Outside Milwaukee Elmbrook School District Plans Re-Opening While Some White Evangelicals State that Face Masks Are Satanic. Will Face Masks be the Next Satanic Panic?

A school district in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin decides to re-open but mandates face masks. In a contentious public hearing a white evangelical stands up and proclaims how face masks and social distancing are from Satan. For white evangelicals are face masks going to be the next Satanic panic? This situation also comes as overwhelming majority in Wisconsin’s largest mega church are upset about mandatory face mask requirements. 

“Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself.

FDR in 1932

Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and of spirit, making holiness perfect in the fear of God.

2 Corinthians 7:1 NLT

Elmbrook School District votes for in-person learning.

The other day someone shared something with me that I found troubling. It bothered me because it happened in my old stomping grounds of Milwaukee.  It has to do with white evangelicals and face masks and has implications in many ways.


Elmbrook School District Vote and a White Evangelical Heidi Anderson’s Comments on Face Masks

The Elmbrook School District is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. This is in the Milwaukee suburbs. The Elmbrook School District serves the communities of Brookfield, Elm Grove and a part of New Berlin. Elmbrook School District at one point used to use Elmbrook Church for all graduation ceremonies. Elmbrook Church is the largest mega church in Wisconsin. However a lawsuit from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State ended graduation ceremonies inside Elmbrook Church. The Supreme Court eventually declined an appeal. As of this writing school graduations are not being held inside Elmbrook Church. 

On August 11, 2020 the Elmbrook School District voted to re-open to in-person learning. The school district will be open for five days a week. The decision came after a lively debate for three and a half hours by the public before school board members. As a part of re-opening students are required to wear face masks. Social distancing will also be enforced. Its a mix of full in person learning verses going full virtual. Parents are being given the option to make decisions about in person or virtual learning. But a member of the Elmbrook School Board acknowledges that people are going to get sick. “There is no perfect solution. People are going to get sick. They are going to spread it,” said Glen Allgaier.

During this discussion and open hearing about re-opening the schools white evangelical Heidi Anderson dominated some of the debate. Representing white evangelicalism Heidi went to the microphone and proclaimed that social distancing is from Satan and its origins are pagan. She also claimed that face masks are Satanic. This is what she proclaimed to the school board. “Six-foot distance and wearing masks are pagan rituals of satanic worshipers,” said parent Heidi Anderson. “My kids are Christian they are not subject to wearing masks.” If you want to read more you can do so here and here


For White Evangelicals are Face Masks Going to be Satanic Panic 2.0? Will it be Led by Heidi Anderson of the Brookfield, Wisconsin Area? 

The Satanic panic’s roots go back to the 1970’s when evangelical fear took root. In 1972 “The Satan Seller” was published by Mike Warnke. Warnke claimed that he was a high priest in the Church of Satan who found Jesus and converted and then eventually established a counter cult organization. Warnke gave rise to the claim that he was involved in ritualistic sexual orgies and gave presentations and spoke about the experience at churches and music festivals. Evangelicals drank it up faster than an alcoholic can reach for liquor. Much of this grew out of Southern California and other alleged former Satanists came forward to warn about the movement and spoke about their conversion to Christ. Included were John Todd, Hershel Smith and David Hanson. John Todd was supported by Jack Chick who created evangelism pamphlets. During this time mass murders by people such as John Wayne Gacy in Chicago, Zodiac Killer in San Francisco and Northern California, Ted Bundy in Florida and David Berkowitz in New York City also played on people’s fears.

In the 1980’s claims of ritualistic sexual abuse began to feed the concerns over Satanism.  Books like “Michelle Remembers” by a Canadian psychiatrist fueled further fears of Satanic abuse. It led to suggestions of false memories leading to false accusations.  Copycat books soon followed. During this period a panic in Kern County, California led to social workers reporting on ritual abuse and the county prosecuting a number of people. At least 26 people went to prison on unfounded allegations, and many of them were later overturned. People gave false testimony and were coached into naming crimes that didn’t happen. This also led to assertions about pre-schools being locations for Satanic ritual abuse. It actually led to the longest, and most expensive trial in California history – the McMartin Preschool case. Allegations came forward about satanic abuse that took place underground in a Manhattan Beach, California preschool. Kee MacFarlene who had a shady past and was not professionally licensed in psychiatryled the investigation. MacFarlene’s team claimed that out of 400 children 359 were sexually abused. It led to 321 counts of child abuse against seven workers at the McMartin Preschool. The case lasted from 1983 until 1990. Eventually all were acquitted of ritualistic sexual abuse. Shortly after the McMartin Preschool trial ended Cornerstone magazine did an expose on Mike Warnke and after two years of research found that he had fabricated his claims. He was not involved in Satanism and manufactured the allegations and profited off them. You can read more about that here. This blog wants to point out that after thirty years of Warnke being revealed as a fraud evangelicals are still buying his book off Amazon and leaving glowing reviews. If you would like to read more about the Satanic panic Vox did a good article about it in, “The history of Satanic Panic in the US — and why it’s not over yet.” Also Gizmodo wrote about the history of the panic as well in, “A Brief History Of “Satanic Panic” In The 1980s.”

Vox implies in its article that we’re due for another Satanic panic and this blog would like to ask, will people like Heidi Anderson lead the way? I have noticed that some evangelicals are describing face masks in a pandemic in Satanic terms and description. I was troubled to see in my old stomping ground in Wisconsin how Heidi Anderson claimed tat face masks and social distancing are Satanic. This blog is curious to know where Heidi Anderson attends church. The largest and most influential church in Brookfield is Elmbrook which has ties a history of ties to the school district in question. Does Heidi Anderson attend Elmbrook? This blog is putting out a call for information. If you know the answer to this question please email me at wonderigneagle261@gmail.com  But are we to see wild and crazy accusations from white evangelicals about face masks? Are we going to hear about sexy and steamy orgies by people wearing face masks? Will we hear about underground tunnels where children are abducted and made to wear a face mask? Will we hear about conspiracies about face masks and their pagan origins? In this new mob mentality when it comes to face masks will Heidi Anderson from the Brookfield, Wisconsin area lead the charge and claim she is a warrior for Christ!! Will there be burnings of face masks in her backyard in a bon fire? If anything like that does happen please by all means keep this blog writer informed. 


Where Do Attenders From Elmbrook Church Stand on Face Masks?

This leads to another question that this blog wants to raise. Where is Elmbrook Church when it comes to face masks? Elmbrook makes face masks mandatory. The issue is not up for discussion. You can read the high school ministry on face masks here.  But what about Elmbrook over all? Where are they on face masks? According to information that this blog has obtained a majority of people who attend Elmbrook about 60% of the congregation is upset about face masks being required. So what does that translate to? According to the database by the Hartford Institute of Religion there are over 7,000 people who attend Elmbrook. So after doing some quick math that means that at least 5,834 people are upset that face masks are required. What a glorious witness for Christ! This blog is putting out a call for more information on this topic and asking for more people to come forward to discuss this topic. 


Dedicating a Video to Heidi Anderson

If a Satanic panic is coming and if people like Heidi Anderson are going to lead the way this blog would like to ask why stop there? Let’s go for something truly disturbing and even more evil for a white evangelical. What could be more Satanic than face masks and social distancing? How about the dreaded Disney Corporation! What could be more stomach churning and a source of contempt for Jesus than Julie Andrews playing Mary Poppins!!! So as Heidi Anderson in Brookfield, Wisconsin barks and bitches about face masks this blog would like to remind her that Disney is much worse. And a larger source of the world’s ills. Meanwhile if Heidi Anderson takes this seriously this blog would recommend that she go see a psychiatrist in Brookfield. Mental illness is treatable. 


11 thoughts on “Outside Milwaukee Elmbrook School District Plans Re-Opening While Some White Evangelicals State that Face Masks Are Satanic. Will Face Masks be the Next Satanic Panic?

  1. For White Evangelicals are Face Masks Going to be Satanic Panic 2.0?

    What do you mean “going to be”?
    It already IS.

    More accurately, the Satanic Panic never completely went away. Like a Natural Reservoir in epidemiology (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_reservoir), It only went underground, kept alive and nurtured by the Spiritual Warfare types and Culture War Activists who became its Natural Reservoir, able to emerge and flare up again once conditions changed in its favor. (Like the rise of Q-Anon and Trumpism — Q-Anon has a lot of overlap to Satanic Panic, Trumpism already has major inroads among American Christians, and the three fuse together and synergize really well.)

    Will it be Led by Heidi Anderson of the Brookfield, Wisconsin Area?

    More generically, it will be (and has been) originated and led by CHRISTIANS and justified by BIBLE.

    And like YEC, Secret Rapture, and Anti-Vaxx, Anti-Mask/COVID HOAX will become the next Litmus Test of Salvation. (If it hasn’t already.) God or Satan — Whose Side Are YOU On?


  2. No, she doesn’t actually represent evangelicals, be they white or not. Why even call out her race? Does race have something to do with a person’s beliefs?

    This is actually my school district and we were watching that meeting, though we missed that part of it. School board meetings are incredibly boring and we just wanted to know what the vote would be, which they didn’t do until late.

    The district seems to be trying to have it both ways. Either the virus is mild enough to have in-person school, in which case we don’t need heroic anti-virus efforts, or it’s not, in which case heroic anti-virus efforts will be inadequate. Their heroic anti-virus efforts are probably pretty common in public schools across the country. Masks, kids will be in “cohorts” that stay in one room for most of the day, each cohort gets assigned a bathroom and only one kid can go at a time, no drinking fountains (they call them bubblers here), desks spaced six feet apart, sanitation stations at the entrance of every room that everyone is required to use when entering the room, no choir or band classes, and so on. (We’re still waiting to hear if they will offer foreign languages. I imagine the foreign language teachers are eager to learn as well.)

    Part of me thinks the teachers and administrators, who overwhelmingly voted for virtual or hybrid school (in-person school won the parental vote), are trying to make the process onerous in order to get as many students as possible to opt in to virtual school.

    To the district’s credit, they do have an objective set of metrics that will control the various levels of school opening. For example if hospitals become overwhelmed they’ll automatically go to hybrid or virtual, depending on just how overwhelmed they are. Not that that’s going to happen.

    A local YMCA now offers a service where your kid can do virtual school from the Y for $34/day. This seems like a potential growth industry.


    • Why has nobody thought of having statewide National Guard or local Public Works Departments set up temporary “tent schools” in school parking lots or open-space fields, with well-spaced, well-ventilated (as in open walls) pavilion tents? Holding any event in well-ventilated outdoor conditions drastically cuts the chance of airborne transmission as any exhaled viral plumes dissipate and dilute.

      And if you have to hold it indoors, open all the windows and let outside air flow through (like the schools of the Sixties, before sealed buildings with recirculating A/C became common; all windows were openable). Or a warehouse-type arrangement with all the doors opened and exhaust fans sucking spent air (with any viral plumes) up and outside like the workplace of one guy I know.

      There is also some indirect evidence that the less virus you inhale, the less severe the infection you will get, which is why masks work both ways.


      • There’s also direct evidence (from schools in Europe and day cares in the US) that school without heroic measures does not pose a covid threat to students or teachers. If you allow the vulnerable students and teachers (and those who live with the vulnerable) to opt into virtual school, it’s just not a concern for the rest — for the young and healthy, it’s less impactful than the flu, and there’s a strong argument that, since it is inevitably going to spread through the young and healthy population anyway, it’s better for it to do so quickly, before it has a chance to spread to more of the vulnerable.

        If the national guard was required to make school safe, then school should be all virtual. (There aren’t enough national guard troops to go around, anyway.) If the Covid thread was enough to justify these measures, then so is the flu.

        Tangentially, the CDC released some tragic statistics recently about suicide. The number of people who have “seriously considered suicide in the last 30 days” is skyrocketing. It seems likely at this point that the anti-covid efforts may cost more lives than covid does.


    • Peter I am not seeing black evangelical or Latinos come out against face masks and say they are satanic, etc… This is a re-occurring them that is happening in other meetings. People are claiming that face masks are satanic, etc…

      I am waiting to hear the stories of underground orgies taking place in face masks. Or of children being abducted and made to wear a face mask. Or of conspiracies with face masks involving fringe individuals (.ie. George Soros) that are blatantly anti-Semitic. Nothing surprises me these days.


      • Wondering Eagle,

        You had said:
        “I am waiting to hear the stories of underground orgies taking place in face masks.”

        My response:

        Something tells me that you saw the movie, “EYES WIDE SHUT”?


      • It’s a big internet. If you look long enough, you can find a group of people saying anything.

        For example, there are white evangelicals who support BLM on twitter. Is evangelicalism being taken over by concern for the oppressed?


    • I just participated in a summer camp where we had cohorts, social distancing, frequent hand washing, temperature checks etc. It was only a four-week half-day camp, with a limited enrollment of 120 (the school, which held the camp and where I work, has a full enrollment of 620).

      It was wonderful to see the kids again. You could see the smiles through the masks. But, we could never do a regular 8-hour school day this way. We don’t have enough outside space to accommodate everyone with the smaller class sizes. We would almost need to double our staff. This is a high-end, private school with excellent resources.

      So, we start next week online. We would rather have an excellent online program than a botched re-opening (needing to close because of a virus outbreak) or parents giving up on us as they try to get kids here some days and not others. And, we pray that we may open the classroom this year, but we’re also prepared if we can’t. We are running full day online classes, as well as after school electives, I’m the “detention” lady. We will do our best!


  3. How many infections do you think they will get with a “soft start?” It just takes one sick kid without a mask to start and epidemic, and then lead to a shut-down.


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