Southern Baptist Church Has a Revival in Alabama and Has a Massive COVID-19 Outbreak. Pastor Daryl Ross Defends it and Why Such Pastors Should Be Prosecuted

In Arab, Alabama a Southern Baptist Church holds a revival which leads to a massive COVID-19 outbreak with half the church falling ill. This blog is advocating for pastors who don’t follow health laws and who contribute to neglect to be prosecuted. There is no excuse for constant stories like this one.

“You can educate a fool, but you cannot make him think.”


“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14 NLT


The other day there was an article that I read in the Los Angeles Times which bothered me and I did some more research and found a troubling situation. This bog post is about the neglect of a Southern Baptist Church in Arab, Alabama. Daryl Ross leads Warrior Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Marshall County. Warrior Creek is a small Southern Baptist Church of about 80 to 100 who attend Sunday services.  This Baptist church traces its roots back to the 1860’s. In the middle of a pandemic this Southern Baptist Church decided to hold a revival. 

The church in this revival claimed to have practiced social distancing but in many ways did not. People were not required to wear face masks and handshakes took place in this meeting. Baptist revivals are usually week-long events and they feature a guest evangelist. The goal was to encourage professions of faith and to hold baptisms as well. Services were held a couple of times a day in the afternoon and evening. Families carried the pastor and the evangelist home and had dinner with them.  During this revival a member who was a-symptomatic with COVID-19 showed up. 


Massive COVID-19 Outbreak and Over Half the Southern Baptist Church Becomes Ill 

One of the members showed up being a-symptomatic. In the process over half the Southern Baptist Church became ill with COVID-19. In the middle of the revival Daryl Ross received a phone call that one member tested positive for the Coronavirus. The a-symptomatic person is believed to have contracted the virus through his job and while he is not ill, his family became sick. Warrior Creek Baptist became sick with dozens falling ill over the last weekend. Pastor Daryl Ross commented that, “I’ve got church members sick everywhere.” The number of people sick is over forty with two having serious health problems with one having respiratory issues. Despite that the pastor claimed that he knew what they were doing and he defended the revival saying he would do it again. “We knew what we were getting into,” he said. “We knew the possibilities.” The church has a Facebook page but they took it down. If you would like to read more you can do so at the following news stories.

  1. The Guardian, “‘The whole church has got it, just about’: dozens with Covid-19 after Alabama Baptist revival.” 
  2. CBS News, “Over 40 infected with coronavirus after church revival event in Alabama: “We knew what we were getting into
  3., “A small Alabama church had a revival and now 40 people have coronavirus.” 
  4. HuffPost, “Over 40 Infected With COVID-19 After Revival Event At Alabama Baptist Church: Pastor.” 
  5. Time, “‘The Whole Church Has Got It, Just About.’ Alabama Pastor Says More Than 40 People Have Coronavirus After Revival Event.” 
  6. Los Angeles Times, “At least 40 people test positive for coronavirus after church event, Alabama pastor says.” 


Why Pastors Should be Prosecuted for Neglect 

When I heard about this I was stunned. Who decides to hold a revival or large get together in the middle of a pandemic? How many times do I have to keep writing about this issue. There has been significant evidence that suggests that evangelical churches or places of worship have been breeding grounds for COVID-19. You can read about this in, “Evidence Suggests That Evangelical Churches Meeting During a Pandemic Are Helping to Worsen COVID-19 and Accelerate the Spread in the United States. Also Ed Stetzer Responds to a New York Times Article.”  There is really no excuse for this behavior. The rejection of science by some evangelicals helps explain why situations like this happen, but for me that is no excuse in the end. 

What this blog would like to see in situations like this is the following. If a church is going to violate health department rules and put people in danger then churches like this should be prosecuted. What kind of pastor exposes people to harm? And worse what type of pastor says that he knew what he was doing in this situation? Individuals like Daryl Ross should be arrested and prosecuted and spend time in jail. Sitting behind bars for a couple of months should give him plenty of time to reflect on his negligence. Worse, if someone does end up in the hospital and if someone does lose their life they should bring a lawsuit against the church for negligence.  Churches like Warrior Creek Missionary Baptist Church are not good for their communities and end up doing more harm in the end. And don’t call this persecution, this is just common sense speaking. The United States will get no where in containing the COVID-19 pandemic as long as difficult stories like this keep happening. People who don’t learn from these situations or worse have the belief that it won’t happen to them are really showing their ignorance. The time has come, this blog is hoping that the book is thrown at some of these places and that they are prosecuted. 


13 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Church Has a Revival in Alabama and Has a Massive COVID-19 Outbreak. Pastor Daryl Ross Defends it and Why Such Pastors Should Be Prosecuted

  1. Prosecuted for what? WHY do you not concentrate on the ANARCHISTS that are FREELY giving others Covid-19, without a conscience about it? You don’t think that they should be prosecuted, DO YOU? Excersizing their CONSTITUTIONAL rights to PEACEFULLY assemble? Why are they differeent than the church goers, excersizing their right to peacefully assemble, as well? All they did was to pass on a HARMLESS FLU? Do we prosecute people for giving others the flu? WHO is vulnerable to die? NOT EVERYONE. And for those who are vulnerable, THEY should stay home if they are SCARED to get the virus. Why should church people stay home? The anarchists are not staying home. The only ones wearing masks are so that they can’t be identified, not because they are concerned with their health, or the welfare of others.

    We already flattened the curve…remember that phrase? That’s all they wanted from us to begin with, and THEN life can go on. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US that the anarchists get away with, with NO INTERFERANCE from PROSECUTORS regarding passing on the virus…with absoluteno no reprocussions or condemnation from the same people that go after Christians for the same CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

    Ed Chapman


  2. 1. Now it’s John McArthur indulging in the same kind of foolishness. As a non-westerner who is also a follower of Jesus, watching what is happening in American evangelicalism is something that is quite unbelievable and almost amusing if only it was also not so deeply troubling as well. This kind of triumphalist insensitivity not only drives non-believers further away from Christ but it damages gospel witness in other parts of the watching world as well.
    2. Sadly, it’s more about ‘constitutional rights’ than about ‘loving your neighbour’ , ‘putting others’ first’ and not being obstinate agents of harm. Jesus modelled ‘giving up of one’s rights and privileges’ for the sake of others. There’s much that can be learnt from him.
    3. Where is the lament? The grieving? The mourning? For the 150 thousand who have already died. Where is the concern for those who may die, will die, because of Christians being irresponsible?
    4. Just because the protestors are assembling, crowding and violating safety measures including social distancing does not mean that you, as followers of Jesus, should do the same.
    5. Keep on speaking Wondering Eagle. Be the unpopular prophetic voice.

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    • Almond Syiem, as an American evangelical pastor and a former missionary to Latin America, your words strike a chord that has been bothering me as well concerning American evangelism. Unfortunately, American culture has been cursed with what has been called “rugged individualism” and we have sacrificed the notion of the community along with it.

      And instead of the Church affecting the culture around it, in the U.S., American culture has been allowed to infiltrate and affect the way the American church sees the world, themselves and ministry.

      May I have permission to print your response to David’s post on my Facebook account as well as other readers who have been convicted by your questions?

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      • Alan Loewen, please feel free to share my response on Facebook and other platforms. I would like to request, however, to not use my name, or only use AS to identify me, especially on Facebook. Thank you.

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  3. This kind of scenario is my biggest fear about church reopenings, and it’s why I intend to do virtual church for a long time yet.

    That said, if the worst that comes from this is two people were seriously ill and nobody dies, I call that good news for the state of the treatment of the disease. Especially since as a Missionary Baptist Church it is probably majority African-American, who are at higher risk. My perception that the situation is improving is reinforced.

    According to a web search, new cases in Alabama started trending down 10 days ago. Deaths per day have had a slight uptick in the last two weeks and the 7 day average is in the mid 20s, up from the low teens. Number of hospitalizations looks like it has not started to decline yet but it has leveled off in the last 3 days. The total number hospitalized seems alarming to me — nearly 1600 in a state of 4.9 million. My own state is larger and has fewer than 300 hospitalized. Seems like Alabama will reach herd immunity before my state does.


  4. Meanwhile, our archbishop said that we should have separate spoons available, only to have a bunch of metropolitans under him (including mine) refuse to allow any change in the Eucharist. So we’re wearing masks, social distancing, no coffee hour, etc. etc.–but sharing spoons. There are also people in Orthodoxy who say that it’s blasphemy to say someone can get sick from sharing a spoon during the Eucharist.

    I’ve been continuing to stay home and watch church online until the madness passes.

    Oh, and I found out today that there are covidiots in Germany, too, protesting against masks, believing in conspiracy theories and demanding the arrest of Bill Gates, etc. Great, I guess America exports *everything.*

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