Hemant Mehta’s Ten Reasons Why People are Abandoning Christianity

Hemant Mehta published a video explaining why people are walking away from Christianity. Its a list of ten items that should come as no surprise. Many of these help explain why people have pushed back and walked away from faith. The one that should be on the list that is not is that Christianity does not provide a satisfactory answer to the problem of evil. 

“When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

Stephen Roberts

From the Reason Rally in 2016 in Washington, D.C.

Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist had a video recently that explained the ten reasons why people are leaving Christianity. The ten reasons are below but make sure you watch the video. You can see Hemant’s post in, “10 Reasons People Are Leaving Christianity.” Go and check it out the one item I would add is that Christianity doesn’t provide an answer to the problem of evil that is satisfactory.

  1. The Internet. The Internet is the greatest threat to religion since Charles Darwin. It is the internet that allows people to learn and fact check pastors, the Bible and more. The internet is leading to the death of faith for many people. People can read about science and why evolution is true. They can find stories about their pastors or church. 
  2. Politics. The marrying of Evangelical Christianity with politics has been a disaster. Younger people are rejecting faith as they see it being too political. The embrace of Donald Trump by evangelicals reveals that faith is not about salvation and learning about the Lord. Evangelicalism is a political party. Younger people are bolting for the doors because of politics. 
  3. Morals. Evangelicals have moral issues. They deny moral rights to gays, women and more. They want a woman to stay at home and be the classic housewife as defined in Ozzie and Harriet. A woman just submits to her husband and his will. Evangelicals also practice discrimination against religious minorities. 
  4. Hypocrisy. The difference between what Christians preach vs how they act has never been wider. Evangelicals can be opposed to abortion but a number have gotten abortion. They talk about being against porn and then are caught up in sex scandals. They talk about gays being lost and some of the people condemning gays are gay themself. They have covered up moral or financial crimes which is on display to the world. Evangelicals should be associated with hypocrisy. 
  5. Children. People are not having kids and that is allowing people to leave church and now are rejecting religion. Those that do have kids do you want them to be taught to hate gays? With sex abuse do you want to have that youth pastor mentor your children. 
  6. Science. Climate change is real and evangelicals reject science. For young people science is important. Evangelicals have long been on the record of being against science. Many people accept evolution and that is important for many. Literal creationist teaching is killing faith for many people. 
  7. Sex. Evangelical teaching about sex is bad. It has psychologically affect kids and those raised in the purity culture. Sex is not something to be ashamed or, instead its healthy and normal. Abstinence only sex education is foolish Evangelicals don’t know what consenting sex is because of the culture they were raised in. Evangelicals teach that sex is shameful. 
  8.  Dating. Internet dating has grown and changing dating habits have pushed people away from church. It used to be you met people at church and dated. Now more people are open to dating those outside of faith, or other religions. 
  9. Friends. People are tied to religion not because they believe it. They go to church to have friends. Today people are finding friends in other communities online and in their neighborhood. That allows people to walk away from church. 
  10. Ritual. People are rejecting ritual. You don’t need church to get married. People are finding new ways to have substitutes for religion. Religious holidays are losing appeal. 

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  1. Does this apply to Christianity or to American Evangelicalism? Do we have research on widespread abuse in worldwide Christianity that is not directly tied to the USA?


  2. The embrace of Donald Trump by evangelicals reveals that faith is not about salvation and learning about the Lord. Evangelicalism is a political party.

    A political party enamored with the ideal of Dictatorship.

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