Preserving an Email That McLean Bible Tysons Pastor Nate Reed Sent to Ministry Leaders on Upcoming Changes to the McLean Website

Tyson’s Corner Pastor Nate Reed sent an email out to ministry leaders at McLean Bible on December 11, 2019. This post at The Wondering Eagle is preserving the email especially in the wake of the Scott Woods situation. 

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McLean Bible

Nathan Reed who is a campus pastor at McLean Bible Tysons Corner sent out an email to the staff at McLean on December 11, 2019. The purpose of the email was to discuss the changing McLean Bible website. Plus it also contained policies for social media interaction. Some of these changes probably have been influenced by the Scott Woods situation. Scott Woods was an adult male volunteer in The Rock Ministries who groomed as many as 25 teenagers for planned sexual abuse. In another post I will do some analysis of this email in the context of the Scott Woods situation. 

From: Nathan Reed <>
Date: December 11, 2019 at 12:09:50 PM EST
Cc: MBC Tysons <>
Subject: MBC Website Changes Coming Very Soon

Greetings Tysons Ministry Leaders,

As we’ve shared with most all of you already, MBC will be implementing a new website very soon (perhaps in the coming week pending some final technological fixes).  The approach to this new website will be much different than our approach in the past.  Where our previous website was a “catch-all” for every single ministry opportunity throughout our church (not bad, but this resulted in over 19,000 webpages…), this new website is geared towards local non-believers or newcomers who either have no context to Christianity, or are completely new to MBC.  The goal when they get to the site is for that individual to know how to get connected with us, feel comfortable navigating our spaces on Sunday (with all the information they’d need to know) and for our church to feel like a relevant place for them.  This is a major switch resulting in a much more simplified webpage.

We’ve spoken to many of you about this already, but that means that we will no longer be providing ministry specific webpages once this site launches.  Instead, we will be continuing to emphasize the ministry directory which is present on multiple locations on the new site (see attached for current month’s directory).  Please know that this in no way is meant to be a reflection of the importance or value of your ministry area.  We still very much value each and every one of you and the work that the Lord has given you to do.  We believe that this new direction (per the counsel of many professionals, as well as the leading of God’s Spirit in the hearts of our leadership), will best suit us as we seek to focus all we do around making disciples locally and globally through groups.

There will be a place for classes and events to be housed on the new site and those will coincide with what is published in the ministry directory and ministry platform.  As we’ve been doing the past many months, please submit all ministry directory edits or additions to  Submitting a request does not guarantee that it will be included, but it will be considered by our campus staff.  Below are a few important points regarding our new site that you need to be aware of:

New procedures:

  • The ability to update the website has been centralized. Changes and edits to the website can be submitted for review by submitting a web request form:
  • The Ministry Directory that is printed monthly and available in the main lobby will be uploaded digitally onto the Groups, Local Outreach and Care pages. Please submit changes for your ministry to
  • Classes and events will be pulled from Ministry Platform (not built individually into the website). IT authorizes access to Ministry Platform.  Please work with your ministry contact to have this information reviewed and posted. 

Updated ways to communicate to your ministry:

  • We invite you to use Slack, Dropbox, Google Chrome, WeTransfer, or any private, direct file sharing service if you need to send resources to your groups (e.g. recordings, PDF’s, PowerPoints etc.).
  • We invite you to create a closed Facebook group (or other social media tool) to communicate regularly and immediately with your group.
  • You are NOT permitted to create public Facebook groups, Facebook pages, social media accounts, websites, email addresses, blogs, YouTube channels, or Vimeo channels that use the name McLean Bible, the name McLean Bible Church, or the MBC logo in any way. Please reach out to the Communications Team at or your ministry leader for ideas, help and assistance. 

Finally, if you have not done so already, please save any information that you would need from our current site for future reference.  We will still have archival access to our old site for a period of time, but once the new site goes live, the old site will not be accessible by the public.  I recommend saving that information as soon as possible.  If you are unable to capture any information you need from our current site before the site launches, you can request access to your page via the communications web-form above.

Should you have further questions, you are welcome to contact me.  I do request your grace in my response time as we head into the wonderful and full Christmas weeks ahead.  All this being said, please be praying that the Lord would use this new site as a tool to reach more people close to us and far from us with the glorious good news of the gospel.  Thanks for reading all of this, and thanks for the wonderful work that you all do for the kingdom. 

For Christ’s fame,



Nathan A. Reed

Tysons Campus Pastor

McLean Bible Church

(703) 770-8662

8925 Leesburg Pike | Vienna, VA 22182 | @mcleanbible |


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