North Coast Church and Nathan Williams Warped Use of the Word Slander and the Inconvenience of Abuse

Nathan Williams criticizes those who are speaking out about their abuse from North Coast Church. His comments at the Instagram account deserves a response which is what this post is all about.  Instead of criticize and rebuke those who speak out and saying they are slandering the church Williams should grieve and mourn that the abuse happened. This post also looks at how toxic churches use the word slander in a warped way. 

“To those who abuse: the sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators: blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest.

Flora Jessop

Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.

1 John 5:12 NIV

Worship at North Coast Church

Nathan Williams YouTube account. 

Many stories of abuse and a toxic culture from Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church in Vista, California continue to emerge from an Instagram account called @northcoastchurchabuse. Recently there was a comment that was made by Nathan Williams who is known as the @theshreditbro. You can see a video from his YouTube account above. Below is a comment that Nathan Williams made about some of the stories being posted at Instagram. Please read his comment and then this blog will respond to what Nathan is saying below.

I found this page last night and as I read through I felt sick to my stomach. I proceeded to spend the rest of the night unable to sleep as I laid restless. NOT because of what I was reading, but because someone felt self righteous enough to go on a spree of slandering a church that has done its best to grow, develop, teach, and mentor the youth in a biblical fashion. Have they been perfect? Of course not. Have some feelings been hurt over the years? I’m sure. When you reach as many students as this church does it’s literally inevitable. But to the person(people) running this page, what if we made a page about every single thing you did wrong, and every person you hurt got a chance to share their experience. That wouldn’t be right either, and chances are you’ve grown past those mistakes because of the grace you were shown in life. As someone who has personally been hurt by a church, I can say this is not the right way to go about this. Of course I will only be counted as one of your many “oppositions” in your “fight for justice” or whatever, but not saying anything gave me such a lack of peace. And to anyone who might take a few seconds to read this… yes churches make mistakes, that’s the sad reality of being human in this world, we all say and do things that we shouldn’t. But Jesus Christ IS perfect and as Christians our desire is to live, serve, and love him and others with our entire life. Mistakes included☺️ anyway this might get deleted or maybe not but I already feel so much better about posting this. Jesus is saddened by the hurt each one of you have gone through. And he is also saddened by the slander that is taking place on his beautiful bride the church. Alright well I’ll continue to pray for you all, and for this page. 😌🙏🏽

So after reading that are you ready to get started?


Is it Slander to Talk About Sexual Abuse? 

Slander is one of the most abused words in evangelicalism. In toxic church stories it comes up frequently. A few years ago this blog did a post about the word slander which I will link into this section. But before doing so let ms ask some questions. 

Is it is slander to speak about a sex crime against a child? No…

Is it slander to talk about toxic culture? No…

Is it slander to raise concerns about the direction or health of a  ministry  or church? No…

When people use the word slander they are confirming the toxicity of a church. When the word slander is raised it means that truth is being spoken and in a toxic environment it can’t be dealt with. So people pull out the slander card. It’s a warped way of looking at things and happens when people are caught up in a toxic environment of alternative facts. Many parts of evangelicalism are about alternative facts. For me it shows how awry these places are because evangelicals cling to alternative facts. For many it is a coping mechanism when it comes to being faced with the truth. So when I read Nathan Williams use the word slander what one needs to understand is that he can’t handle the truth of the stories emerging from North Coast Church. That is not the problem of those who are posting them or those running the Instagram account. Its a problem that rests with Larry Osborne, Chris Hilken and the rest of the staff who has helped make this toxic culture and can’t face it. To read more about slander you can read the following post, “What is Gossip? What is Slander? Addressing the Issue of Bitterness; Finally the Word Bitter will be Banned at The Wondering Eagle.” 


When Your Identity Is Tied to a Toxic Church

Nathan Williams is a person who has his identity tied up with North Coast Church. Now in the context of evangelical theology one could say that since Nathan is getting his identity from North Coast Church over Christ that North Coast is his idol. Its the god that he is worshiping. That is what happens in these situations. People are wrapped around a church and attach their identity to it. When a scandal breaks out, as it has with North Coast Church, people who are closely tied to the church then feel threatened. Its a toxic trade off but its a common one that happens in modern evangelicalism. Trade your soul for your  community and modern worship and then defend it effortlessly. Go out on a limb at attack the victims. Nathan Williams did all this at the Instagram account. My advice to the Instagram account is to brace yourself long term for this kind of behavior. Its expected and will happen regularly in such toxic church situations.  


People are Growing, Developing, Teaching….So Abuse is Fine 

Stories about abuse from North  Coast Church reveal how priorities are misguided and backwards. You would think that a person’s safety and well being would be the first priority. But in a toxic environment like North Coast Church that comes second. What North Coast Church is about is numbers and business as that is the bottom line. This is a lucrative business and its about making money. By the way while I am at it this blog is asking, is Larry Osborne’s or Chris Hilken’s salary information available to the church? In some congregational models of church government that information is readily available. If someone can find out this blog would be grateful because that can add more to the story. If Larry Osborne is making some obscene salary then you can better understand why his policy is to ignore the Instagram abuse account. But getting back to the subject since the focus is on numbers then people come second. When people are reduced to numbers that is how sexual abuse and sex crimes are tolerated and downplayed. In this model people don’t amount to any intrinsic value except in the making of money. In this context abuse is fine and is tolerated as the greater good is more important. When Nathan Williams points out that people are being discipled, the church is growing, etc… what he is basically doing is standing in front of the Instagram account with a sneer and giving them the middle finger. The business must continue at all costs. People be damned. 


Redefining the Victim and Turning the Table And Wanting Victims to Stay Silent 

Nathan Williams does something that is quite toxic in these kind of church situations. He is redefining the victim and turning the tables. By his behavior he is also perpetuating in abuse in attacking and questioning the people at the Instagram account. He’s not saying, “Oh God that abuse is awful this needs to stop”  or “My heart is broken for what you endured.” No in his mind now the church is the victim because people are speaking up. Evangelicals like Nathan Williams are sick puppies. You have to be pretty sick to support a system like this. Instead he says that those who dealt with abuse  should not be speaking openly. He attacks their motives in what they are saying. What Nathan Williams wants people to do is to stay silent. Suffer in silence because its too inconvenient for him to face the facts. He is speaking out against the Instagram account because its too problematic for him.  Ignorance is bliss and how he wants to his faith to be. He doesn’t want to face the facts and instead keep his head deep in the sand. Its troubling and disturbing that this is a man of faith who is choosing to act this way. But more on that in a second.


What Should Make it Hard for Nathan Williams to Sleep at Night

In his Instagram post Nathan Williams said that he was unable to sleep. Not because of what he was reading but because of the slander taking place. This blog is going to call out the evangelical faith of Nathan Williams and say that it amounts to BS. What a fraud and what a huckster. The women coming forward and posting their stories have more balls than Nathan because they have more courage. What should make Nathan angry and unable to sleep at night is that this abuse even happened at North Coast Church. He should toss and turn in bed over the fact that North Coast mismanaged situations like David Garcia and Jacob Cutler. He should be hugging a toilet and vomiting that sex crimes were committed and the church didn’t go to the police. No in the warped faith of Nathan Williams people don’t matter. In many evangelical circles they warn about gays, sex, regular porn, etc. and talk about how they harm faith. But what does it amount to when you have an active going individual who speaks of his faith and still is miles off? I mean what bothers me is that I even have to write this post. And before I am questioned I am intimately familiar with spiritual abuse. Those who want to know my story can do so in, “Unless You Experience Spiritual Abuse Then You Won’t Understand How Painful it is.” But what should keep Nathan Williams up at night and trouble him is the abuse that has happened and that North Coast Church still can’t or won’t acknowledge it. As someone who has pushed back from evangelicalism what I find repulsive is not the people posting their stories on Instagram. Instead its the behavior of Nathan Williams who gives credibility to atheism in how he is choosing to respond. That is all that I have to say about this matter. But when I read his comments on Instagram this blog wanted to respond to what he communicated. 

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  1. It’s not a “Warped” use of the word.
    It’s the standard Abusive ManaGAWD definition, Weaponized for use against his victims and to stir up his congregation/Base.


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