Kirk Cameron’s Wife is Grateful that James MacDonald is Back in Ministry

This evening someone shared with me a screenshot of Kirk Cameron’s wife thrilled that James MacDonald is back in ministry. The Kirk Cameron family is kind of like that bad stick of gum that keeps turning up for all the wrong reasons. I guess Chelsea Noble is okay with a pastor who allegedly wants to plant child pornography being back in ministry.

“We need discernment in what we see and what we hear and what we believe.

    Charles Swindoll  

Whom have I in heaven but you?
    I desire you more than anything on earth.
26 My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak,
    but God remains the strength of my heart;
    he is mine forever.

Psalm 73:25-26 NLT

What Chelsea Noble said on Instagram

Left Behind with Kirk Cameron 

In 1999 I was brand spanking new to evangelicalism. My first Bible study was in Campus Crusade for Christ in Fresno State. That Bible study became a friendship of many different people. And I still keep in touch with a few of them. One night a group of us got together and watched Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind. It was a fateful night and one that I wish I could forget. Kirk Cameron’s acting was cheesy. The stunts were bad. It was a low grade c quality type of movie. Yet the evangelicals around me thought it the Gospel truth. Seeing Left Behind is kind of like seeing porn. Once its in your mind its hard to forget. And today I consider it to be one of the worst movies I have seen. It also introduced me to the faith and politics of Kirk Cameron and his family which my life could have done without. 


Kirk Cameron’s Wife is Thrilled James MacDonald is Back in Ministry 

Someone shared with me the above screen shot or Kirk Cameron’s wife grateful that James MacDonald is back in ministry. When I saw that screenshot I briefly vomited in my mouth. The Kirk Cameron family keeps turning up in all the wrong ways for all the wrong reasons. Now its James MacDonald being back and Kirk’s wife is thrilled. Please note that Chelsea Noble didn’t say that James MacDonald needs to repent or own what happened. It begs the question does Chelsea Noble think its okay for a pastor who wanted to allegedly plant child pornography on a computer? If so what does Kirk Cameron think about that? You can read more about James MacDonald and the allegations of child pornography in, “Mancow Muller Produces an Audiotape of James MacDonald Allegedly Wanting to Plant Child Pornography on a “Critic’s” Computer. Harvest Bible Chapel Elder Board Promptly Fires Him” and “The Allegation of Child Pornography and James MacDonald. Also a Question for Garrett Higbee.” James MacDonald has skipped town and no one knows where he went. The Cameron family lives in Agoura Hills, California which is in Los Angeles county. Agoura Hills is 35 miles northwest from downtown Los Angeles. Is Los Angeles where James MacDonald is heading to? Time will tell. For those from the Harvest Bible Chapel community what is you thoughts on  what Chelsea Noble said about James MacDonald being back in ministry? 


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    • Especially Volume 13 (the one set AFTER the Second Coming).

      Volume 12 ended with Armageddon and the opening and initial filling of the Lake of Fire with the Antichrist (damned for denying Young Earth Creationism) and everyone who Took the Mark. After which the two Mary Sue Author Self-Inserts walk away from the Judgment Seat with the comment “Now we can build a Truly Christian Nation”. And in Volume 13, you see that worldwide Truly Christian Nation in action for 1000 years.

      Ah, Jerry “Buck” Jenkins, Greatest Christian Author of All Time (GCAAT).
      Just like Kirk Cameron, Greatest Christian Actor of All Time (GCAAT).

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  1. James MacDonald has skipped town and no one knows where he went.

    Not even the unnamed guy at the gas station in Casper, Wyoming?
    You know, the one who recognized James MacDonald cold and prophesied over him that God was commanding him to go back into Ministry? (and we have only JMacD’s word that he ever existed…)


  2. What an uninformed, ignorant of the situation women! Is the Master of Deceit (JMac) working with her husband on another movie deal? Hey, Mrs. Kirk-lady, please find out what is going on from the people in the pews, rather than “spin-masters.”


    • But she’s Kirk Cameron’s Wife and Kirk Cameron is a Christian CELEBRITY!

      “If you voted for somebody just because your favorite celebrity did, you’re dumber than we are!”
      — Alice Cooper


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