Southern Baptist Pastor Joel Bowman is Calling for Al Mohler to Apologize to Bill Clinton

Al Mohler recently did a 180 and announced he now supports President Donald Trump. His hypocrisy has brought out a lot of controversy and an African-American pastor is now calling Mohler out. In the process Joel Bownman is telling the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President that he needs to apologize to Bill Clinton.

“Most principles are limp until they are tested.”

Richard Brookhiser

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, 4 because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people— 5 the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel 6 that has come to you.

Colossians 1:3-6 

Al Mohler

This following letter has received traction on Warren Throckmorton’s blog and I would like to get this out there into cyber space to a wider audience. This blog needs to sit down and compose a post about the history of Al Mohler, the culture wars and politics. If I were to describe Mohler in one word its the following – politician. I view him as a theological version of Mitch McConnell, someone who lacks principles and just craves power. Mohler will pimp himself out for power at any cost.  Joel Bowman, who is an African-American pastor of Temple of Faith Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky composed an open letter to Mohler on Facebook. Mohler switched and decided to support Donald Trump and emphasize the culture wars and the Supreme Court in the process. In this blog’s view Mohler threw away his legacy and I am asking the question, how is he any different than First Baptist’s Robert Jeffress? Can you say that Jeffress has more character than Mohler? I took this letter from Throckmorton’s blog and you can read it below. Bowman is calling on Al Mohler to apologize to President Bill Clinton. 

Open Letter to R. Albert Mohler, President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dear Dr. Mohler,

I am writing to you in this medium, because the likelihood of you meeting with me face-to-face is quite low. Moreover, your public remarks require my public response.

Sir, you said during the 2016 election cycle, to support then candidate, Donald J. Trump, would cause evangelicals to lose moral credibility. You also said if you were to support him, you would owe President Bill Clinton an apology, given your judgement of his character. Now, you are endeavoring to be president of the SBC, and suddenly, you announced not only your support for Trump, in 2020, but that you would vote Republican for the foreseeable future. Given your position, as well as the position you endeavor to hold, you did not have to voice support for any candidate or party, in 2020. Further, I think it would have been wise for you not to do this.

1. You owe Clinton an apology. Not to give him one speaks of lack of integrity on your part.

2. Given your influence among Southern Baptists and white evangelicals, as a whole, you have inextricably tied the evangelical movement to the Republican Party, for better or for worse, and,

3. Your book, “Conviction to Lead” no longer has a place in my library. It wreaks of hypocrisy and ecclesiastical opportunism.

It grieves me to say you have, in my estimation, lost all moral credibility. You no longer have a prophetic voice. Now, you simply blend in with popular, politicized evangelical thought. Rather than being an apologist for the Gospel, you have become an apologist for political conservatism. Your assertion that a vote for Trump or a Republican candidate is THE expression of a Biblical world view is myopic and tribalistic.

You once had my high respect, though we disagreed on some secondary and tertiary issues. As a Louisville pastor for 21 years with affiliation within the Louisville Regional Baptist Association, Kentucky Baptist Convention, and some involvement in the SBC, I am deeply disappointed. I feel like ripping your chapter out of the book, “Removing the Stain of Racism from the Southern Baptist Convention”. It is all meaningless chatter, empty rhetoric to me, now.

There was a time I was working toward stronger involvement within the SBC, through the Cooperative Program. Due, in part, to your recent remarks, I am placing this on hold. As an African-American of evangelical theology, I lack confidence in your leadership in the area of Biblical justice.

I pray the Holy Spirit convict you in this area. I say all of this with every ounce of love and respect I can muster, as your brother in Christ.


Rev. Joel A. Bowman, Sr.
Founder & Senior Pastor
Temple of Faith Baptist Church
Louisville, Kentucky


4 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Pastor Joel Bowman is Calling for Al Mohler to Apologize to Bill Clinton

    • I’m not with this guy. Imagine this, many black people will vote for Trump in the next election. Those blacks will be marginalized, afraid and scared to make any opinions, all because of a few prominent high profile black preachers. I’m no Al Mohler fan, but people are allowed to change their minds. But apparently, not with you or the SBC.

      The SBC hates government at all cost. You love government. Both you and the SBC hate Trump. Both you and the SBC claim that your morality exceeds that of others.

      Self righteousness is something that i loath in both you, and the SBC.

      No one is moral. No one. But self righteous people think they are above everyone else.

      Shame on you and the SBC and that preacher. People can change their mind. No one owes Bill Clinton an apology.

      Ed Chapman


      • Ed your bias is showing. An apology to Bill Clinton doesn’t undo the Lewisnky saga. It shows the motivation for it all along. It was about power. What kind of Christian doesn’t practice forgiveness Ed? A charlatan that is who.


      • One polarity of Trump Derangement Syndrome is always found wed to the opposite polarity of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

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