On Fox Jerry Falwell Jr Claims that COVID-19 Is a Biological Weapon Created by North Korea and China. Plus The Controversial Liberty Leader States that the Coronavirus is Another Effort to Remove President Trump

Recently Jerry Falwell Jr went on Fox & Friends to explain that the COVID-19 virus was an attempt to remove President Trump now that the Mueller Report, impeachment and Article 25 of the Constitution failed. It was incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. Jerry Falwell Jr deserves no respect and he should be viewed as a demagogue who is a con-man. 

“Information is a difference that makes a difference. Truth is information that doesn’t change and self referential noise is a difference that doesn’t make a difference.”


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23 NIV

Jerry Falwell Jr.

This morning Martin Baron wrote an open letter at The Washington Post. Baron is the executive editor of the newspaper. If you have seen the movie Spotlight you will recognize him as being the executive editor of the Boston Globe. Under Baron’s leadership the Globe broke the story about the sexual abuse scandal and the Roman Catholic church. In the open letter at the Washington Post Baron wrote about the importance of correct information and the reasons why journalism should be supported. He pointed out that it was the Post that first reported about a flu like illness that was breaking out in Central China in January. You can read that open letter right here. I am writing about this because I want to compare and contrast accurate information and disinformation. 


What Jerry Falwell Jr Said on Fox and Friends About COVID-19 

On March 13, 2020 Jerry Falwell Jr went on Fox and Friends to speak about the COVID-19 pandemic. He spoke about how Liberty University was going to stay open. Then he said something that was much more concerning. At 1:33 in the video up above Jerry Falwell Jr called the COVID-19 pandemic political. He said that those who opposed President Trump could not remove him through the Mueller Report, or impeachment, or Article 25 of the Constitution did not work. So what they did was create a pandemic to go after President Trump. Falwell Jr explained that North Korea worked with China to create a bioweapon against the United States. If you would like to read more about this you can do so in the following press reports. 

Liberty University eventually reversed course and decided to move classes online. A Liberty parent challenged Falwell and some students became upset. You can read more about that decision  here

Some Thoughts on Jerry Falwell Jr. and Liberty University

I really like what Bill Kristol said on Twitter. I lifted the tweet and inserted it into this post. This claim by Falwell is one of the most irresponsible and reckless claims that I ever heard. The other day I worked on a post about Jim Bakker which you can read in,Jim Bakker Sells a “Cure” for the Coronavirus. The New York Attorney General Responds by Serving a Cease and Desist Letter. Meanwhile the Missouri Attorney General Sues the Discredited Televangelist for Fraud.” When I did that post I spent some time reading up and watching some of the PTL scandal and Jerry Falwell Sr. When I watched that I realized was much more sane. That is hard to say because I also recall what Falwell Se said about September 11, 2001. But in comparison with the son, Falwell Jr is an ass. Falwell Jr deserves no respect and is reckless. Part of the reason why I pushed back from evangelicalism is because I had a small group leader at my last church who went Liberty. He spent time talking about how great and wonderful Liberty is. I would scratch my head and think of what Falwell would shoot off on Twitter or on Fox and would be baffled. This blog has no respect for Liberty. The scandals keep coming and many Christians stay silent. Those who protested Jerry Falwell Jr after Brandon Ambrosiono’s article in Politico came out are brave. But many Christians turn the other way and thus enable the problems at Liberty. Then they wonder why people reject Christianity. Its not hard its the corruption, politics and the warped message. When you consider what Jerry Falwell Jr frequently says and the way he behaves I would wager that you can find more people exhibiting God’s grace and love in a gay bar or an atheist event then you could at Liberty. Let me rephrase this another way…didn’t Jesus say that people were to worship him in spirit and truth? How can you worship God in truth when you spend all your time making up conspiracy theories? When it comes to heaven I think you will find gays there and Jerry Falwell Jr noticeably absent.  This really troubled me and I wanted to do a brief post about Falwell. 


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  1. Plus The Controversial Liberty Leader States that the Coronavirus is Another Effort to Remove President Trump

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      • Remember the interpretation of Revelation where the Beast represents a corrupt political system and the False Prophet a corrupt religious system. In all Christian Apocalyptic fiction, which of the two is always the boss and which is always the fawning flunky?

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