Is Paxton Singer Back to Being Guilty?

There is another update in the Paxton Singer case from Harvest Bible Chapel. This one is complicated and I lack the legal background to fully understand what is going on. As such I am going to link an article into the blog and let people who have the expterise explain what is going on. 

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Albert Einstein

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Romans 8:39-39 NIV

Harvest Bible Elgin

This is going to be a brief post mainly because I do not understand it. I am not trained in law, or the judicial system. And this blog wants to be careful to not put out false information out on the web. So what this blog is going to do is add a story to the archive as the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal drags on. According to the coverage in the February 11, 2020 Daily Herald, Paxton Singer has been found guilty and the judge is going back to that guilty decision. For more information I would encourage you to read the Daily Herald article in,Back to guilty: Judge vacates the vacation of Harvest Bible youth minister’s conviction.” If there are any people with legal knowledge please help break this decision down for those who do not have a legal background.