Guest Post: Sarah Leitner is Expelled From Liberty University After Reporting Abuse on an Official School Internship to Jerry Falwell Jr. Liberty Also Denies the Abuse Occurred

This is a post about how Liberty University mishandled an abuse situation by Sarah Leitner.  Sarah who had experienced abuse while on an internship eventually reported it to Jerry Falwell Jr. At the time she was a PhD student in the School of Counselor Education of Liberty University. After reporting the abuse eventually Liberty expelled her and mishandled the situation. 

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With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith. 12 We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

2 Thessalonians 2:11 NIV

Jerry Falwell Jr

This blog has been writing about a number of the issues that have been taking place at Liberty University. The last post that was written dealt with how the Underground Railroad is active again in Virginia. This time its helping African-Americans escape Liberty and find freedom. You can read about this in, “The Underground Railroad is Active Again in the Old Dominion. This Time Its Saving African-Americans Trapped at Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University.” The problems at Liberty are numerous and there are about thirty articles that this blog has written in the last few months. 

Recently at Todd Wilhelm’s blog Sarah Leitner told her story of abuse by Liberty University being mishandled. Sarah encountered abuse while on an internship when she was working on her PhD. When she reported the abuse to Jerry Falwell Jr, the university then expelled her. You can see the original story in, “PhD student Sarah Leitner notifies Jerry Falwell of abuse that occurred at an authorized internship site after the School of Counselor Education of Liberty University denies the abuse occurred and later expels her.” The intro below is from Todd and then Sarah has her write up of the abuse that happened and how Liberty University responded. This blog hopes that this reminds people of the issues at Liberty University and encourages them to look elsewhere. 

My article is the story of one woman’s struggles to obtain fair treatment from Liberty University in her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision.

In early May 2020, I received an email from Sarah Leitner stating in part that she had endured abuse from her supervisor at a government institution where she was undergoing her doctoral internship in counseling. Sarah claims her reports were ignored, she was not pulled out of the internship site as requested, and Liberty University denied the abuse occurred even though no one from Liberty University was there. Afterward, Sarah reported what she believed to be illegal activity to the University’s lawyers, Title IX department, and to Liberty’s whistleblowing department. She faced retaliation as she was expelled from the Ph.D. program and no longer used as an Adjunct Faculty at Liberty University.

Sarah said that when “illegal activity is reported it requires an investigation” and, “as a Navy Research Scientist for more years than I’d like to admit, I have never seen an ongoing series of events showing such disregard for the safety of others, ethics, and the law.”

Here is a synopsis Sarah Leitner wrote of her experience as a Ph.D. student and as Adjunct Faculty:

From Fall 2015 to February 2016, as a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision student, I was a counseling intern at a Navy brig. Due to my site supervisor’s actions, I feared for my life on two occasions, leading to PTSD. Many other occasions were filled with lower levels of abuse. Simultaneously, my daughter’s mental crises worsened leaving me with constant crises at an abusive internship site and constant crises at home.

Dr. Pride, the Clinical Supervisor at Liberty University and part of the leadership of the Counselor Education and Supervision program, refused to assist, even as I described the unsafe situation in multiple emails, including an email in mid-February 2016 where I explicitly stated I was not safe. Often it seemed as if Dr. Pride did not read my emails as he responded late or not at all. Sometimes he would respond to crises with irrelevant statements, such as how busy he was, instead of responding and/or removing me from the internship site. When I resigned from the site in February 2016, Liberty University continued to deny the abuse had occurred. I wondered how a professor who was supposed to have at least some experience with counseling trauma could miss the traumatic experiences I was undergoing, experiences that made me feel as if I was an indentured servant at the internship site.

In Fall 2016, after asking for an investigation from the department, Title IX, and multiple other departments of the University, I reluctantly went to a second internship site. Simultaneously, in Fall 2016 I filed a complaint with the Inspector General for the Bureau of Personnel (IG BUPERS) and again attempted to file Title IX within Liberty University. The Interim Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Warren, agreed, in writing, to postpone the final grade appeal until the IG Report was complete.

However, Dean Sosin, part of the Ph.D. program’s leadership, falsely told the IG that I had not reported abuse until I left the internship site. Based on this as well as statements from the offenders, the IG closed the complaint in late December 2016.

Simultaneous to the IG investigation, in November 2016, I attempted to withdraw from the internship course, now taught by Dr. Deacon, due to the PTSD and my daughter’s quickly deteriorating mental health. The request was quickly denied. I was forced to continue the internship. I would find out later that Dr. Sosin had told the Investigator that I had not said I had been abused at the site while I was at the internship, despite the many emails I had sent to her and the department.

Around December 5, 2016, days after I found out my child was not safe at school and had been assaulted daily at camp in Summer 2015, Dr. Sosin and the leadership of the Ph.D. program – likely Dr. Deacon and Dr. Pride – sent me a letter of concern with many inaccurate statements. The letter also stated that all of my grade appeals were over even though one was remaining. When I emailed Dr. Sosin, I was not allowed to dispute the inaccuracies. I abandoned the last, final appeal with Dean Warren because I believed I would be expelled if I continued that appeal.

From late November 2016 to January 2017, I was an intern for Win4Life, working at Shield Ministries. This was arranged because most Shield Ministry clients lacked transportation to come to Win4Life. Dr. Deacon and Dr. Pride were notified of this in December 2016 and did not reply. In December 2016, my supervisor at Win4Life and I met with Shield Ministries discuss how Win4Life could work with Shield Ministries in the future beyond my internship. At that point, my supervisor at Win4Life, myself, and Liberty University did not know that David Truluck was a sex offender as he was not forthcoming with this information. In late January, David Truluck of Shield Ministries texted me, telling me that he had to get board approval for me to be an intern there.

February 2017: My licensure supervisor and I notified Dr. Deacon that the Win4Life partnership with Shield Ministries would be dissolved due to the actions of an erratic individual (David Truluck). Even though Dr. Deacon and Dr. Pride had previously been appraised of the situation in two emails, and had responded to one of the emails, in February 2017 Dr. Deacon and Dr. Pride chose to expel me from the Ph.D. program when David Truluck at Shield Ministries denied a contract with Win4Life existed. Liberty University decided that Shield Ministries had been an “unauthorized” internship site, even though at that time Liberty University gave no guidelines or examples in the course manual that would give me, Win4Life, or any other individual any reason to believe I was at an unauthorized internship site. Although my supervisor at Win4Life and my licensure supervisor both spoke to Liberty University on my behalf, Liberty University refused to change its decision.

In Fall 2017, the official grade appeal process was completed. I attempted to file with Title IX on at least two more occasions. In early Spring 2019, due to a FERPA request, I received additional documentation from Liberty. The documentation I received from Liberty University due to my FERPA request was extensive, repetitive, often incorrect, and missing key details. Thus I do not believe this documentation was in compliance with federal law. I also found out, much to my surprise, that Liberty University had decided I had been “unethical” because I didn’t have a license as a counselor – when I did have one!

As my attempts to seek justice and to ensure the safety of future Liberty University students, I emailed Jerry Falwell on October 21, 2018, notifying him that I had been “ordered to return to an internship site where I was not safe,” and “was not allowed to withdraw from the internship course when I found out my child was not safe at school and had been sexually assaulted every day at camp 15 months earlier.” Furthermore, I asked Jerry Falwell, “How is it okay that mentioning a safety issue means I went round and round with the university and no department at the University has authority to do anything?”

Jerry Falwell responded on October 25, 2018, stating: “I have looked into this situation and understand that there are several trustworthy people at the University that have already been diligent in working with you. …” – which left me wondering who these people were.

On October 26, 2018, David Corry, general counsel for Liberty University, responded to Sarah via email, stating: “…I am also aware of your allegations regarding our faculty interactions with the Inspector General… We are satisfied that at this time all your concerns have been handled and addressed appropriately…. Under the circumstances, any future communications you send may not be responded to by the University. We wish you well.”

Sarah stated to me that “being wished “well” seems especially hurtful after all the times the University had kept me from being well.”

At this point, Sarah’s only option available to obtain an equitable outcome to her unfair treatment at the hands of Liberty University was to file a lawsuit. To this end, she enlisted the help of an Expert Witness, Dr. Charlotte Murrow Taylor. Dr. Taylor wrote an excellent report, the contents of which leaves one incredulous at the treatment Sarah received from Liberty University.

Dr. Charlotte Murrow Taylor’s complete report may be viewed here. Below are screenshots of pages 1-4 from the report.


We join Sarah Leitner in asking Jerry Falwell, “How is it okay that mentioning a safety issue means I went round and round with the university and no department at the University has authority to do anything?”


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  1. “Liberty” was never an institution that cared about higher learning, or the welfare of its students or staff. It is, and always has been, a political tool for the religious right. Dissent is not allowed, and people who make waves about problems are also not allowed. Sadly, a lot of people are now finding that out the hard way.

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    • As well as a moneymaker and hedge fund for the Great House of Falwell.

      Not so much with Jerry the First, but Entropy sets in over time; Augustus followed by Tiberias followed by Caligula. There’s a reason “Rags to Riches to Rags in three generations” is a folk proverb in both English and Chinese.

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