Is Jim Bakker Facing Bankruptcy and Financial Ruin in the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Update on the Discredited Televangelist

This is an update on the disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker’s ministry is facing bankruptcy and in response to a Missouri lawsuit is claiming that state is infringing on his religious freedom. Former Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is representing the televangelist. Finally Bakker allegedly had a stroke according to a statement released by the ministry. This is a summary of events about the Bakker Ministry in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“And I think it’s because good cons are all based on the victim’s need, and the successful con artist is the one, I guess, who can exploit that. I remember reading something about this, that one of the great traits of confidence tricksters is the level that they flatter their victim.”

Alfred Molina

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 7:15 NIV


Jim Bakker and Lori Bakker 

When the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to become a serious health issue in the United States Jim Bakker got into legal trouble for selling a fraudulent cure for the coronavirus. This blog researched and wrote a post about that in, “Jim Bakker Sells a “Cure” for the Coronavirus. The New York Attorney General Responds by Serving a Cease and Desist Letter. Meanwhile the Missouri Attorney General Sues the Discredited Televangelist for Fraud.”  There has been a number of updates that need to be done on this discredited televangelist. Let’s begin to look at them in this post. 


Credit Card Companies Have Cut Jim Bakker Off and He is Allegedly Facing Bankruptcy

Jim Bakker brought legal trouble upon himself from the state of Missouri and also receiving a cease and desist letter from the New York Attorney General. Because of the legal trouble credit card companies have stopped financial transactions for his ministry. This is what Bakker said on his show in late April 2020, “You can’t use credit cards if you do give to our ministry at this time because there’s a situation.” Bakker told viewers that the government said, “’You sold products that we didn’t approve of,’ but that’s not what we did.” Bakker said that his ministry is facing bankruptcy and he pleased and begged for people to send checks and give cash. Bakker said, “SOS, save our station, save our ship, help us stay on the air. We’re asking people to give an offering, and we need a miracle.” Bakker explained that people will still receive his products.  Your products are going to come to you. Every one of them will come to you, come right to your house, and if we can’t, we are going to refund. I will sell the buildings, parts of the buildings at Morningside in the long run if you give me a chance. Don’t let me have to file for bankruptcy,he told viewers. While Bakker’s wife pleaded for people to buy Jim Bakker’s books and send in donations, Jim said the following.  “We need money to stay on the air. I am just saying it bluntly.  They’re already bleeding us to death, and now we’re going to have to pay lawyers that will bleed you to death,”  If you would like to read more you can do so in the following Kansas City Star article called, “Televangelist who sold fake COVID-19 cure asks viewers for cash to avoid bankruptcy.” Newsweek also reported on this situation in, “Televangelist Asks Viewers to Send Checks After Credit Card Companies Cut Him Off For Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure.” 


Meanwhile Jim Bakker Filed Court Papers Saying Missouri is Violating his Religious Freedom. Former Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is Representing Bakker

About two weeks after begging and pleading for money and Jim Bakker and his wife saying they were going to go bankrupt, Jim filed his papers against the state of Missouri in early May. One of the people who is fighting for Jim Bakker is former Missouri Attorney General and Governor Jay Nixon. Jay Nixon was the Democratic Governor of Missouri from 2009 until 2017. Nixon is claiming that Bakker is having his religious freedom infringed and that he is being unfairly targeted. Nixon and other lawyers is asking a judge to toss out a suit against Jim Bakker. Nixon called Bakker a man of deep faith and said that the lawsuit against him by Missouri is not about the medicine for the coronavirus cure that was hocked. It was about the state going after his ability to practice his faith. Missouri can’t bring down Jim Bakker because he is an American success story. This is how Nixon described it. “I think the whole Jim Bakker story is obviously an American story, and interesting story of a guy that made a great rise, and had a huge fall and has gone to Blue Eye, Missouri and has rebuilt his life and ministry, and whether you agree with him or not or some portions of his teaching, he has been sincere and true and direct with the people he talks to and preaches to on a daily basis.Nixon claimed that Missouri was acting unfairly against Jim Bakker. The case is before a judge who will decide and make a decision. If you want to read more about Jay Nixon and representing Jim Bakker you can do so here. 


Jim Bakker Allegedly Had a Stroke and Takes Leave From his Television Ministry 

A few days after the filing in response to the Missouri lawsuit Jim Bakker allegedly had a stroke. On the shows’s Facebook page Lori Bakker released a statement about Jim Bakker having a stroke and how his health is doing. 

Message from Lori Bakker:

As a family and staff, we continue to fight the good fight of faith and take a stand against the evil forces and hatred that has come against our ministry.

In Jim’s words, this has been the most vicious attack that he has ever experienced.

For many years now, Jim has been working non-stop, working hard to bring incredible prophets and guests to our show, discovering and developing new products to share, building at Morningside, and bringing forth the message for the days that we are living in. All of these projects, and the vigorous warfare that we have experienced in the last several weeks, have taken a huge toll on Jim’s health.

I wanted to share with you, our loving and caring partners, that Jim recently experienced a stroke. We are thankful that Jim is okay, and that he is now at home with our family. Under the guidance of medical professionals and our Board of Directors, Jim will be taking a sabbatical from the show. Jim will be back! He is still dreaming and hearing from the Lord, and he already has a powerful word to deliver when he returns to the air.

In the meantime, the show will continue. Jim is a Watchman on the Wall, and we as a family are committed to carrying his mantle by bringing more prophets, news, updates, and more in the coming weeks on The Jim Bakker Show.

We ask that you continue to pray for Jim, and pray for our ministry, during these challenging times. As Jim always says, God loves you, He really does! And so do we!



On Facebok his fans showed Jm Bakker with praise and talked about how he blesses their life. Here are a couple of comments lifted from Facebook 

My heart is saddened to hear this. I told my husband I felt like something was wrong with Jim for the last few weeks and have been praying for God’s strength and peace and healing for him and Lori! Just rest in the Lord and get your strength back so you can come back stronger! Lori you must rest and take care of yourself also! Praying for the whole family!


Father God You Hear us and we are asking You to Protect and Heal your Child Jim and place a Hedge of Protection around Him and All His Family and friends and Lord Jesus we Are Very Careful to Give You All the Glory and Honor and Praise.
Praise the Mighty Name of Yeshua Lord JESUS”FOR EVER.


I have learned so much by watching the show. May God’s faithfulness continue to be their for you, his family, his partners, and his friends. God is a healer and deliverer. May the comfort of GOD’S WORD continue to uphold Jim and you and the ministry. He shall continue to declare the works of the LORD.


Pastor Jim we need you more than ever!! God needs you…. I stand in agreement for total restoration….you will come back stronger than ever. The enemy and all used by satan has no power in your lives or ministry. I say rise up Holy Spirit and devour the enemy! Oh the encouragement you will have when you come back…don’t get weary my friend….rise up family and be encouraged!!!! You are loved very much!!!

At the time of the alleged stroke Jim Bakker was 80 years old. You can read about the stroke in, “Televangelist Jim Bakker Has Stroke, Taking Sabbatical From His TV Show.” 


Brief Thoughts From this Blog on This Mess 

I have to tell you that I spent about 25 minutes reading the comments left on the Facebook page of Jim Bakker. After doing show I feel like I needed to take a shower for three days to get all the yuck off me. I am amazed that there are people who follow a grifter. In the context of religion I think Jim Bakker may be the most successful grifter that existed. In the case of Jim Bakker his sad livelihood rests upon conning people and convincing them to buy a fraudulent product. Jim Baker proves that the world is full of suckers and sheep that will follow the leader over the edge. The  other point that I would like to make is that religious freedom is in today and anytime there is a problem or issue people claim, “religious freedom.” You don’t have the right to sell products that defraud people. Likewise you don’t have the right to sell medicine or medical treatments when you are not licensed to do so. What Jim Bakker engaged in was fraud. While I am saddened by how the COVID-19 pandemic is destroying businesses in the United States if Jim Bakker’s ministry went belly up and failed I would do my little happy dance in my kitchen and be grateful that he is off the scene. And that brings us to one last point. Did Jim Bakker actually have a stroke? I am not asking that lighly. In the late 1980’s didn’t Jim Bakker fake medical issues in a way to try and create sympathy? It seems like these medical issues or problems only happen when he government is on the heals of Jim Bakker. While I would never wish malice on anyone I do have doubts about the medical claims being made. Once a conman always a conamn. Jim Bakker will live out his life being a conman. 


5 thoughts on “Is Jim Bakker Facing Bankruptcy and Financial Ruin in the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Update on the Discredited Televangelist

  1. Nixon is claiming that Bakker is having his religious freedom infringed and that he is being unfairly targeted.

    i.e. “PERSECUTION!!!!!”

    Message from Lori Bakker:



  2. I am amazed that there are people who follow a grifter.

    The key to a successful swindle is to get the marks emotionally as well as financially involved in the con. And get them in too deep to ever back out. Because if they did back out, they would have to admit to themselves that they got conned. And to avoid that they will not only keep pouring more money in but defend the con man even as he’s taking them to the cleaners.

    The trick is to turn the con into a Cult with the con man as the Cult Leader.

    The type example of suckers fanatically defending the con man was the “Sir Francis Drake Fortune Inheritance” swindle which lasted from 1919 to 1933. The marks contributed half a million to his defense fund and even after his conviction and sentencing gave another half million (equivalent to $10-20 million today):


  3. Jim Bakker should never have re-entered the ministry once his first one dissolved in corruption and personal shame.

    I do not wish harm to anyone, but best Bakker use the stroke as a good reason to leave ministry forever. It would be the best decision.


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