Another Warning About Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas

In 2019 this blog published a warning about Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church when a person formerly involved shared her story. Another story comes forward from Lance Waldie’s church and reveals why another family rejected it and walked away. If there are other people who would like to tell their story with Lance Waldie’s church this blog will give them the platform to do so. 

“A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.

Oscar Wilde

I am shocked that you are turning away so soon from God, who called you to himself through the loving mercy of Christ.[c] You are following a different way that pretends to be the Good News but is not the Good News at all. You are being fooled by those who deliberately twist the truth concerning Christ.

Galatians 1:6-7 NLT

Lance Waldie 

Did Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas play a role in converting someone into Mormonism? 

This blog published a warning about Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas in 2019. The warning came from Jean Lash who lost her daughter in that church and remains separated to this day. What had happened is that Harvest Bible Church had turned her against her family and convinced her that her parents are not in the true faith. You can read that warning in, “Guest Post: Jean Lash’s Warning on Both Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas and Reformed Theology.” This blog regards Harvest Bible Church to be cult like and avoided. 

The other day someone who briefly attended also reached out and asked to tell her experience with Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church. In the video up above you can listen to a story of a person’s conversion into Mormonism. Harvest Bible Church plays a role in a person’s spiritual journey. This blog is deeply impressed with the critical thinking skills of the person who submitted this post. This is a person who discerns and thinks through situations including Harvest Bible Church. If other former members would like to tell their story of Harvest Bible Church, this blog will give them a platform to do so. 

Back in 2018 I was searching for a new church to go to with my parents. It was a while since I went to one and the last ones I had gone to were bigger with some friends back in high school. I knew (or felt) Lance’s church was more laid back and traditional. On one hand I felt a bad aura about going and even warned my parents but we went anyways, for quite some time as well.

For a short time I seriously thought it was a “diet Mormon Church” congregation with how strictly people dressed and how they acted. No hate against Mormons, just a personal observance. (Later I found that Lance did not like the Mormons, but more on that in a bit.) I was so ecstatic on continuing to go. I felt welcomed, they were generally friendly, and the message Pastor Waldie had every week was so convincing and connecting.

We went to the new members meeting. I felt the bad aura again and asked my parents if we had to go. Yes, we were going. No exceptions.

So we went, and it was a generally small meeting. My Dad talked on the phone with Lance prior so they could talk about Biblical issues and we could tell Lance felt threatened. There was no reason for it either.

We got there that evening and we all felt we weren’t greeted properly. I think Lance was expecting a white guy form the phone call. Not a dark man.

He introduced himself and talked about many things. One in particular is the fact that, at some point, he basically forced his former”cabinet” of deacons to resign after sabbatical.  I believe he got an amount of sweet, sweet cash somewhere in the mix.  I talked to the lady who gave her testimony on this blog about Lance Waldie. The question and answer time came after introducing himself. One person asked how sexual assault and bullying would be handled. Basically, not well, if at all handled. Another asked about women’s leadership or role in the church. I believe he cited Leviticus 27 to basically say that women aren’t worthy of being heard or seen even outside the church walls. Very disturbing since he has many females in his life, and many female leaders exist in the Bible such as Miriam and Ruth. That would require Lance to read the Bible, of course. Maybe he only chose to read his favorite passages along with the Book of Matthew to feel special. 

There were other good questions asked and he gave the same tone to answer. At some point he went on a rant about how, “Many congregations [including Mormonism, Catholics, Baptists, etc…] were unfavorable and not true believers. I mean this guy went OFF. It was random in front of everyone. 

Another person also asked about marrying people. He said strict rules, “Both parties needed to be three year members of his church and it was his approval. They’d also have to go through his special marriage training. Also no gays or trans people allowed in my church.” The last part was brash and probably could have been unstated but on the other hand I understand the sentiment as these groups go against God’s command. Though we should probably pray for those groups instead.  

What really got me was the part where he basically read your life story when you die. In order to be a member you had to give him your testimony. Sure, write however much you are comfortable telling. He can reject your testimony or tell you to write it though. Also, when you die it will be read out loud to everyone. Great huh? 

After this new membership meeting we decided as a family to not go back. At first we thought this guy was nuts or needed our prayers. Maybe he still does! A few months ago I came across a video of an old high school friend made about his spiritual journey. and me mentioned Harvest Bible Church. I looked it up and that’s when I came across your Wondering Eagle post. Surely it was the church reference. My heart sank. Disappointed but expected, and I feel for all of those who had to leave this congregation. 

I hope anyone who reads this will come to these realizations. 

  1. You can find a church congregation that works for you. Sometimes it’s just a lot of hard work. 
  2. God loves you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 
  3. God will help people show their true colors, at one point or another. And karma will come around eventually though that should not be a top priority in our eyes. In fact we should probably give grace to people, maybe just try to watch our for yourself in the meantime.