Liberty University is Dealing With COVID-19. Did Falwell Needlessly Expose Students to Harm? And Why Didn’t Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Advocate to Close the School?

COVID-19 has arrived at Liberty University. This happened after Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly misled the Lynchburg, Virginia local government in saying the dorms would be closed. Its this blog’s belief that Falwell is being negligent. This post also looks at Dr. Thomas W. Eppes who refused to close the university, and asks the question why is he practicing medicine in Virginia? When students from Liberty start to show up in the morgue a group of parents should band together and file a lawsuit against the school. Much of what I am writing about today could have been prevented.

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Mark Twain 

“I partner with my patients and work with them to develop an individualized treatment plan based on their specific needs. My focus is patient-first, and my goal is always optimal health for my patients. I believe trust and honesty are key elements in the patient-physician relationship, and I work closely with my patients to keep them well.

How Dr. Thomas W Eppes describes himself.

As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.

Proverbs 26:11 NIV

Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty freshmen dorm tour by Ariel Alena, or a petri dish for COVID-19? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has arrived at Liberty University and this blog has a lot of thoughts  In my research it appears to be the New York Times which is breaking this story.


An Overview of COVID-19 Starting to Break Out at Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr decided to re-open Liberty University and encouraged students to return to campus after Spring break. If you want to read more you can do so in,Jerry Falwell Jr is Keeping Liberty University Open as Local Officials and Marybeth Davis Baggett Plead Otherwise. Remember if its Christian It Must Be Better. That Applies to the Bodybags Liberty Will Use During a Pandemic.” According to a previous New York Times article about twelve students exhibited COVID-19 symptoms. That included coughing, fever and shortness of breath. Falwell brought the students back to Liberty against the promises be made to the government of Lynchburg, Virginia.  On March 30  the New York Times reported that Liberty had its first official diagnosis of COVID-19 while others are being tested. According to the Times article Liberty employees are living in fear and contacting the media and begging them to write about it so they can leave or work from home. In the Times article it reported Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Jr. left the door open and didn’t tell Falwell to close the school. In an interview Eppes said that he didn’t want to be presumptuous. Meanwhile the city government in Lynchburg is furious, there is more to say about Epps below. In addition an outbreak could stretch the ability of the community to care for its elderly. The region only has 1,174 hospital beds and 55 for intensive care. If you want to read more about COVID-19 at Liberty you can read the following articles. 

  1. Chronicle for Higher Education, “As Liberty University Reports First Covid-19 Case, Students and Parents Grapple With Conflicting Information.” 
  2. The Guardian, “Liberty University student tests positive for Covid-19 after Falwell reopens campus.” 
  3. Salon, “Liberty University student tests positive for COVID-19 after campus reopened by Jerry Falwell Jr.” 
  4. WSLS, “Liberty University answers FAQ about COVID-19, disputing NYT article about students showing symptoms.” 
  5. Yahoo News, “Nearly a dozen Liberty University students report COVID-19 symptoms after returning to campus.” 
  6. Michael Gerson in the Washington Post, “Jerry Falwell Jr.’s coronavirus response shows his staggering level of ignorance.” 


This Could Have Been Prevented, Falwell’s Negligence is Risking Life in Virginia. 

This situation I find deeply sad as it could have been prevented. The CDC health guidelines were clear but Falwell chose to spurn them. In his true narcissistic self he knew best and showed his ignorance. What is also disturbing is that the stories of COVID-19 in California reveal how dangerous the diseases can be for younger people as well. And by that I mean those that don’t have underlining medical conditions. The Los Angeles Times wrote and reported about how a healthy 25 year old pharmacy tech died in Riverside, California. Meanwhile the San Francisco Chronicle broke an exclusive and reported about how COVID-19 is spreading quickly on the USS Theodore Roosevelt in Guam. Many of the sailors on the ship are young in their late teens or early twenties and they are being infected at a fast moving pace. But when it comes to Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr dismissed the warnings. He popped up on Fox News or conspiracy theorists like Todd Starnes and just fanned the flames of conspiracy theories that had no truth. Jerry Falwell Jr forsook his duty and his neglect placed the lives of many students at Liberty University in danger. People like Ariel Alena in that video up above were neglected. What type of a leader of a school behaves that way? 


Plus What Kind of Doctor Doesn’t Advocate For Closing a School in a Pandemic? Some Thoughts on Dr. Thomas W. Eppes

In the New York Times article it states the following about Dr. Thomas W. Eppes

“As Liberty University’s spring break was drawing to a close this month, Jerry Falwell Jr., its president, spoke with the physician who runs Liberty’s student health service about the rampaging coronavirus.

“We’ve lost the ability to corral this thing,” Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Jr. said he told Mr. Falwell. But he did not urge him to close the school. “I just am not going to be so presumptuous as to say, ‘This is what you should do and this is what you shouldn’t do,’” Dr. Eppes said in an interview.

According to my research Dr. Thomas W. Eppes attended medical school at the University of Virginia. He does family medicine and specializes in COPD and asthma. He has been involved in the American Medical Association, Central Virginia Family Physicians and the American Academy of Family Physicians just to name a few. I remain baffled as to how Dr. Eppes conducted himself especially in light of what he claims to specialize in. That makes what I am about to say all the more difficult but its necessary to state the following. 

My father practiced neurosurgery in California for nearly four decades. At one point he was also the President of the the Western Neurological Society. I am a doctor’s kid and grew up in the medical community. My Dad would have taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously as would any practicing physician who is committed to science and the diligent practice of medicine. I would like to ask aloud why did Dr. Thomas W. Eppes fail in this situation? A doctor who treats COPD and asthma would take this most seriously. I know my physicians have, and so have those who work in the asthma and allergy field. Of all the people who should have known better? Who has been trained and who had the background to have blown the whistle on this danger? Dr. Thomas W. Eppes is that person. If what the New York Times said is true, and I believe the credibility of the Times above and beyond what is cranked out of Liberty; why didn’t Dr. Thomas Eppes tell Jerry Falwell Jr to close the school down? Why? Why? Why? He’s a doctor who was trained at a prestigious medical school in Charlottesville, Virginia. Surely in his medical training he learned about pandemics and infectious disease. Our history is full of them. I am referring to diseases like smallpox, yellow fever, scarlet fever, influenza of 1918, polio, measles and other outbreaks. Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Jr should have known and understood how pandemics and epidemics work. In the light of the facts if that is how Dr. Eppes is going to practice in the opinion of this blog he should not be practicing medicine and should not hold a licence to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Dr. Thomas W. Eppes has failed in this area. He failed as a doctor, staff member of Liberty and someone trained in medicine. 


This Blog is Encouraging a Class Action Lawsuit Against Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty 

Jerry Falwell Jr was negligent in how he functioned amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He placed the students under his care at risk and also the community of Lynchburg, Virginia. What is breaking out at Liberty could have been prevented or delayed. When some of the students from Liberty University die in the ICU of the hospital down there attached to respirators parents should band together and bring a massive lawsuit against Liberty.   Lawsuits are needed in evangelicalism as that is the only way to bring about the needed change that must take place. Jerry Falwell Jr did not worship Jesus, instead he worshiped the American President at the time. President Trump was his personal Lord and Savior who remains the incarnation from Falwell’s perspective. When students at Liberty pass away if will be because Jerry Falwell’s god demanded a sacrifice due to his malignant narcissism. And when the remains of Liberty students like Ariel Alena are laid at the alter of worship as an offering then Liberty will come into perspective and people will see what the organization is about. Its a cult, a family business of the Falwell’s who pimp it out to make money. Jerry Falwell Jr does not believe in God, the Bible for him is a prop. Its nothing more. But when Liberty students start to show up in the morgue its this blog’s hope that a massive lawsuit is brought against Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty for negligence and a loss of life that could have been prevented. 

7 thoughts on “Liberty University is Dealing With COVID-19. Did Falwell Needlessly Expose Students to Harm? And Why Didn’t Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Advocate to Close the School?

  1. “Michael Gerson in the Washington Post, “Jerry Falwell Jr.’s coronavirus response shows his staggering level of ignorance.” ”
    As a parent I would suggest to my daughter that she not return to Liberty. I realize time/credits and money would be forfeited, but I’d rather follow the advice of medical specialists and scientists rather than “Junior’s” foolish decision to have all students return to campus. I would then suggest my daughter start searching for a different college to attend for the Fall semester because I would not be paying another dime to “Junior’s” fiefdom!

    IMO “Junior” is incompetent and should be removed from his position.

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  2. As an evangelical Christian, I am horrified at the presumptuousness of Christians who believe they have some miraculous protection from natural disasters (I include pandemics in that list). There have been approximately well over 150 pandemics experienced in the Church’s 2,000-year history and there is no reason to assume the death rate amongst the godly was any less than the secular population.

    “These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. IN THE WORLD YOU HAVE TRIBULATION, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

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    • Thanks Alan. I am horrified that so many people have needlessly been placed at risk. This was preventable. For me what Falwell did was no different than the kids who partied on that beech in Florida who chose to disregard the warnings. He should have known better.

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  3. Liberty University is Dealing With COVID-19.

    Is anyone surprised by this?

    Did Falwell Needlessly Expose Students to Harm?

    With Long Prayers and God-talk for Justification.
    Just like a lot of megas.

    And Why Didn’t Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Advocate to Close the School?

    Who pays Dr Eppes’ salary?
    Who can not only fire but blacklist him as Disloyal?


    • Well if loyalty trumps medicine then Dr. Epps should not be practicing medicine here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. His decision was reckless in many ways and left the door open to harm. He should have been dedicated to the patient enough to encourage and warn about the risk and call for Liberty to be closed. Even if Falwell said no, he would have been on the record of trying to close Liberty. Epic fail for someone who practices medicine in my book.


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