When this Pandemic is Over and a Vaccine is Found This is What l am Going to Do

One day this COVID-19 pandemic will be over. One day it will be a part of the history books. One day life will resume and things that I once took for granted will occur again. Until that time one has to have dreams that they can cling to. This post is a road map of what I plan to do when this pandemic is over because there is a medical way to deal with this virus. After all a life that has no dreams is one that is in the process of dying.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

“The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.”

Louis E Boone 


World Trade Center in Manhattan 

I have spent three months in my apartment during this difficult time. I am largely cut off from my family in California as travel is not an option right now. Before the pandemic hit I was going up and down the East Coast and was planning a trip to Kansas and Missouri. These last three months have been hard. I can’t go to the gym and swim as the gym is closed and it won’t be safe for a while. During  this time I am following my asthma doctor’s advice. In addition I am noticing that fatigue is leading some people to become complacent. That is sad as one must always be on one’s guard, especially with a virus that is a medical threat. But in many ways I am also sensitive to news and events that have taken place these last few months. This post is designed to give me something to look forward to one day down the road. Whether it be in the end of 2020 or in the year 2021. I am not going to travel or do anything “risky” until modern medicine finds a way to deal with the coronavirus or a vaccine is invented. But when that happens and when that day comes and I can resume my life this is what I plan to do. 


Frozen on Broadway 

A Visit to New York City 

New York City was hit hard by the pandemic. It was ground zero and the loss of life was horrific. I was up in New York City as the pandemic was taking off. I chronicled and wrote about that in, “How I Became Part of a Pandemic and How This Washingtonian Also Became a New Yorker in the Process.” When it is safe to travel again and modern medicine can deal with the coronavirus I want to head to New York City. Why? I remain deeply troubled by what took place. New York City in my view as a city is hurting. When its time and safe I want to be one of the many Americans who travel there and help to bring a city to life again. By staying in a hotel, visiting some friends and visiting some museums, eating in a few restaurants and seeing a Broadway show all will take place. Though my late Mom from Chicago would disagree, but New York City I think is the most unique and important city in the country. Its also the largest. But I want to be one of those people who help bring a city alive and help its economy come back. Americans after all are a people who help each other and come together. 


Kansas City, Missouri 

A Visit to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas

Next is a trip to honor a promise I made earlier this year. When the pandemic hit I was getting ready to purchase an airline ticket to Kansas City, Missouri. I wanted to spend a couple of days in Kansas City, followed by visiting friends in Salina and Wichita. I love Kansas and Missouri. Whether it be in the urban area of Kansas City or hanging out on a friend’s farm in Salina I can be happy in both places. This trip is about honoring a promise I made to several people and keeping that promise. I do admit that I am envious of those who can live in Missouri and Kansas. 


MTH  Electric Trains – Milwaukee Road GP30 and Northern Pacific SD45 

A Visit to Seattle 

This is another plan that I want to put on paper, uh well cyber space! 😀 In Seattle I want to finally see the city that I have always wanted to visit. I want to visit the  Museum of Flight and see Pikes Place Market. I am deeply close to a hobby shop in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington called Eastside Trains. Seattle was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. I recall speaking with Eastside Trains in March as the COVID-19 pandemic was taking off just down the street in Life Care in Kirkland. A lot of business have been hit hard. I want to visit Seattle to see this city for really what would be the first time. I also want to visit Eastside Trains and see a hobby shop that I adore and well, maybe spend more than I should at times. Just like New York City I want to be one of the people who helps to bring Seattle back on its feet. 


San Francisco, California 

A Visit to San Francisco 

California will always be my home. If you were to ask me what is home for me my first response will be California. I want to visit Californian to see my parents graves and make sure they are being taken care of. I will always feel an obligation to my Mom and Dad. Visiting family in the Bay Area us a must. San Francisco is a city that I love. I know its had its challenges and problems. Yet what screams California better than being in San Francisco? Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and hanging out in Golden Gate Park is a must. San Francisco like Seattle and New York City has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. I wrote about that in,As a Native Californian I am Deeply Troubled by how COVID-19 is Impacting San Francisco, California.” And like those other cities I would like to be one of those people to help bring the Bay Area back and help it get on its feet.   


Chicago Wriggly Building on Michigan Avenue 

Other Plans as Well

When life is stable again in addition to the above I would also like to resume short travel on the East Coast. A trip into Pennsylvania, Delaware, or down to North Carolina. That can be quick weekend journey’s that support writing this blog. I have close friends in Milwaukee that I would like to see. There is Chicago and seeing people I know in the Windy City as well. The Upper Midwest was once home to me in my life and I would like to hang out there as well. All of what I wrote above is to give me something to look forward to when life becomes stable once again. People need to dream and need to have things to look forward to. And that includes local social activities, going to the gym once again,  attending a baseball game and things I once took for granted. There is a new James Bond movie coming out and museums as well. The Washington, D.C. to Baltimore area has an incredible amount of museums to see. But I will cling to the other when life allows for more flexibility and freedom to do what I can’t do now. And this will take place when it is safe to travel and I am free to do so again. Until that day all this will be in my back pocket. A life in my view that doesn’t have dreams is one that is dying. 


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  1. A Visit to San Francisco

    Recently YouTube’s been handing me a lot of model railroad layout tours in the Bay Area — Fremont, Santa Clara, San Leandro — a lot of them in semi-public venues like historical society sites with an MR club attached. Maybe we could hit a few of them.

    A life in my view that doesn’t have dreams is one that is dying.

    By that definition, my life ended about a year ago. I have been unable to create for months. I’ve had dry spells before, but none like this. Work Eat Sleep Work Eat Sleep Work Eat Sleep, drool in front of YouTube all weekend, constant precautions against the virus in an area where wearing a mask marks you as “Disloyal”.


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