David Deeter an Elder From Christ Covenant Helps Illustrate Why Evangelical Christianity is Abusive and Corrupt

At Christ Covenant Elder David Deeter explains how God is at work in this Neo-Calvinist church. This post looks at what the elder said and compared it with the hiring of Jordan Kauflin. The question that needs to be asked is did Jordan Kauflin share this abuse situation from Redeemer Arlington with the staff of Christ Covenant when he was being hired? This could reveal quite a bit about his character. 

“You can see God working in this church and it is amazing. I don’t know what I would have thought but I wouldn’t have quite dreamed that this many young people would be drawn to that kind of teaching and see God is moving and they are drawn to Biblical teaching that is a call to  Godly living and is a call to what God is doing and for them to really grow in their faith and its at a deeper level. Christ Covenant to Katey and I are really being calling and we have felt compelled to be involved in a church you see these lives changed. We’ve seen some of it in our own family. We’ve seen people restored with the hope of the Gospel. So I would say that we are just the front edge of that and yes you are seeing a sprinkling of what what the Holy Spirit is doing and what he is going to do. I think a lot of folks who are sitting and maybe watching this have a sense that they are on the front end of something that is going to be amazing ” 

Christ Covenant Elder David Deeter 

23 “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.

Matthew 5:23-24 NIV 

Jordan Kauflin leading worship at an Acts 29 church in Washington, D.C.

There are several posts which need to be written about Christ Covenant Church down in Atlanta. Christ Covenant is a 9 Marks church which Jordan Kauflin recently joined to lead worship.  In hiring Jordan Kauflin Christ Covenant is revealing why an evangelical church enables abuse and contributes to it. It especially stands in contrast to what Elder David Deeter says about Christ Covenant being a move of God. 


Christ Covenant Illustrates Why Evangelical Christianity is Abusive 

In evangelicalism people run from one church to the next or one ministry to another. They flee one situation and end up at a new place  with the faulty belief that problems or issues from their prior church stay behind. That is not true. When it comes to spiritual abuse it follows you and tags you as you move around. These type of stories and situations hang over a church. They color the attenders, raise questions of a place being a cult, and keep people away. In writing about Redeemer Arlington in the Washington, D.C. area this blog has been able to keep people away from Redeemer. I get notes and feedback from people who explain they were thinking of attending or getting involved and then they see my warnings. That process is now going to apply to Christ Covenant as well. A church that is toxic and brings on someone who enables abuse but becomes an accomplice. In evangelicalism these problems hang over the movement because that is how it functions. Evangelicalism is broken, dishonest, shady and deeply corrupt. In most professions a person who engages in abuse or doesn’t report abuse or handle it properly would lose their license or profession. That doesn’t happen in evangelicalism. As people move around the system never learns. Yet these same evangelicals proclaim themself as being “Godly” This is why evangelicalism is dark and abusive as a movement.


David Deeter is this the setting for spiritual abuse? How can a person who enabled spiritual abuse lead worship at Christ Covenant?


David Deeter’s Comments Are Cheap in the Context of Spiritual Abuse 

David Deeter is an elder at Christ Covenant in Atlanta. You can watch him speak in the video. David describes a place just awash in God. A place that has young people just eager to learn Godly and Biblical living. Its a place described where people learn and grow deeper in their faith. And he shares how the Holy Spirit is just working in the place. 

Its quite a pile of BS. Listening to David Deeter’s view of the spiritual culture and then considering who Christ Covenant hired reveals quite a bit about the health of the place. It also reveals the level of cognitive dissonance as well. As we all know actions speak louder than words. And the actions of Christ Covenant are quite revealing in this situation.  Earlier on in the video David Deeter talks about how involved God is in Christ Covenant that books will be written about it. Well I can affirm that a lot will be written about Christ Covenant. Its won’t be books but a blogger who writes a blog read by 1.3 million people and who travels (in normal times) up and down the Eastern United States.  If Christ Covenant is a move of the Holy Spirit wouldn’t that have flagged and caught Jordan Kauflin? That is a question that is buzzing in my head. 

What this blog would like to do is have David Deeter and the staff look at that picture  leading this section from my Mom’s terminal illness. Does that look like a situation where spiritual abuse belongs? Does that look like an appropriate setting for spiritual abuse to pop up? The reason why I took that picture is that at the time I was working and helping to manage my Mom’s illness. A number of neighbors and friends of my parents reached out regularly and asked how things were going. So one day I took that shot and gave it to my parent’s friends when explaining what was happening that day. Why didn’t Jordan Kauflin react and be more sensitive to this situation? I once told Jordan Kauflin that this issue needed to be resolved because one does not know what happens in life.That was a couple of years prior but I didn’t realize that it would be my Mom’s death with this situation popping up in a terminal illness. Why couldn’t Redeemer Arlington respect my family? This blog would like to know how is a worship leader who enabled and and mishandled an abuse situation supposed to lead worship at Redeemer Arlington or Christ Covenant? If he had a conscious or a soul he would do some hard searching and questioning. But having spiritual abuse pop up in a terminal illness well I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Why did Redeemer Arlington and Jordan Kauflin contribute to that mess and not resolve it? 


Did Christ Covenant Know of the Abuse Situation From Redeemer Arlington When they Hired Jordan Kauflin? 

Here is large looming question this blog would like to find an answer to. Did the leadership of Christ Covenant know about my abuse situation when they hired Jordan Kauflin? Did Jordan Kauflin tell them what happened? I can tell you that this situation can reveal quite a bit about Jordan Kauflin’s character. Did he explain this to Jason Dees or Blake Rogers? What about David Deeter? Or Jason Byars?  Or John Bridges or Ed Butler? Did this come up in the interview and hiring process?  Christ Covenant could have reached out to me and I would have been more than willing to discuss this situation. People have contacted me from time to time and I share the story. The character of Christ Covenant could be revealed in a lot of ways by that simple question, did they know this information about Jordan Kauflin when they hired them? If anyone from Christ Covenant can answer that question to me please email me at wonderingeagle261@gmail.com 

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