The COVID-19 Pandemic is Bringing Out the Worst Problems of Evangelical Christians as it Drags On. Brief Commentary on What I am Seeing

Today this blog saw some disturbing information on social media. Some from people tied to my former church Wooded Hills. And in a couple of other cases elsewhere on social media. The COVID-19 pandemic is showing that evangelicals are naked and revealing who they are. This afternoon I got a taste. Most of this post is a rant.

“If you think you’ve gone insane … you’re nuts.”

Stephen King

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

Romans 10:14-15 NIV

Jesus is my vaccine!

I am doing a flurry of posts this evening but what triggered this burst in writing is what I am seeing on social media. Over the time-span of a day I saw a number of things that deeply disappointed and reminded me of why I am not evangelical anymore. I can’t suspend reality and stick my head in the sand and buy into the conspiracy theories I am seeing. While some of this is coming from people I knew from Wooded Hills Church like Nicole Heck or Kevin Byrum I am also seeing it in other forms as well. This is a sampling of what I am seeing. 

  1. A number of people from Wooded Hills seemed fixated on Dr. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi. Those two doctors are discredited and being rebuked by the medical community and medical associations for putting our misinformation and confusing people. And what I see at Wooded Hills is people spreading and pushing disinformation online. I already wrote about this in, “Wooded Hills Church in the Milwaukee Area, Junk Science and the COVID-19 Pandemic.”  On The Daily Beast there is a fascinating podcast called “The New Abnormal” which is about life in a pandemic. The podcast is led by Rick Wilson and Molly Jong Fast. Toward the end of the podcast there is a segment called, “Fuck that Guy” which deals with someone causing a problem or is problematic. So in the spirit of “The New Abnormal” The Wondering Eagle in this one occasion is going to do a “Fuck that Guy.” And this blog’s “Fuck that Guy” for the day is my former worship leader at Wooded Hills Bible Church Kevin Byrum of Menominee Falls, Wisconsin. He earns the “Fuck that Guy” award for his diligent efforts to spread disinformation multiple times and double down and to keep pushing conspiracy theories related to Dr. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi. If only he spent as much time in reality how things could ‘ve different. Sorry Kevin YouTube is a private company and they have the right to take down misinformation. That’s also stated on their platform. Nothing conspiratorial at all.   It takes a lot to suspend your critical thinking skills and buy into junk science. You remind me as to why I am done with evangelicalism and no longer involved. To be involved in some of these organizations you almost need a spiritual lobotomy to tow the line and take things hook, line and sinker. Here is to the kool-aid! Drink up Kevin!!
  2. I also noticed that some people are into prosperity gospel personality Paula White. My jaw dropped when when I saw a person sharing White’s material on social media. Up until that time I wondered, “Who the hell could possibly buy into what she is saying?” Well this afternoon I learned and its not pretty. That tells me more about how toxic a place can be and the lack of critical thinking skills. So for those who attend Wooded Hills make sure you turn over your inheritance or property to Paula White’s ministry. And after you are done Jim Bakker wants to sell you a house that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Its in Wichita, Kansas and is a steal at $250,000 but the view of the ocean is beautiful!! Make sure you sell him the clothing you are wearing while you are at it. 
  3. There were a couple of comments by people demanding that Wisconsin or other states open now. In the comments you read things like, “me, me, me” or “I, I, I.” And it was stuff like, “I don’t want to be at home.” Or they are saying that “COVID is just the flu and its not that bad…” Or they are talking about how they want the church to re-open.  So here is the deal these people want to go back to church. They don’t give a rat’s ass about their neighbor but they want to go back to church. THEN when they do they will talk about evangelizing their neighbors or reaching others with Jesus’s love. Never mind the fact that violating social distancing can result in killing people or sending them to the emergency room struggling to breath.  So much for loving your neighbor! Let me ask a question do you want them to see Jesus and help transmit a virus so they can see Jesus? Is that what church is about? I would suggest that those who want to get back to church so they can lift their hands or have that emotional worship experience that gives them a tear are addicted to church. So this blog has some advice for evangelicals talking about how they want to disregard safety and get back to church for an emotional worship experience.  As a substitute instead of worshiping in church why don’t you go to your computer access porn and masturbate to it. In the end its the same thing as going to church and listening to a bad worship band and getting off to the emotional high. Evangelical worship is spiritual masturbation for many evangelicals getting that high in endorphins. 

Some of what I saw left me disappointed. And it left me wondering what I was involved with in evangelicalism. This pandemic is bringing out the worst of evangelicalism. Its showing how selfish and self centered evangelicals can be. It shows how out of it evangelicals are. The process or rejecting science is leading to terrible decision making and shows how lost they are. The sad part is that their ignorance is going to validate what Charles Darwin said about evolution as the virus works its way through evangelicals. If its just themselves then I would not shed a tear. But the fact that they could kill people around them is what makes me boil. Evangelicals love to talk about family values and personal responsibility. They railed about gays being irresponsible  and immoral when they contracted HIV. They rail about teenagers having sex and get in knots when a school board wants to expand sex education in a school system. On and on it goes but here is a situation that is showing how off kilter evangelicals are. Earth to evangelicals!! Earth to evangelicals!! You’re naked as a movement!!! You are showing the world who you are!! End rant and I am off to bed.