David You Can Go Die Now You Are a Weaker Part of Society and Offer No Value. How Many Immunocompromised People Are Disturbed by the Behavior of Others?

In the COVID-19 pandemic it is startling that many people have no concern for the immocompromised of our society. How many are noticing those they know in social media focused on themself or opening the economy but not caring about the vulnerable? Should asthmatics like myself be sacrificed for the economy? Should we bite the bullet for the economy? Should people like myself plan our deaths so you can go have that beer or go to that restaurant and shutdowns can end? 

The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.

Hubert Humphrey


My Mom told me this story years ago. Shortly after I was born I was brought home from the hospital. As an infant my Mom saw me struggling to breath and I was brought back where I was diagnosed with asthma. My Mom told me of the nights and times she paced the room holding me in her arms as an infant trying to comfort me so I could breath easier. Asthma has been a part of my life. I am regularly on medicine to manage it and see a doctor for check ups. When I played football there were times were I went from the football field to the emergency room for breathing treatment. It was a challenge and became an issue. I will admit its been frustrating at times and I often wish I never had asthma at all. But there has been no time where I am more sensitive about it than right now during COVID-19. 

When I scan the social media and read the news there is something that I am noticing that is deeply troubling to me. A lot of people are screaming “open the state” but are not saying anything at all about the vulnerable or the immunocompromised. There is no talk or plan about what people who have undergone chemotherapy, have diabetes, asthma, brights disease or more are going to do. A few will tell them they need to stay at home. For others its almost like they feel a need to sacrifice the weak for the sake of the economy or Wall Street. Some of these people are evangelicals, They will talk about abortion and the sanctity of life but on this issue they are ready to euthanize grandma and offer her as a sacrifice so that things can be “normal.” As I read the Nicole Hecks, Kevin Byrums, and other Christians and more I can almost imagine them turning to me and saying, “Dave you just have to bite the bullet for the economy. You have to die now so that we can move forward.” I have never felt more vulnerable or anxious. And the absence of facts is deeply distressing. Some of these people are sharing posts on social media about heartbeat abortion bills, and what Planned Parenthood is doing. But then they are ready to ignore other forms of life. And it leaves me with this question in my mind. Should I choose my coffin? Should I plan my memorial service? If I get COVID-19 as an asthmatic it will more likely be a death sentence because of this preexisting condition. So for those of you who are screaming about the economy and “Open the state” should I plan my funeral for your pleasure so if I get COVID-19 you can go to the bar while I am placed in an ICU hooked up to a breathing machine? 

If you remember when September 11, 2001 happened there were concerns in a number of ways. Government leaders and people were concerned about the psychological and mental health effects of 9-11. Others were concerned about the stress and diseases that came in the asbestos release in Manhattan from the destruction of the Twin Towers. Others were concerned for each other and people helped each other out. People put life on pause for the greater good and they took care of the neighbor or the stranger. Today people seem to be much more selfish. Its almost as if there is a narcissism epidemic. 

How many other people out there who are in immunocompromised situations are also anxious? How many are disappointed in their friends, “Christians” and others? How many are troubled that the issue of the immunocrompromised is not raised or discussed at all? If you have a medical condition that is an issue can you relate to any of what I am saying? How many of you who have a medical condition feel like you are disposable and a weight on society? You’re a threat to someones’ 401K or for someone to go out an have a beer?  How many are feeling anxiety issues because of the way others are acting? This is a post that I was encouraged to do as it dealt with some anxiety now as an asthmatic.  Do others feel the same way? Should people like myself and others be sacrificed for your pleasure and 401K? Please let me know because if that is how people want it I will contact the funeral home and start to plan my own service. 


8 thoughts on “David You Can Go Die Now You Are a Weaker Part of Society and Offer No Value. How Many Immunocompromised People Are Disturbed by the Behavior of Others?

  1. J MIchael Jones (formerly Chrsitian Monist)’s latest blogpost on the subject includes a photo of one of the “OPEN UP THE STATE!” protestors – a woman with a sign that says “SACRIFICE THE WEAK! OPEN UP!”

    My first thought was “Is She CHRISTIAN(TM)”?
    Given the current political alignments…


  2. Should people like myself plan our deaths so you can go have that beer or go to that restaurant and shutdowns can end?

    Blinks with starry-eyed incomprehension — “Why… YES!”

    And with Christians there are two other factors in play:
    They know they’re personally immune because “Jesus is My Vaccine”.
    And what does it matter if you die – all that matters is “Are You SAVED?????”


  3. I shared your article on My Facebook account as there is a number who are calling for the opening of the economy or talking at a great deal about conspiracy theories.

    I wrote, “The second wave of deaths will be worse than the first. Be careful demanding the opening of the States. You might be in the second wave. Being 65 years of age, as well as a diabetic and an asthmatic, I might be joining you.”

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  4. Very good post! I hear ya! However, there is a story about a woman in Texas in jail, because she’d rather feed her kids than not work. I guess she had all safety precautions, but… was arrested. You might want to look into that. Government over reach. Especially when you see bail less arrests, no arrest if a theft is under a certain high number figure, etc. But she gets jailed cuz her kids need food. Where is the balance?


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