#LettersToMe The Genetically Modified Skeptic Writes Letters to His Former Christian Self, and How I Did Something Similar in 2019

Drew McCoy who has the Genetically Modified Skeptic wrote a letter to his earlier Christian self. And encouraged others to do so as well. Back in 2019 I wrote an open letter to myself to warn myself about the problems of religion and fundamentalism. Such letters open the door to incredible journeys of finding yourself and what you are. 

“It’s all about the journey not the outcome.

Carl Lewis 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu 

On YouTube recently Drew McCoy had an interesting presentation. Drew is an atheist whose YouTube channel is called Genetically Modified Skeptic. Last week Drew started to write “letters” to himself as an atheist. How does he view his earlier days in evangelical/fundamentalism? He reads letters that he wrote to himself. He discusses culture, fear in a bubble, hostility to music, and how science changed his views of Christianity. The Friendly Atheist also wrote about this, and you can read this at, “Here’s What an Atheist Would Say to His Former (Religious) Self.” 


How I Did Something Similar in 2019

Drew McCoy’s video is interesting. I watched it a couple of times. And then it reminded me of an open letter I did to myself. In 2019 I wrote a letter to myself at age 25, of what I wish I could tell myself. The topics I addressed were numerous. I addressed issues such as evangelical culture, evangelical culture, doubt, church corruption, scandal, shame, alcohol and sex and more. You can read what I wrote in, “#Youngerself. What Advice Would I Give Myself at 25?” 

When I did that letter it was in response to a Twitter campaign. However, I found it refreshing and helpful in getting a lot of stuff off my chest. Writing this blog has been catharsis in many ways. What Drew McCoy did I perfectly understand. Its a process of dealing with toxic faith and rejecting it or rejecting religion all together. My letter to myself at 25 is what I wish I could have said to myself. Especially when I think of the harm that fundamentalism can cause oneself. Letters like what I did or what Drew McCoy did can set in motion journeys that can be incredible. And the journey is where you find life and where you live. If you don’t write to yourself I would encourage you to do so.  This is going to be a brief post but I wanted to throw this into the blog archives as people like to read posts like this one. 

4 thoughts on “#LettersToMe The Genetically Modified Skeptic Writes Letters to His Former Christian Self, and How I Did Something Similar in 2019

  1. In all stories such as this, one thing it’s lacking. The BASIS of the origin of belief. It’s generally not going to be by the book itself. If it were, then we wouldn’t have atheists, and they would realize that science has a God, just as Thomas Jefferson mentions NATURE’S God in the Declaration of Independence, and if you read his letters and writings of the universe, then you’d be more convinced that nothing happens by chance in the universe, but that something outside of science set science and nature in motion. Satan is the one who blinds the minds of those who are set on philosophy, and the bible tells us this. Atheists are in the hands of the devil. They drank the kook aid. The last letter, k, is on purpose. It’s not a typo.

    Ed Chapman


  2. Satan is the one who blinds the minds of those who are set on philosophy…

    And not the minds of those who are set on Donald Trump as the REAL Christ?

    This is also the justification for Holy Nincompoop Syndrome, where the more stupid and ignorant you are, the more Christian you must be. (Yet another Litmus Test of Salvation…Really need to start a take-a-number system…)

    ‘”Science” Falsely So-Called or THE! WORD! OF! GAWD!’ were the actual words used during my time in-country.


    • HUG,

      From the moment I began seeing your comments way back, I have no clue what you mean by “in country”. Nor do i get your spelling errors of a three letter word, making it a 4 letter word. At least the Jews spell it G-d, for a respectful reason. What’s your belief system? Is science your gawd?


  3. Wondering,

    By the way, the only Journey I want to hear involves Steve Perry, “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”, hold on tho that feeling! and, let’s not forget, ANY WAY YA WANT IT, THAT’S THE WAY YA NEED IT. But for you, WHO’S CRYING NOW? Religion religion religion!

    Look, when you recently discussed the POLITICAL minds of the Jews in opposition to the message of Jesus…I knew right away that your education of the bible is no education at all. And the same goes with your religious education in fundamentalism. You don’t know the book. You only know religion. And the same goes with these new former Christians. They may know verses here and there. They may know a particular doctrine here and there. But they don’t know the book at all. And now that they are out, they think they are free. But all they did was to go back into bondage, and they don’t even realize it. What compelled the lead singer of KORN to turn from his ways? He was an awesome performer and singer before he became Christian. While we lose the fakers, we do gain the real ones in return. Many Rock stars are Christians. But you’d never know it. Who is married to Paula White? A member of JOURNEY! So I’m glad the fakers are leaving. Good riddance to them.


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