David Platt’s McLean Bible is Now Pushing 9 Marks Material

Recently I was at McLean Bible and noticed something that was deeply troubling. McLean Bible is now officially pushing 9 Marks material. They were handing out a book by Mark Dever this morning at church and look at the number of books behind the welcome desk that they were working through. This blog stands ready for people to tell their stories of spiritual abuse at McLean Bible. Now its just a matter of time.

“Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

4 Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. 2 These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead.[a]

1 Timothy 4:1-2 NLT

Mark Dever of 9 Marks

Recently I was in McLean Bible and I saw something that deeply troubled me and it is leading to this quick post. In October of 2017 I did a post when I asked when will McLean Bible become more involved in 9 Marks? You can read that post in, “Indicators and Warnings of McLean Bible’s Theological Hijacking that Would Culminate with David Platt Becoming the Teaching Pastor: An Overview of the Changes Chronicled by The Wondering Eagle from 2015 Until 2017; Plus What I Believe is Coming Down the Pike.”


What McLean Bible is Handing Out at the Visitors Desk

Earlier I was at McLean Bible and I went over to the visitors desk to ask a few questions as I continue to do religious intelligence on McLean Bible. I saw the following book being handed out. And lest I think it was a one time occurrence I went behind the desk and saw the vast number of books they have to pass out. McLean Bible was passing out Mark Dever’s “What is a Healthy Church?” You can see the book below and also the large number of copies McLean Bible is working to pass out.

What they were passing out at the welcome desk at McLean Bible

Make sure you reach for plenty of Kool-aid

When Will McLean Bible Become an Official 9 Marks Church? Plus Its Time to Leave McLean

For me the official question is when is McLean Bible becoming a 9 Marks church? After this morning I checked the 9 Marks church search and they are not on there. But for me its now a matter of time before they do. You can’t pass out material like this and not be in that theological frame of mind. As McLean Bible descends deeper into Calvinism and becomes more controlling and abusive its time for people to leave. This blog remains as a platform for people to write and share their spiritual abuse stories. As a remainder it exists in part because of questionable abusive entities like McLean Bible. 


2 thoughts on “David Platt’s McLean Bible is Now Pushing 9 Marks Material

  1. Make sure you reach for plenty of Kool-aid…

    And never mind the smell of bitter almonds.


  2. The irony is palpable. 25 years ago, I would have rejoiced to see Calvinism and 9 Marks getting a foothold at MBC. I left MBC partially out of the sense that they would never be as theologically rigorous as I thought was necessary (amongst many other reasons). Now, so many years later, they are headed in the direction I wanted them to back then – but now (especially after some first-hand experience at CHBC) I see that as a potential tragedy rather than as an improvement.

    One thing does have me curious, though – MBC was built on the ever-expanding megachurch Willow Creek model – which, at the time I was involved at CHBC/9M, was the *antithesis* of how those folks thought a church should be run. Now, *they* are in charge of a Willow-esque megachurch. Is it possible to implement a 9M model in a church of that size and nature? Has MBC changed in the decades since I left to the point that the majority of attendees will go along with this? Will MBC grow or shrink as a result? And what will be the results of putting this model into action among the many lives of MBC’s families?


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