Reflecting on the Late Christopher Hitchens

December 15 was the anniversary of Christopher Hitchens death. Hitch is someone that I deeply respected, admired and today miss. When you think of all the issues that have come forward since 2011 what would Hitch say if he could? 

“Millions of people die every day. Everyone’s got to go sometime. I’ve came by this particular tumor honestly. If you smoke, which I did for many years very heavily with occasional interruption, and if you use alcohol, you make yourself a candidate for it in your sixties.”

Christopher Hitchens 

“There are all kinds of stupid people that annoy me but what annoys me most is a lazy argument.”

Christopher Hitchens

Empire State Building in New York City. 

Anderson Cooper interviews Christopher Hitchens on cancer, death and faith. 

On December 15 you had the eighth anniversary of Christopher Hitchens’ death. This blog has long had a deep respect for Hitch. In my faith crisis form 2009 until 2013 I watched and read some of Christopher Hitchens material. I wrote a post about it a few years ago which you can read in, “A Personal Reflection on the Late Christopher Hitchens.” Since Hitchens has died I would propose that the atheist movement lost one of its biggest and most profound members. As time passes the void created by Hitch’s death is noticeably felt. I don’t think there has been anyone who has been able to come close to filling his shoes. 


What Would Hitch Say About the Following Issues?

Since Hitch died in 2011 stop and reflect on all the issues that has happened in the last eight years. Stop and think of what Hitch would have said about many of the following topics: 

  1. The sex abuse scandal in the Southern Baptist Convention. 
  2. Brexit and the future of the Great Britain and its decline. 
  3. The rebuilding of the World Trade Center in New York City, especially given what he said about September 11, 2001. 
  4. Pope Francis and conservative opposition to the Pope. 
  5. The illiberal autocratic movement in countries like Poland, Hungary, etc… 
  6. Evangelical Christians and Donald Trump being linked at the hip. 
  7. Trumpism and his impeachment. 
  8. Trends in American culture and the #Me Too movement.
  9. Advances in science. 
  10. Issues that pertain to nationalism.
  11. And his thoughts on alcohol and trends in that culture. 

Watch the interview with Anderson Cooper and start to discover this amazing man. Read some of his books and watch some of his debates online. Society and our culture lost a lot when he died. Its my hopes that the atheist movement will generate another individual like Hitchens who can tackle religion, culture, politics and history. Hitchens was unique and I found myself reflecting on him the other day. That brings about this post, it was a longing to hear Hitch again. This is a man who I missed and respected.