Follow Up Articles on the Changes at Liberty University Dealing With the Fall of Jerry Falwell Jr.

Recently in the past couple of days there have been some additional stories about the changes at Liberty University and the fall of Jerry Falwell Jr. This brief post is compiling these articles. 

“A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.

Chinese Proverb 

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Psalm 47:1 NLT

There is a lot to write about and a lot of stories inside evangelicalism. I have written a number of articles about Liberty. But this blog is also writing about an abuse situation at a prominent EFCA church and there are other issues with the Neo-Calvinists and Christian nationalists to look at. In addition more stories are popping up because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But I heard about these articles and want to compile them in this short blog post.


Additional Opinion Pieces or Articles on the Changes at Liberty University

  1. The New York Times did a local story about how people in Lynchburg, Virginia viewed the fall of Jerry Falwell Jr. This story interviews local officials and ministers for their perspective. You can read more in, “After Falwell Stumbles, His Hometown Sees a Leader in Need of Redemption.” 
  2. Over at Medium a well known alum from Liberty wrote an article at Medium about five recommended changes that need to be made at Liberty that can make it a university again and move it away from politics and Christian nationalism. You can read that in, “As a Closet Liberty University Alumnus, My 5 Recommendations.” 
  3. The Chronicle of Higher Education about the changes of Jerry Falwell Jr and how Donald Trump influenced him. Unfortunately there is a paywall and I can’t access the article. As such I will link to John Fea’s blog about the topic. You can read it at, ““Even before Trump declared his candidacy, the culture of Liberty was changing to one of greater deference to Falwell and an intolerance of dissent
  4. At the Bulwark, a conservative opinion website a Liberty alum offers a critical look at Jerry Falwell Jr’s leadership in, “Jerry Falwell’s Zipper Has Been Down for Years.” 
  5. In the Atlantic Emma Green writes about the fear many alumni of Liberty have that Jerry Falwell Jr defined their faith. You can read this in, “How Jerry Falwell Jr. Lost His Liberty Flock.” 

If there are more articles that come out over the next few days that are solid I will add them to this post. If any Liberty alum or students want to write a post about Falwell’s removal this blog will gladly give you a platform. 


2 thoughts on “Follow Up Articles on the Changes at Liberty University Dealing With the Fall of Jerry Falwell Jr.

  1. What “Fall”?
    The new head of Liberty U is one of Junior’s Loyal Lapdogs.
    Guess who’ll be pulling the strings as Power Behind the Iron Throne?
    (Until he gets the Word of Prophecy and Anointing to return in Triumph.)

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