Tom Nelson and Nathan Miller of Christ Community Church in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area Reflect on Grief and Loss in Shelter in Place During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Quarantine and sheltering in place is hard. I have been doing that and I acknowledge it is challenging. At the EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas area Tom Nelson and Nathan Miller spoke about grief as a result of the quarantine. 

“Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you.”

John Green

Christ Community Church in Downtown Kansas City. 

Quarantine is hard. Sheltering in place is hard. Where I live in Virginia we are sheltered in place until June 10, 2020. I am not angry at the governor as we are dealing with  a difficult virus. But in this difficult time I reflect on all that I have lost. I can’t travel up and down the East Coast like I want to. I had a trip planned to Kansas City and Kansas that was scrapped right before I purchased the ticket. I had a concert in the Kennedy Center here in Washington, D.C. that was canceled. I was looking forward to seeing Audra McDonald for the longest time. I can’t get together with a friend at a bar and have a beer. I can’t go to the gym and swim. I love to swim as that is how I deal with stress. Every spring I look forward to the largest model train show in the United States in York, Pennsylvania as that is something I long for. That was canceled. All social activities of my life have been canceled. I am not angry and honestly those who protest and are all “me, me, me” honestly strike me as a bunch of snowflakes. To hear them protest when I think of what the Greatest Generation did at Normandy on June 6, 1944 or the Battle of the Buldge in December 1944 in sub-zero temperature; is ridiculous. 

But one can grieve the loss of your previous life during this time. I appreciated the above video of Christ Community Church pastors Tom Nelson and Nathan Miller talking about grief during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to read more about grief during this pandemic for this sheltered in place you can do so  here and here. Since I couldn’t see Audra McDonald at the Kennedy Center I will close with a video and hope that one day down the road I will be able to see her in concert or in theater again. Its time for me to get some fresh air and walk in the neighborhood and prepare myself for another two days or being inside my condo.