compartmentalize disturbing or troubling behavior.  This blog has heard about this in the past with other church stories, and that allegedly comes out in this story as well. Inside Eleven Twelve Jacob who was held up as a model in ministry leadership did so while allegedly preying on younger females below the legal age of California.

“Jenna” doesn’t know how Jacob obtained her contact information. But after Jacob obtained her personal contact data he started to reach out to her frequently.  Remember at the time of this story Jacob was 18 at the time and “Jenna” was 16. The messages became sexual very quickly as Jacob allegedly engaged in sexting. Jacob allegedly asked “Jenna” to submit nude pictures of herself to Jacob.  And Jacob allegedly sent pictures of himself nude. One day Jacob allegedly recorded a video of himself masturbating and then sent it to “Jenna.” This behavior went on for several weeks. “Jenna” didn’t know what to do as she was impressionable and young. Jacob pressured her to meet with him and while “Jenna” was nervous she  reluctantly agreed to do so.  She met Jacob in a car in front of his house. What Jacob allegedly did was coerce and pressure “Jenna” to perform oral sex on him until ejaculation. “Jenna” views herself as being naive at that age and being young. Jacob had taken advantage of her age for sexual purposes.  “Jenna” learned that Jacob allegedly engaged in psychological manipulation and other predatory behavior with minors inside the Eleven Twelve Ministry of North Coast Church. He engaged in this behavior even though he had a girlfriend.

Jacob had spread rumors about “Jenna” inside Eleven Twelve. And leadership soon learned about it. Jacob’s girlfriend confronted “Jenna” about the oral sex as she heard it from Jacob and others inside the ministry. Jacob’s small group confronted him during an accountability session and his response was “hand’s went places they shouldn’t  have.” That is all he shared inside the accountability group. Jacob approached “Jenna” and pleaded with her to stay silent on his alleged sexting pictures and the video of himself masturbating. Jacob pleaded for her to not tell the truth of what happened. David Garcia, the youth pastor who later had the distinction inside North Coast  of allegedly having an affair with a student while his wife was pregnant called up “Jenna’s” mom. David Garcia shamed “Jenna” and put the blame of the incident on her. North Coast did not contact the police when they realized sexual crimes against a minor had taken place. “Jenna” thought the police would be contacted because of the age difference in regards to California law. Instead what happened is that  “Jenna” was shamed and rumors were spread about her being a “temptress” of student leadership. People dropped “Jenna” and avoided her. “Jenna” in discussing this situation with this blog explained to me that she believes the treatment of her came about due to theology at North Coast. Eve was responsible for Adam’s sin, and got Adam to fall. Thus it was assumed by the church that “Jenna” got the Adam in this situation (Jacob) to fall. But another tragedy is that it led to “Jenna” being shamed by her Mom. After the statutory rape situation “Jenna’s” Mom approached her and said, “you know you’re not allowed to be making out with men in cars right? “Jenna’s Mom was more embarrassed that this situation took place than in supporting her daughter who was the victim in an alleged crime. So in the end “Jenna” was shamed at home both by her church and her Mom. It led to her internalizing the shame which led to a long time for her to unpack what had happened to herself.


Can Someone Email This Blog the Dating Contract People Had to Sign in Eleven Twelve? 

This blog is hearing about how student leaders had to sign a dating contract. Can people speak to this below in this post? Also can someone who was once involved in North Coast Church’s Eleven Twelve Ministry email me a copy so I can study and analyze i?  I am very intrigued about the fine print of this dating contract. If you can my email address is 


Two Alleged Crimes in this North Coast Church Story

In reflecting over this situation that “Jenna” told this blog it appears as if two crimes have allegedly been committed in this tragic story.  Those two crimes are statutory rape and the corruption of a minor.

  1. The statutory rape allegation comes when a female was allegedly psychologically manipulated do an act of oral sex against her desire. The age difference is what makes this statutory  rape. “Jenna” was a minor whereas Jacob Cutler was defined as an adult by California law.
  2. The second alleged crime is the corruption of a minor.  Sending sexually explicit images and even a video of a person masturbating to an underage individual would also be illegal. Many states view this as corruption of a minor.

“Jenna” believes that more situations of abuse and predatory behavior will come forward given the culture inside Eleven Twelve. That is the reason why this blog is telling this story. This blog is asking people to report any sexual crimes to the police. Let the police investigate and handle the alleged criminality. North Coast Church does not have the resources or skill sets to handle sex abuse or predatory behavior inside an organization. And in California it appears as if  statute of limitations when it comes to sex crimes has been extended. 


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