Did Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University Bully and Threaten a College Student into Silence? Here is Why I am Asking This Question

The other day while working on a post I noticed that the Twitter account of a Liberty University student who organized a protest against Jerry Falwell Jr was closed. This is a post asking if Liberty University retaliated against Elizabeth Brooks for her calls for an independent financial investigations of Liberty’s finances after Brandon Ambrosino wrote about it in Politico. Did Liberty University threaten a college student because of Jerry Falwell Jr’s narcissism? This is a post designed to ask questions and flush out some answers. 

“The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.”

George Orwell

For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This has now been witnessed to at the proper time.

1 Timothy 2:5-6 NIV

Students protesting at Liberty University

In September of 2019 Liberty University erupted into another scandal when Politico published a damning article about Jerry Falwell Jr. The article raised questions about Falwell violating the 501(c)(3) status of the school. The article implied that Liberty was not a college but a real estate hedge fund of Jerry Falwell Jr. Brandon Ambrosino broke the story. The article looked at alleged shady financial transactions that took place and also asked questions about Falwell’s character. For example  one of the issues that came forth was about Falwell partying in a night club in Miami which many Liberty students could not. Plus Jerry Falwell regularly boasted about the size of his penis and how his wife could not take it. For more you can read the following articles. “An Explosive Politico Article Raises Questions About Financial and Other Misconduct at Liberty University. In Response Jerry Falwell Jr Attacks and Claims There is a Coup Against Him” and “From Mark Driscoll to Jerry Falwell Jr. Why the Explicit Sex Talk? Are a Number of Evangelical Leaders Sociopaths?” 


What Happened to Elizabeth Brooks on Twitter? Did Liberty University Threaten and Silenced Her? 

When the financials issues arose it angered many former alumni as well as some current students. One of the students Elizabeth Brooks who attends Liberty organized a protest that made quite a wave. At a protest a number of Liberty students called for Falwell to have an independent investigation. And for the schools finances to be looked at. It was a brave and gutsy move that caught the attention of the national media. I wrote about it and did a couple of posts. You can see those in, “Pictures of the Protest at Liberty University on September 13, 2019 as Shared with The Wondering Eagle” and “An Open Letter to Elizabeth Brooks (The Liberty Student Who Organized the Protest of Jerry Falwell Jr).”

Now here is why I am writing this post. The other day when I was working on another article about Liberty I was poking around and I noticed something. The person who organized the protests at Liberty went silent on social media’s Twitter. All the tweets generated by Elizabeth Brooks have disappeared. In, “Preserving the Tweets on Twitter that Document the Liberty University Protest Against Jerry Falwell Jr on September 13, 2019” you can see that the Tweets were deleted but what was said still remains. 

Elizabeth is a brave individual and I am wondering if Jerry Falwell Jr didn’t bully or threaten her into being silent. Why do I say this? Falwell is a narcissist and has the same modus operandi as James MacDonald, Mark Driscoll, C.J. Mahaney and other evangelicals. But if this happened how would it have happened? Did Liberty tell Elizabeth Brooks that if she didn’t stop the criticism of Falwell she would be disciplined? That she would be expelled? If Brooks has financial aid to support her did Liberty use that as a weapon against her? Did Jerry Falwell Jr direct such an action against a student at Liberty? This blog would like to know but it also leave me with a question that also must be asked. 


Was a College Student Required to Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement? 

In modern evangelicalism there is one distinct mark when it comes to its practice.  That identifier is a non disclosure agreement or an NDA. Many ministries and churches from Mars Hill in Seattle to Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago and others have used NDA’s to silence critics and cover up alleged criminal activity. In order to to get Elizabeth Brooks to be silent did Liberty use financial aid against her and require her to sign an NDA for the rest of her time at Liberty and beyond? Liberty University in my view is a mini-totalitarian state. Think of it as a mini Soviet Union or North Korea minus the work camps and mass executions. Otherwise all the other aspects of Soviet or North Korean life apply. But if Liberty silence Elizabeth Brooks did it do so to silence other college students as well.  This post is an observation and based on being fluent and understanding totalitarian evangelical culture. As I have said before and will say to my death I am grateful for all the history I have studied in college and grad school of totalitarian regimes. Nothing could have helped me to understand evangelicalism than reading about the lives and policies of Stalin, Hitler, Erich Honecker and others.  This blog hopes that it is  wrong but I wonder if Liberty retaliated against a college student because of Jerry Falwell Jr’s narcissism. 


3 thoughts on “Did Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University Bully and Threaten a College Student into Silence? Here is Why I am Asking This Question

  1. Did Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University Bully and Threaten a College Student into Silence?

    Considering the type of man JFJr has shown himself to be, I’m pretty sure of it.


  2. Here’s another reason why I am so disturbed by being lumped in with “evangelicals.” I believe in Jesus, but feel that Falwell should be prosecuted, especially if there are any deaths of students who come back from Spring Break, get sick, die there or take it back home. It is woefully, intentionally negligent.

    And my brothers and sisters can lump all the criticism you want on me, but putting others in harm’s way is not loving your neighbor.

    One can believe in Jesus and yet call out this stuff. Jesus Himself did that.


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