Why Jason Dees and 9 Marks’ Christ Covenant Church Will Not be Able to Reach the Lost of Atlanta

Jason Dees the senior pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia became authorterian on Twitter and quickly blocked me. When informing him about abuse he turns around and makes the abused person the issue. By deflection and downplaying he is paying his dues inside 9 Marks. To quote John Piper Jason is an example of a wasted life. As a result of the bubble he lives in he will not be able to reach the lost of Atlanta.

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

John Bradshaw 

“The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness…. This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”


In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death— even death on a cross!

Philippians 2:5-8 NIV 

This blog was born out of a spiritual abuse situation from Redeemer Arlington in the Washington, D.C. area. At the time it involved a military officer and Jordan Kauflin mishandled the situation and let him go without coming close to what an attorney advised me at the time to accept. The unresolved mess dragged on and affected my Mom during a terminal illness in 2017. Recently this blog learned that Jordan Kauflin left Redeemer Arlington and went down and joined Christ Covenant Church. This blog wrote about the past abuse situation with Redeemer in several articles and also looked at the problems of 9 Marks. Here is a quick summary of the articles that have been written about Christ Covenant. 

  1. This article is about Jordan Kauflin leaving Redeemer Arlington and also an overview of Christ Covenant Church. This article also does a biography of Jason Dees. You can read this in, “Jordan Kauflin Leaves Redeemer Arlington to Join Christ Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia.” 
  2. The next article looks at the flaws of 9 Marks as practiced by Redeemer Arlington and now Christ Covenant Church. Cronyism and nepotism undermines 9 Marks. The scandal of C.J. Mahaney’s Sovereign Grace Ministries plays out in the children of SGM leaders. Not only did Jordan Kauflin fail to learn from his father’s mistakes Jordan is duplicating them. You can read about the flaws of 9 Marks in, “How My Spiritual Abuse Situation From Redeemer Church of Arlington Illustrates the Systemic Flaws of 9 Marks.” 
  3. This is an open letter to Jordan Kauflin that asks him why is he running and fleeing instead of working to resolve the situation or saying, “Dave I am sorry, I screwed up.” You can read that in, “A Fifth Open Letter to Jordan Kauflin (Why are you Acting Like C.J. Mahaney and Running From this Spiritual Abuse Situation?).” 
  4. David Deeter is one of the elders at Christ Covenant. I compare what he says about the church being so Biblical and honoring of God in bring aboard someone that has been tagged by unresolved conflict. The Christ Covenant elder helps explain why evangelicalism is corrupt. You can read more in, “David Deeter an Elder From Christ Covenant Helps Illustrate Why Evangelical Christianity is Abusive and Corrupt.” 
  5. Then this last post is an open letter to Christ Covenant pastor Jason Dees. Its an open letter explaining what happened from Redeemer Arlington and Jordan Kauflin’s role in the situation. You can read that in, “An Open Letter to Jason Dees (Senior Pastor at Christ Covenant Church Regarding Jordan Kauflin and Spiritual Abuse From Redeemer Arlington)” 


The Authoritarianism of Jason Dees 

Christ Covenant is a 9 Marks church in Atlanta and this totalitarian organization revealed its hand the other day. I followed Jason Dees on Twitter and shortly afterward get blocked which you can see above. What does Jason Dees do when he learns of misconduct or abuse? He turns the table and makes the abused the issue and defends the person who enabled the abuse. Jordan Kauflin led worship the other day.  The show most go on and the business most continue as money is at stake. That is what Christ Covenant is all about. For those on the inside my advice is that you cease reading your Bible and become well versed in George Orwell instead. Jason Dees in taking in Jordan Kauflin has shown that while all animals are equal some are more equal than others. 

In the 9 Marks system Jason Dees is paying his dues. And what does that mean? It means you cover up corruption and you protect the two tiered system. Christ Covenant in many ways is a mini version of North Korea. The only thing its lacking is the mass graves in the back to enforce church discipline and the camps to enforce his will. Recall what Joseph Stalin said about how one death is a tragedy and one million is a statistic. Oh if Jason Dees could follow along and live that life! But in the 9 Marks system he is paying his dues. If you remember in the Sovereign Grace Ministry scandal when all the sex abuse dragged on and the documents dumped C.J. Mahaney who boasted of his humility fled Covenant Life Church and hid behind Mark Dever’s “Gospel Centered” ass at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. In this situation Dees is paying his dues so that if Mark Dever ever covered up allegations of misconduct in faithful 9 Marks fashion he could run to Atlanta and hide behind Jason Dees rear end as well. In the history of this blog this is one of the quickest responses by a 9 Marks pastor that was authorterian. When I have been blocked by people it usually is not that quick. From Mack Styles or James MacDonald it took a few times. In the case of Jason Dees what does he do when he learns of misconduct? He responds in an authorterian manner. This raises the question what would Jason do if abuse was brought forward to him inside Christ Covenant Church? Would he do the right thing? What if that abuse involved the sexual assault of a child? Would he be part of the Southern Baptist Convention that has covered up and mishandled abuse? Or would Jason Dees respond in the proper way?  This blog has its doubts that the Christ Covenant pastor would do the right thing. 


Why Christ Covenant Will Not be Able to Reach the Lost in Atlanta 

Jason Dees authoritarianism also reveals another issue. This church will not be able to reach the lost in Atlanta. Last week his message was on the Bible being true and the other day he preached on Biblical womanhood. The only way people like Jason Dees can survive is within the smaller reclusive bubble that he lives. He can’t function outside that bubble. And outside that bubble is where the people are. In this cases they are most likely cannibalizing a couple of people from another church or picking up a few transplants. But Jason will not be able to breakout of that bubble or engage. He can’t deal with questions. Any situation where he is not in control he feels threatened. Look at how he reacts when someone follows him who has a different perspective. In this case he can’t deal with different points of view or perspectives outside his bubble. And in that context Jason Dees will be a failure. He won’t be able to preach the Gospel to many people in Atlanta. He won’t be able to engage the outside world at all. How can he if he feels threatened by differing thoughts? Jason Dees is what one would consider to be a wasted life. To paraphrase John Piper I can see him standing before God and saying…”Look Lord my spiritually abusive church that chases people away!” Like sands through the fingers this will be a wasted life. That is quite sad. 


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