David Platt Repents for Not Preaching Against Abortion Earlier in His Pastoral Career. Here Are the Problems With Platt’s Teaching

At the March for Life rally David Platt who teaches at McLean Bible repented for not preaching against abortion more in his pastoral career when he was younger. This article discuss the issue of evangelicals and abortion. Its hard to take evangelicals seriously on abortion given their dishonest with the origins of the culture wars.

“I hate abortions, but just could not make that choice for someone else.”

Barbara Bush 

For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.[a]
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139: 13-14 ESV 

David Platt from McLean Bible 

David Platt appeared at the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. and he ended it by closing it out in prayer. He later repented of the fact that he did not preach enough about abortion earlier in his pastoral career. 


What David Platt Said at the March for Life Rally 

David Platt who is the teaching pastor at McLean Bible repented for not preaching against abortion earlier in his pastoral career. Here is how The Christian Post wrote about this topic. 

“There was a point as a pastor when I just kind of stayed away from abortion [because I’d think] that’s a political issue,” Platt, the lead pastor of McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, and author of Radical, told CP. “But I got really convicted. Far before it is any kind of political issue, it is a biblical issue that God speaks really clear about the value of life.”

“I have an obligation to do that, especially in a culture where so many children’s lives are taken in the womb,” he said as hundreds of thousands of abortions occur each year in the U.S.

“If we are going to be faithful to shepherd God’s people in this culture, we have to address this issue.”

Platt said he doesn’t remember exactly what year the Lord convicted him on the abortion issue, but said that he had already been a pastor for a few years at that time.

“I just kind of dodged abortion altogether,” he explained. “I had to repent before the Lord for sitting idly by and not doing anything personally or pastorally to mobilize people to see the value of life according to God’s Word.”

After the conviction, he not only began preaching on abortion and the value of life but he also helped mobilize his congregation to take action.

With The Christian Post Platt stated that McLean Bible is developing more adoption programs and foster care programs. This blog which writes about issues and problems with McLean Bible will do more analysis of those programs when they become available. 


Evangelicals, Unlike Catholics, Have a Shoddy Record When it Comes to Helping Pregnant Females

When evangelicals talk about abortion its honestly hard to take them seriously. When abortion was legalized evangelicals didn’t care about the issue because it was too Catholic for them. Today evangelicals say it was the legalization of abortion that made them involved in politics. But that is not true either as many evangelicals felt threatened about losing federal funding in schools that practiced segregation. You can read about that in this Politico article. Why can’t evangelicals be consistent in their facts? Evangelicals have long neglected the poor and when it comes to abortion they have only been focused on the first nine months of the infant’s life. Beyond that many evangelicals don’t care about helping to raise a child or offering support. Dare I say this? But many evangelicals have weaponized the fetus for political purposes. So its hard to take Platt or many other evangelicals seriously on this topic. Now if this was coming from a Catholic priest or archbishop of Washington, D.C., Seattle or Milwaukee then that would be quite different. Catholics have a long track record of helping women out who are pregnant. That is something that the Roman Catholic church still does well. And despite what is said for many evangelicals abortion is a political issue. The needs of the mother and more are often neglected. 

But if evangelicals also want to lower the abortion rate, which by the way has dropped significantly there are other ways to do it. They don’t want to talk about this issue. But evangelicals can support sex education in the public school and be tolerant of birth control in the general public. For those upset for me saying this I must ask you why do evangelicals expect people outside evangelicalism to even act and believe like them? If you have two people who do not believe in anything who live in the inner city of Baltimore, Chicago or New York City, why would evangelicals be opposed to two people who are nothing practicing birth control? Honestly I have never understood how some evangelicals think. But wrapping this back to David Platt it will be interesting to see what McLean Bible does in the long term. The Friendly Atheist wrote about this topic as well which you can read here


9 thoughts on “David Platt Repents for Not Preaching Against Abortion Earlier in His Pastoral Career. Here Are the Problems With Platt’s Teaching

  1. There are SO many factors behind this – the American myth of Hard Work Is Rewarded (and the unspoken collorary that Laziness Should Be Punished), the idea that America is a “Christian Nation” and that public laws (especially marriage and sexual laws) should reflect Old Testament mores, the desire to maintain a patriarchal hierarchical structure to society, resentment at lost cultural power and respect, the generations-long lack of any strong counter-church Culture Christ-like examples, the conflation of Christian spirituality and suburban middle class lifestyles… And I could go on.


  2. HI, Eagle-As far as the Catholic Church helping pregnant women, please understand that many, especially in Ireland, were sent to workhouses where they were almost worked to death and their infants adopted out without the mothers knowing where they ended up. In Latin America/Spain, if you didn’t have two last names on your birth certificate (mother/father), you couldn’t enroll in most schools, run for government office, or even own a legitimate business. So, the Catholic church “helped” unwed mothers, but with many strings and lots of shame attached.


  3. Birth control and sex ed should be promoted, this is where we can agree. I’d be fine having my tax money go towards providing birth control for those that can’t afford it or raising a baby, and push school programs to explain the birds and bees in case parents don’t. I definitely draw the line at a lot of pseudo-science that piggy backs as “sex ed” these days, but that’s another convo. All that said though, murder is murder and you’ll never convince me abortion should be legal. I find everyone that is ok with abortion as disgusting as you find evangelicals.


    • Ronery one can outlaw abortion and it will still be there. I would rather see people place effort towards helping others as that would go much farther in the grand scheme of things.


      • Doesn’t that logic apply to any law? Why have laws? Rape, murder, election tampering – should we just drop em all and focus on helping the people that do those kinds of things?


      • Not sure what you’re saying there. You agree we shouldn’t have laws or are you saying laws don’t deter crime? Both options seem to be pretty simplistic and naive. I’m not against social programs or help medically for people in need while pregnant, or funding foster and adoption programs, etc. I don’t see how being pro those programs means you need to be against any law regulating murder of babies while in the womb.


    • And abortion has also become a “snarl word” that disconnects every neuron above the brainstem.

      Stimulus –> Response.
      Stimulus –> Response
      Stimulus –> Response

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      • I mean, when the stimulus is murder, I’d think response is appropriate. That’s pretty much biology 101. If I’m being murdered my neurons disconnect and body goes into survival mode. You can see examples of this in abortion videos too, the fetus struggling as its ripped apart. But maybe you’re right and it’s more of a trigger word than anything of meaning I guess.


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