Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Virginia: Christians Who Want to Attend Church in a Pandemic Have Shallow Faith. They Don’t Spiritually Care for Their Neighbor and Worship a God Who is a Snowflake

These past two days I heard about more COVID-19 infections and a death. It was shocking. Meanwhile an evangelical church is suing the Virginia governor claiming their religious rights are being infringed. This post is a rant about Lighthouse Fellowship Church in the Chincoteague, Virginia area, and like minded churches. Please don’t email me about some of what I say. Sometimes one just has to speak their mind. And that is what this post is about.

“Science is basically an inoculation against charlatans.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson 

Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. 13 “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’[a] but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.

Matthew 21:12-13 NIV


The other day Virginia was in the news. The COVID-19 pandemic is spiking in the Washington, D.C. area. I know it not only because I read the news but because I know people afflicted. Just yesterday I heard of another person I know who was diagnosed with COVID-19. Want to know what we spoke about last Christmas? He talked about how nice it was to go home and have his parents in his home for the holidays. His elderly parents live in a spare bedroom and he has helped take care of them. When I heard of the COVID-19 positive I cringed and became upset. Please no I thought…. That follows today with another phone call from someone I know who has deep roots in New Jersey. Her childhood friend’s Mom died of COVID-19 in the ICU. Her organs failed on a respirator. And through Facebook she learned that one of her friends lost her father who died in the same hospital on the same day. They were a few rooms apart in the ICU. Honestly I wonder what I will hear tomorrow? So as I continue it hear about COVID-19 deaths and infections  I read an article in Bloomberg that bothered me about how Virginia is exempting churches from restrictions of groups larger than ten from meeting.  Virginia has stay at home orders in place and the Commonwealth is slowly lifting the orders but is figuring out how to do so to prevent the virus from spiking again. Really we are in the calm before the storm as this virus will spike again in the near future. Meanwhile a charismatic church in Chincoteague, Virginia sued the governor claiming their religious freedom was violated. Lighthouse Fellowship Church is led by Kevin Wilson. You can read about the situation here and here.  So for those who want to worship during a pandemic in person this blog has some thoughts about you and the God you worship. This post is going to be a rant with rough language. But damnit someone needs to say this right now. If you don’t want to read something rough I would stop now. 


Your Faith is Shallow and Weak

For people like Kevin Wilson and others who want to go to church in a pandemic. Your faith is shallow and weak. This blog would wonder how they would last and survive if the Roman government of Nero were in charge. If Kevin Nelson is feeling persecuted now can you imagine how he would react if Nero were calling the shots? The fact that people can’t worship online during a national emergency and stay strong spiritually shows what a failure of a Christian individual like Kevin can be. Christians like this are probably what bothered Dietrich Bonhoeffer and gave him indigestion. People study the scripture (I thought) to draw near to God. How many stories in Christian history are there of people who grew in solitude? Stories about people who leaned upon God in difficult times but emerged stronger. God help the Kevin Wilson’s and people of Lighthouse Fellowship Church. That might be too much to ask. 


They Don’t Give a Damn About Their Neighbor

Jesus taught that the greatest commandment was to love God with your heart, soul, mind and strength. Then you love your neighbor as yourself. Forgive me for saying this but God  damnit. Jesus must have been off his rocker. Why love your neighbor and care to help them out at all? The fact that Lighthouse Fellowship can’t follow the basic commands of Jesus tells me all I need to know about this place of worship. Next…. Its a damn tragedy that places like this exist. The only thing that they are doing in the end is validating atheism and the fact that Christianity is so flawed. People will know you by your love, again I thought. People know this church by it being a spiritual bully. So much for loving your neighbor. How sad is it that Kevin Wilson eagerly wants to kill his neighbor in the ICU so he can draw a paycheck. Again this is proof why religion can be such a racket. Here’s hoping that churches like Lighthouse Fellowship Church can one day be taxed. 


They Worship a God Who is Spiritually Impotent and a Snowflake 

Last I want to say the following. How should God be regarded? I know what theologians like John Piper teach about the sovereignty of God. Same with Mark Dever and others of the Neo-Calvinist movement. So who is the God of Lighthouse Fellowship Church? He is a snowflake. No! The God that Kevin Wilson worships is actually a pussy! A God who is impotent and can’t do anything. He balls and cries and is narcissistic. The poor bastard! He can’t deal with challenges such as people sheltering in place for a brief time. Now if the regular Jesus came by Lighthouse Fellowship Church he would probably kick the pastor in the ass so hard and chase him out of town. The sad part is here in Virginia you could probably find a lot of females with more balls than Kevin Wilson.  What a spiritual waste of a man! What a tragedy and how sad is the message he is conveying to the community. How sad that this is how people’s impressions of faith are. Why should a guy on the verge of being nothing care so much? Good question maybe tomorrow I will have an answer for you. 


Why This Post is So Rough…

This post is rough and difficult. Its done so specifically for a reason. The bullshit that comes out of places like Lighthouse Fellowship Church should anger Christians. This pandemic is bringing out the worst of people. You can read about this in, “How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Going to Reveal the Dark Flaws and Systemic Issues of Evangelical Christianity.”  For Kevin Wilson it shows me why religion is a business. Milk people for money and squeeze them. Kevin Wilson is nothing but a fraud. When people are dying its time to call out places like Lighthouse Fellowship Church. Back to back I heard about people being infected and of someone processing the death of someone they knew. If that doesn’t anger you especially when you here about clowns like Kevin Wilson I must ask are you human? Do you care that people are dying? Or will it take the loss of an immediate family member, neighbor or friend of the family to wake people up. I struggle with prayer after my parent’s deaths. But there are times I want to ask God (if he’s there…) to make evangelicalism just disappear. How would our society improve if many evangelicals just disappeared? Who knows can one pray for a reverse rapture? Maybe that is what will happen. One day you will hear a trumpet announcing the coming of Jesus. Then people like Kevin Wilson are being raptured up. Kevin is all smiling and aglow. While Scotty is beaming him up Jesus descends from the clouds approaching the earth saying, “You can keep heaven, fuck it, I will stay down here. Stay the hell away” End rant. 

8 thoughts on “Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Virginia: Christians Who Want to Attend Church in a Pandemic Have Shallow Faith. They Don’t Spiritually Care for Their Neighbor and Worship a God Who is a Snowflake

  1. Then here in Wisconsin, the corrupt court strikes down the safer-at-home order and people fill the bars, saying things like, your fear shouldn’t keep me from living…. I don’t know how many of these people are Christians (especially since Evangelicals tend to be against bars), but I see a lot of danged selfishness in our country right now.


    • …and people fill the bars, saying things like, your fear shouldn’t keep me from living….

      Will they have armed militiamen making sure they stay open, like that barbershop in Michigan?

      And those bars in Milwaukee will also be jammed with people (including carriers) coming over the state line from Chicago, which has surpassed NYC as the new Hotspot of the pandemic.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And speaking of barbers, tonight I saw a clip about a barber in NY who stayed open under the table and not only contracted COVID but infected at least 13 of his customers.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you could have left out the God is a snowflake thing, but otherwise, I’d agree. However, you are also NOT mentioning the OTHER PEOPLE, who is NOT necessarily Christians, but AMERICANS who are fighting for their RIGHTS as CITIZENS, instead of CHRISTIANS. How about that barber in New York who was defiant? He has the virus now.

    How about the patrons of bars in Wisconsin…ya, they serve FERMENTED DRINK in bars, a place where you won’t find many Christians, especially of the Southern Baptist…or is it EVANGELICAL persuasion?

    Look, COULD YOU BE MORE OBJECTIVE instead of slamming Christians here? Of course you can’t. It’s not your style!

    Ed Chapman


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